Thursday, 31 July 2014

Artist/Band Name:- Active Radio

Artist/Band Name:- Active Radio
Album Name: Frequency
Music Style: Alt Rock
Influences: Soundgarden 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Artist/Band Name:- Danosongs

Artist/Band Name:- Danosongs
Album Name: Undiscovered Creature
Music Style: Rock
Influences: David Bowie 


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Artist/Band Name:- AMANDA

Artist/Band Name:- AMANDA
Album Name: Play Ground
Music Style: Pop/Dance


Monday, 28 July 2014

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Artist/Band Name:- Chris Bartlett

Artist/Band Name:- Chris Bartlett
Album Name: Dogs in the Water
Music Style: Acoustic, Folk, Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Indie
Influences: Cat Stevens 


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Artist/Band Name:- Pursuit Of Power

Artist/Band Name:- Pursuit Of Power
Album Name: The single "Flying Home"
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Scorpions 


Friday, 25 July 2014

Artist/Band Name:- Prentiss

Artist/Band Name:-  Prentiss
Album Name: Cant Get Enough
Music Style: Urban
Influences: Rick James 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Artists Name: Bill Belknap

Artists Name: Bill Belknap
Album Name: Magic Pocket
Music Style: Pop/Rock
Influences: The Police 

Artist: Shawsax

Artist:   Shawsax
Album Name:   Skarcadia
Music Style:  Ska
Influences:   The Specials 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Monday, 21 July 2014

Introducing:- Matt Hines

Band Name:   Matt Hines
Album Name:   Base It on a Feelin'
Music Style:   Country
Influences:   Brad Paisley

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Brian Barnhouse

Band Name/Artist Name: Brian Barnhouse
Album Name: clarified
Music Style: Rock, Power Pop
Influences: Rick Springfield

Long time musician Brian Barnhouse has released his first solo album: "clarified"...
Having played the small club circuits over 1200+ nights live...Brian wrote and released many songs with his various cover bands. After receiving a honorable mention in the Mid-Atlantic songwriting contest (rock category), Brian decided to really focus on his songwriting.

"clarified" sticks close to his songwriting influences:  Rick Springfiend & Thin Lizzy.  The hook filled songs of Rick Springfield, with the rawness of Thin Lizzy.  It's an interesting combination that WORKS, and is refreshing to the ear.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: NEIL ANDREWS

Band Name/Artist Name: NEIL ANDREWS
Album Name: I Wrote A Song
Music Style: Country
Influences: Don Gibson

Not a working Artist for many years ..... simply enjoy writing and recording. 

I am simply a 75 year old ex performer who now enjoys writing and recording my songs.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Ben Torres

Band Name/Artist Name: Ben Torres
Album Name: Like No Place Else
Music Style: Guitar Rock
Influences: John Mayer

BEN TORRES is 16 years old and was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ben’s interest in music began at an early age. He acquired his first guitar (Fender Stratocaster) when he was 9 years old and has played with non-stop ambition ever since.

In his young musical life, he has studied guitar for 5 years with Sean McWilliams, Mike Walker and Ryan Phillips and 1 1/2 years of vocal studies with the world-renowned Manny Lujan. For the last few years he has attended the week-long Rock and Roll Camps at Valencia College in Orlando. He has attended the Avalon School of Music’s Advanced Guitar Shredding classes and has had five years of advanced theory, songwriting and techniques. He has also performed the role of “Rooster” in “Annie” with the Musical Theater Club in Bridgewater Middle School and has played numerous guitar recitals in the last few years.

One of Ben’s goals is to become a really well known musical artist who is familiar to every household. Ben’s musical talents will grow tremendously due to his consistent practice and love for rock. His desire and dream to play on stage in front of thousands grows stronger every day. His favorite artists are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Journey, Incubus, Radiohead, 311, System Of A Down, and Green Day.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Abrasiv

Band Name/Artist Name:   Abrasiv
Album Name:   Split Screen
Music Style:    Dance
Influences:   Axwell

There's a talented and growing EDM community in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC area, and Abrasiv is one of the new arrivals.  From his hillside project studio (which he calls "The Shire" - term credited to a friend), he has been quietly developing a signature sound characterized by danceable grooves, layers of tension and intensity, and twisted drops.
Strongly influenced by a broad range of music - metal, dancehall, punk, 80s alternative, breaks, soca, etc. - and inspired by artists like Skrillex - he seeks to be both accessible and innovative and the results are intriguing. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: RWB Ralph Williams Band

