Monday, 30 June 2014

Band/Artist Name:- Meresha

Band/Artist Name:-   Meresha
Album Name:    Fool Don't Be
Music Style:    Pop/Electronic/Alternative
Influences:    Paramore

Meresha has performed solo and as a member of bands in both the United States and Europe.  Still a teen, she has been composing and recording her own music for over 5 years.  All the words and sounds are her own creation.  She plays guitar, keys and drums.

In 2013, she ran a successful Kickstarter campaign.  She had support from over 100 fans on 5 continents and achieved over 200% of her goal. 

The Limited edition EP "Lunatic" which resulted was shared with supporters and featured an earlier version of her current single "Fool Don't Be".  The songs from the EP had their debut at B.B. King's in a concert by Meresha and her band "The Alien Invasion".
Earlier, Meresha sang and played rock and pop music originally performed by James Blake, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Christina Aguilera, The Ramones, The Who and many others in front of large theater and stadium audiences.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Band/Artist Name:- John Martin Davis Band

Band/Artist Name:-   John Martin Davis Band
Album Name:   Beginnings
Music Style:  Country-Grass
Influences:   The Allman Brothers Band
The John Martin Davis Band is an American Country/Folk band based out of Mobile, Alabama.  The lineup currently consists of John Martin Davis (guitar, vocals), Daniel Davis (banjo, vocals), Dave Denton (Electric Guitar), Taylor Watson (Drums), and Daniel Maqueda (Bass).

Growing up in the small town of Brookhaven, MS, John Martin and Daniel have lived simple lives.  After finding a home near the ocean the past 5 years, their music emulates a one of a kind mixture of a life on the sand and a sweet southern lifestyle unparalleled by any other culture.

The title of our new album is "Beginnings", being this is our first album. We were able to record our album at Duck Tape Studios with the Legendary producer, Johnny Sandlin. Being well know in the Muscle Shoals area, Johnny produced all of the Allman Brother albums and spent much of his career working for FAME Records in Muscle Shoals. Since we were up there and had the legend producing we thought it would only be appropriate to have the real Muscle Shoals musicians playing on it. Players included David Hood (Bass, an original "Swamper"), Will Mcfarland (Guitar, considered a "Swamper", guitarist for artist Bonnie Raitt), Bill Stewart (Drums, has played on many Allman Brother albums), NC Thurman (Keys&Organ, toured with artist such as Willie Nelson), and Donnie Carpenter (Fiddle, toured with artist such as Blake Shelton). 

We have sent it off to be mixed by executive producer of all audio for the TV show "Criminal Minds", Scott Gordon. We are very excited about this album and believe it will set the path for our success. 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Band/Artist Name:- Glitter Rose

Band/Artist Name:- Glitter Rose
Album Name: Dead or Alive
Music Style:    Southern Rock
Influences:    The Rolling Stones

She's got a Southern heart, and a Rock n’ Roll soul. Outlaw Southern Rocker, Glitter Rose from Ft. Worth, TX.  This left handed guitarist owns the stage with her amazing charisma and defining Southern Rock sound.  GR is endorsed by Gibson Acoustic Guitars, TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, Orange Amplifiers, Fishman Acoustic Amplification, Asterope Cables, Montarbo Professional Sound Systems, WARRIOR Guitar, BAE Audio, Rotosound Music Strings, DiMarzio Pickups, Rebel Boards, Moody Leather, and Guitar Hands Hand Care.

GR is a veteran in the music industry starting professionally at 13 years old in 1998.  She is an accomplished guitarist, a simply genius songwriter, and has vocals packed with power, grit, and originality.  Her live show is that of legends, captivating the audience with her high energy performance, and her passionate presence.  GR has great love and admiration for her fans, stating "They are the reason I make music.  If I can evoke emotion and excitement in one person in the crowd, I've done my job. It brings me great satisfaction to touch people with my songs and my performance.".

GR is currently in Hollywood, CA. From March to July 2012, she held a 5 month residency at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. for an event they created about her music called Southern Rock Brunch. She is a 2 time winner in the 2013 Artists In Music Awards for Best Rock Artist and Album of the Year for Dead or Alive. She won Best Music Video for her video “Buda Negra” at the 2013 Bare Bones International Film Festival and took home Country Artist of the Year in the 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.  Also in 2013, she was honored with the prestigious nomination for Texas State Artist – State Musician by the Texas Commission on the Arts, and was chosen as one of the Top 3 Bands in Los Angeles, CA for Hard Rock Rising 2013 Global Battle of the Bands.

GR's time is definitely here, sweeping the 2014 Artists In Music Awards, receiving 4 awards including Best Southern Rock Artist, Best Music Video for “Buda Negra”, Performer of the Year and Artist of the Year. GR is embarking on her first international performance in 2014 at musikmessee in Frankfurt, Germany, sponsored by Montarbo.  Her music is being recognized, awarded, and paving the way to stardom for this deserving and hard-working artist.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Band/Artist Name:- JAD

Band/Artist Name:-   JAD
Album Name:    Rx
Music Style: Alternative
Influences:    Pop Culture

JAD is a young, driven, creative writer that carries a message for the world. Through clever lyrics and cheeky melodies, he ignites a smile to which all people can relate. He aims to further the awareness of individuality and the power of gratitude through music and visual art.

He was born in South Carolina and currently lives in Memphis Tn, where he began a career in the fashion community as a runway show coordinator and model. After further diving into the local artistic community, he found a deep love for music. Passionate about his development in art, combined with an unyielding appetite for the visual beauty of Memphis, he has developed a unique sound and a memorable performance personality. To best describe, he resonates the theme of Comic Book meets Alternative Rock. Pulling inspiration from all forms of music and the aesthetic beauty of his hometown, he finds his place amongst the ever-changing current.

With his roots in Rock 'n Roll and Show tunes, he offers an animated sound that leaves a contagious, upbeat feeling with the listener. Through visual creativity, direct writing, memorable music, and artistic modeling, he pioneers the local creative community forward with individuality, persistence, enthusiasm, dedication, and the power of gratitude.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Band/Artist Name:- Daniele Pecorelli

Daniele Pecorelli as a child he studied classical piano. Approaches to rock music and playing keyboards and synthesizers with aliquis. Continues the founding Boulevard, pop group of short duration. In parallel to the nineties collaborate writing songs for the dance group andromeda directed by greek choreographer Atha Hatziioannou. For the theater collaborates with the Italian-Argentine director Sebastian Salvato. He has participated as a composer and sound designer in the performance of Sonometrìe by choreographer and researcher of historical dances Gloria Giordano.

His first publication record is set to the artist Marco Ramassotto aka Maath with the album Erich Zaan - Scrape, favorably reviewed by the fanzine Deep Sound.

The composition Asylum born to a choreography of the group Andromeda is included in the collection Beyond the Sound by Giuseppe Verticchio.

In addition to further study of the piano, over the years he has worked as a sound engineer and video editor. He also plays guitar, bass, synthesizers who loves to program and deal with environmental sounds electronically.

Band/Artist Name:-   Daniele Pecorelli
Album Name:    Sonometrìe
Music Style:   
alternative, ambient, avantgarde, electroacoustic, electronic, minimalist, soundtrack

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Introducing: - Band/Artist Name:- Eddy Faulkner

Eddy Faulkner