Band Name/Artist Name:   RWB Ralph Williams Band
Album Name:  First Press
Web Site:   ralph-williams-band/id790340066
Music Style:   Pop/Jazz/Rock/Contemporary

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Band/Artist Name:- Convulsic

Band/Artist Name:-   Convulsic
Album Name:     Love Space
Music Style:    Dubstep
Influences:    Seven Lions

Erik’s musical style developed quite differently than the typical electronic musician, as he explains, “I was initially into bands like Metallica, The Offspring, and even Tom Petty.” This early fascination with hard rock led Hale to take up guitar and keyboards and teach himself to play. “I think my early work with the guitar and piano was a big influence on my musical development,” He continues, “Working with instruments gave me a better ability to arrange and orchestrate my electronic compositions.” However, to see just how Erik Hale became Convulsic, you have to take a step back to understand how deep his love is for the craft of music.

“I remember hearing some techno remixes of Mario Brothers and Zelda game music, and I was amazed,” offers Erik. By the time he was twelve, he was already playing in bands and heavily influenced by the genres of reggae and punk. He has been on stage ever since; it is only the genres that have changed. Once he heard groups like Pendulum and Skrillex; he was hooked forever on Electronic Dance Music and started to morph into the electronic musician he is today - Convulsic.

By 2012, Convulsic was ready to release his first single; “Lava Lamp” and it immediately scored him a single licensing deal with an independent underground label. His debut EP Syndrome spread more like a pandemic throughout the rest of the year. The tracks on Syndrome infected listeners with their incredible attention to the arrangement and musical phrasing of the tracks. His detailed soundscapes throughout Syndrome are heard clearly in the bass and synth collisions in songs such as “Deconstruct” and “Electric Dum Dums.”

In 2014, Convulsic followed up the incredible success of Syndrome with another equally - if not more developed - example of his own stylistic evolution with Love Space. “Within Love Space, I wanted to tone-down some of the gaming influence and increase the emotive feel and high-intensity bass with a touch of trance,” offers Convulsic. Love Space would quickly rise on the charts, gleaning number eight on’sNext Big Sound Chart for trending artists. During 2014, the attention from the album quickly catapulted Convulsic to number one on the global dubstep charts on

Convulsic has been called dubstep’s breakthrough artist of 2014, but what lies ahead for this amazing artist is just as enticing. In addition to another new EP release, he will soon be featured in EDM World and XXL Magazine, both highly respected music publications. In July, Convulsic will perform in front of his biggest audience yet, opening for the renowned Zomboy as part of The Outbreak Tour at the home of San Diego’s loudest sound system at Somewhere Loud.

For Convulsic, it’s all about syncopation, and orchestration – and not just in his music – but in how he reacts with fans, and fellow artists. He makes a point to interact with each and every fan or fellow artist on a positive and personal basis whenever possible - even on social media. He sums it up best, “Every person that connects with me about my music lifts me up... it is what I thrive on.”

Some musicians chase trends, Convulsic sets trends. Put a midi controller and a turntable in front of him, and you can see why in two short years he has incinerated the dubstep charts. So maybe your Syndrome can be treated? Maybe you can learn to Love Space and your surroundings again. You just need a little ECT via EDM, let’s call it “Electro-Convulsic Therapy.” Convulsic has the cure, so just strap yourself in, ‘cause your brain will never be the same.

Buy Love Space Here

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Artist/Band Name: Lamar Smyly

Artist/Band Name: Lamar Smyly
Album Name:    Budlight
Music Style:    traditional Country

The singer and songwriter of country music known as Lamar Smyly has released his latest LP record, titled "Budlight". The album is comprised of 16 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes, making it the most comprehensive collection of Smyly's songs to date.  It is the most significant release by Smyly since his 1993 EP record, "silence", originally published on the Buckhead Records music label.  An earnest revival of the classic country and western sound, "Budlight" by Lamar Smyly continues the journey begun by such early artists as Hank Williams and Roy Acuff, and is a genuine, modern example of the American country music tradition.

Lamar Smyly hails from South Carolina.  The opening title track of his record is an ode to his beloved horse, Budlight.

"I was just a kid when I learned how to accompany myself on the guitar", Smyly writes. "I started writing country songs in the mid seventies.".

He lives on the very same farm where he was raised, which has been in his family since the late 1700s (or shortly after the American Revolution).  He cites as main musical influences the likes of Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Horton, Gene Watson, Jon Conley, Waylon Jennings, Don Williams, and Tom T. Hall, as well as "many other great country artists.".

Audiophiles familiar with these song smiths will note the common thread running from each to the others.  These are country stars with deep roots in the original and most legitimate style of the genre.  Some have even taken to calling it American folk music, and indeed, Smyly himself can be found pigeonholed as such from time to time.

"My songs are about real life", he explains "not just a song with a hook line.  Most of my songs are about my experiences in life, or someone else's that I know or have known.  Like old Hank (Williams) my songs have deep feelings in them.  I've written a few that are comical but most are about things that folks have experienced or will experience sometime in their life.".

As anyone who hears "Budlight" can tell you, Smyly is entirely aware of what qualities he has infused his musical style with.  The beauty of this mode is that it is absolutely unfeigned, a frank and unadorned recording of a man opening his soul with the mere help of a guitar.  He politely invites his neighbors of the world to listen with the following lines:

"I'd like for all persons who love truie country music to be able to hear and enjoy mine.  The message in my music is true and real.  Hope you'll enjoy it.".

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Artist/Band Name: Albert Bacardit

Artist/Band Name:   Albert Bacardit
Album Name:    Struggle
Music Style:    Rock
Influences:    Eric Clapton

Albert starts playing the guitar at the age of 9, learning classical music and Spanish traditional songs. Gradually, his interest shifts to rock by listening to the great artists of the 70s and 80s. Thus, he joins several bands in Lleida, his hometown, and enters different contests. One of his songs is included in a record which is given significant publicity in major radio stations. The song goes by the name of “Soledat” and is actually revisited in Struggle.

Meanwhile, Albert begins studying English language and literature so as to gain better understanding of the songwriters he most admires and express his musical ideas likewise. In the last year of his career, he earns a grant to study at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in northern Greece, where he gets in touch with the local music community. Back home, he joins a professional orchestra, getting abundant knowledge of Latin styles as well as covering several famous artists. During this time, he tours Spain widely as he collaborates with other musicians and teaches guitar and English language for a living.

Following a year of voluntary service in a hospital, he writes a doctoral thesis about biohazard literature. In the late nineties, he moves to Barcelona, joins different cover bands and begins writing songs for other people as well as recording jingles and demos. After gaining a post in the State Education Department, he finishes his PhD and specializes in business and medical English. With the death of his mother and the arrival of his daughter, he decides it is time to put all these experiences into his debut album.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Artist/Band Name: The Seal Breakers

Artist/Band Name:   The Seal Breakers
Album Name:    Ready For War
Music Style:    Hip Pop Soul
Influences:    God

The Seal Breakers was formed the first Sunday in January 2001 under the name, The Eagle Praise Band, but its musical heritage has roots that were planted over 50 years ago. When its founder and lead trombonist, Elder Craig Williams, answered God’s call to bless the body of Christ with this particular expression of gospel music, he sought to combine his early musical influences with the contemporary gospel, jazz, soul-R&B and even hip-hop that have been part of his musical history. The Seal Breakers primarily employ the use of brass horns (trombones, sousaphone, baritone) and percussion to bring to life the admonition of Psalm 150 at their home church, Greater St. Stephen United Church of God under the leadership of their Bishop, Marvin D. Williams Sr., who himself played with one of the greatest shout bands in New York City, the “Gospel Blenders”, in the 60’s at Mother Lucille Allen’s United Pentecostal House of Prayer.

Since Elder Craig Williams began The Seal Breakers they have been blessed to minister and/or record with great gospel and jazz artists such as Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, The Gospel Keynotes, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, James Hall and Worship and Praise, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Wycliffe Gordon and a host of other musical giants. In March 2007 the band was also blessed to record a soundtrack for a PBS documentary “Bowl of Dreams” at the insistence of Dr. Bill Cosby who was literally blown away by a Seal Breaker performance at Medgar Evers College. The band travels throughout the U.S. playing at churches, colleges/universities and civic functions, spreading the message of God’s love through music.


Friday, 11 July 2014

Artist/Band Name: Tony Clarke

Artist/Band Name:   Tony Clarke
Album Name:   Good Mornin Mr Mornin
Music Style:   Country

From playing in clubs and bars to becoming a prolific songwriter, Tony Clarke has been perfecting his craft for many years now.  His deep tones now pursue the country scene, and his latest album, Good Mornin’ Mr Mornin’ is a mixture of upbeat country songs and ballads.

A self-taught guitarist, Tony started performing at various holidays camps in his teens, and went on to play clubs and venues around the UK. He then joined another guitarist and toured the club scene in a two-piece band, Stampede, singing rock-and-roll country classics and, of course, Tony’s own music. Tony then realised that he wanted to sing and perform his own songs, so he went solo again.

Musical influences came from his parents. They played music all the time at home and he was brought up on Elvis, Roy Orbison, and his father’s love of country music with Johnny Cash, Dean Martin, Charlie Pride and Patsy Cline. When his father died in early 2012, Tony wrote Here Comes that Song Again for him, and he hasn’t put down his pen since, even remixing some songs that are over 20 years old to give them a more modern spin.

Tony is currently in the studio putting together his next album, which will be released in Spring/Summer 2014.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Artist/Band Name: Matt Kabus

Artist/Band Name:   Matt Kabus
Album Name:
   Wide Awake EP
Music Style:   
Pop, Rock

There is an abundance of talented singers, songwriters, musicians and performers in the music scene today. It is rare to find a representation of the total package. Matt Kabus is a rising star with a fresh new sound that embodies the unique confluence of thoughtful lyrics coupled with memorable tunes.

Kabus emerged onto the music scene as a solo performer as well as the lead and founder of the Matt Kabus Band. He has played at Sundance Film festival; The Classical meets Jazz Strings Festival in Steamboat Colorado, opened for Zac Brown, Sister Hazel, Matthew Mayfield and many more. Kabus was recently invited to join UGA in Italy to study theory and songwriting with renowned composers. He continues to gain an increasing amount of support after each performance and has built a sizable fan base in the Southeast which continues to grow nationally.

Kabus currently plays between Atlanta and Athens on a regular basis. Some of the local spots you can catch him playing at are venues such as Eddie’s attic, Smith’s Olde Bar, the Vinyl, Masquerade, etc. His love for sharing his music runs so deep that you might happen upon him singing solo at the local pub one night only to find him on stage headlining a full-size venue the next. Kabus delivers a pure musical experience that brings a rush of satisfaction to any listener.

Recently, Kabus won best performance to represent Heineken Beer Inc. at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Also, his original song "Picture Frame" was placed on MTV's 16 & Pregnant (Season 4 Episode 10).

We expect great things to come from this rising Athens/Atlantan star.

His plan is to continue to write original music and escalate his performances to venues all over the country in the coming year.

His music has been influenced greatly by Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Ryan Tedder, and Sara Bareilles.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Artist/Band Name: Ya / George Thomas

Artist/Band Name:   Ya / George Thomas
Album Name:   Odyssey
Music Style:    Rock/AC
Influences:    Roy Orbinson

Born: George Thomas, Graduated from Clark University 1989, in Worcester, Ma.; married; three children. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree, Art and history, Worcester Art Museum degree in Film.

George Nevada Thomas has a voice in contemporary rock 'n' roll music today. Songs such as "The Desert," "Only You" "Hold On," and "Over the Line" have enhanced his reputation with  a growing number of fans.

Typical comments on his first entrance in the public arena of radio: “Love your voice” I Love Your sound” “Unique” Hauntingly Perfect”  He loves to write popular songs and has tree albums playing on all major venues: Only You, Over the Line  and In Another World, his  Group, “Ya On Fire” has reformed as “Ya” .

George is a school teacher in Boston and has won various awards in
Commercial Art shows and Film festivals.  When questioned about his greatest
achievement and joy in life: That’s easy! “Raising my children.”.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Artist/Band Name: Kirra

Artist/Band Name:   Kirra
Album Name:    Sounds from an empty room
Music Style:    Rock
Influences:    ALTER BRIDGE






Monday, 7 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Atonomic

Band Name/Artist Name: Atonomic
Album Name: 1000 Days of Mystery
Music Style: Dance Pop
Influences: Dance

Atonomic - trio from New York City, specializing in Dance/Pop songs that are upbeat, high energy, and fun to dance to.  Their first release, titled 1000 Days of Mystery, is a great combination of a song that is great to dance to and listen to.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Kenny Texeira

Band Name/Artist Name: Kenny Texeira
Album Name: Seven Deadly Sins
Music Style: Rock/Hard Rock
Influences: Aerosmith

Kenny Texeira (pronounced: Tex-era) hails from Western Massachusetts. After relocating to Hollywood in early 1991, Kenny found himself writing and performing theme songs for motion pictures.

His prowess guitar work can also be heard on countless CD’s, TV commercials, and TV shows worldwide, as he has been recording in some of Hollywood’s biggest studios for over 25 years. Tex has performed over 500 live shows in his career, and has released 3 CD’s & 5 DVD’s as a Rock solo artist. Tex continues to be a studio session player today, as well as, license many of his songs to TV shows and Motion Pictures.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Corey Roberts

Band Name/Artist Name:   Corey Roberts
Album Name:    Here In The Middle
Music Style:    Alt Acoustic Pop Rock
Influences: Beck

Back from a 15-year hiatus from the recording industry, Corey Roberts has hit the ground running with his latest release, Here in the Middle on nub records. The Acoustic, Pop, Rock album was written over the last 20 years and recorded over the last 13 years in Austin, TX. HITM highlights wide lyrical ranges over sweet melancholy piano passages both accompanied by a soothing acoustic guitar.

Roberts, a vocal and piano major in college, plays almost all the instruments on the album, which can be broken into three divisions based on the instrumentation used. Everything You Wanted and It Was Me show off the intimacy of just a lone acoustic guitar chased by an inquisitive vocal melody. The second division adds more instruments such as a haunting sustained piano coupled with multiple lyric harmonies in She Says and Where You Are. The busiest of the tracks, such as the title track, Here In The Middle or The Girl You Used To Know, feature a guest percussionist with Roberts adding on a bass and lead guitar.

In the 90’s, Corey headed up such bands as The Groove Merchants, Alexander Inmate, Wookin’ pa Nub and started the label nubrecords in 1993, which housed over 25 bands at its peak. After relocating to Austin, TX in 1998, Roberts opened ponysound, which is a state of the art, audio post-production studio focusing on national TV and radio ads. “The Success of the studios has allowed me to take my time recording this album,” says Roberts. Corey’s three main influences on the album are Simon and Garfunkel, Beck and Merle Haggard. He is currently supporting the album with solo acoustic shows. 


Friday, 4 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Taylor Hewitt

Band Name/Artist Name: Taylor Hewitt
Album Name: Single: Rather Be With You
Music Style: R&B

Larry Fridie, former manager of James Brown the Godfather of Soul, whose clients have been involved with over 50 million records sold, stated. "Taylor is one of those kids that has that "It" factor. He will be a great asset to any record label. Of all the talent I have seen I chose to work with Taylor and the Hewitt family. The last time I passed up on a talent like Taylor in Augusta, Georgia, they turned into Lady Antebellum.".

William Whitney, sound at Full Sail University, stated. "It was a pleasure working with Taylor, He was a great performer as well as a professional artist off stage. It was very selfless for him to be willing to share his guitar with the act before him on Sunday. I would like to get him involved here at Full Sail to possibly record or play some Live Shows.".

No matter how you feel about 17 year old Taylor Hewitt, you still have to marvel about how hard he works and how dedicated he is to his craft. Taylor has learned to play several instruments including the Upright/Electric Bass, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Piano, Drums, as well as the Ukulele. Taylor, in his first Demo EP, co-produced and co-wrote all songs. Taylor in recording wanted his own brand of forward-thinking, synth-heavy Pop/R&B music, ear marked for the teen crossover market.

With the backing of his family and Mr. Fridie, Taylor met Michi Robinson of Atlanta, an artist development coach who worked with Justin Bieber, Usher. Michi introduced producer Nile Phoenix (Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown). Together they wrote and produced the first single Fly with Me, in which was recorded and mastered at the World Renown PatchWerk Studios in Atlanta.

Taylor recently performed at Playlist-Live in Orlando, Florida, before hundreds of teens and college age kids. The kids went crazy! In fact the host asked Taylor to stay over and perform a 2nd show the next day before hundreds of attendees.

Taylor at 17 has recognized the hardships of teenage homelessness, and has been a voice to prevent it. Taylor will continue to be that voice as his career takes off........  Taylor and his friends actively update all his social websites and is building a fan base daily!

Taylor is submitting this EPK for your review. Taylor understands these songs are a reflection of his talent on a low budget.  However, he also understands the benefits of being with a major record label. Therefore, enjoy Taylor's 1st EP!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Eric Huff

Band Name/Artist Name: Eric Huff
Album Name: American Boy
Music Style: Country
Influences: Joe Diffie

Floating on the pure, riffs of his Blue Ridge guitar, the energetic lyrics of Oklahoma Tornado are a genuine pick me up. Eric’s catchy, spirited, choruses will stick to your tongue like homemade molasses. Perhaps part of the liveliness of Eric Huff’s harmonious vocals comes from the soul of the previous Blue Ridge owner—Bill Ursell.

Ursell was the catalyst to Eric’s first performance ever at the Rex Patrick Country Legends Show in Germantown, Ohio. The opportunity Ursell gave Eric changed the course of his life and career permanently. Ursell is the reason Eric has never stopped performing, since his passing three years ago to cancer. “I always think of him when I’m on stage,” said Eric.

Born in Wilmington, Ohio and raised in Highland, Ohio his whole life, Eric gravitated toward music, organically. Eric picked up his first guitar at 13. Oddly enough, Eric, a full-fledged country artist, surprisingly got his start in Rock and Roll before making the paradigm shift to traditional country. This brought Eric to his career molding performances of Clean Cut Country.

Eric’s musical influence has created a lofty following of fans from Highland, Adams, Brown, Clinton, Jackson and Ross counties in Ohio. Eric has performed in front of thousands all over the country and performs at local venues and festivals. From Murphy Theatre, Southern Ohio Opry and Paint Valley Jamboree, to Leesburg Summerfest, Green Country Town Festival and Chubby Howard’s Steel Guitar Convention, Eric Huff is a household name.

Aside from local performances he has performed in several clubs on Broadway in Nashville, appeared on the Shotgun Red Variety Show aboard the General Jackson Show Boat and performs at Steel Guitar Conventions.

Think Nashville
goes back in time to traditional country music, comparing Eric to traditional country artist. He is reminiscent of Joe Diffie, George Strait and Hank Senior with the look of all these country artist combined. Eric Huff presents long awaited and much sought after traditional country music, for the baby boomers who can’t stand contemporary country.

The piercing emotion of Eric’s vocals, cross uniformly from his recorded audios to his live performances. You will not feel short changed at an Eric Huff concert as he leaves his heartbeat on the stage.

A man of countless endowments Eric is a singer, song writer, musician, expert machinist and pool shot. He’s even outstanding at 3D archery, an avid fisherman and hunter. He is a proud member of the DOWN N DIRTY Outdoors pro staff. When you ask Eric about his passion for hunting his response is: "Time spent in the woods hunting with my father was absolutely priceless!".

Bringing Eric Huff back to the fold of the country music scene, the sons of Nashville songwriter Wayne Perry, are keeping their father’s legacy alive and following in his foots step. The Perry brothers have helped to propel Eric to a higher plateau by putting some of the most renowned musicians on his album. From Drummer, Lonnie Wilson and Guitarists Brent Mason, Bruce Watkins to Michael Douchette on Steel Guitar and Paul Brannon on Acoustic Picking.  Buddy Hyatt is on the keys and Jim Hyatt on the bass, with Justin Moses on the fiddle and background vocals by Chris Rodriguez.

The Players on the latest record have platinum status! These musicians have played on the albums of some of the most notable country artists in the world,  from Tim Mcgraw and Martina Mcbride to Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts—anyone major in the Nashville industry.

Bryan Wayne Perry, Wayne’s oldest son is the Project manager for the Eric Huff Music Project, while Justin Wayne Jones, Wayne Perry’s prodigy produced the Eric Huff Music Project at The Industry Famous Dark Horse Recording studio located in Franklin, TN. Cecil Meade, Eric Huff’s Manager, helped Eric with this project by investing the right amount, in the right people at Perry Music Group.

Eric’s new album is set to be released June 21st.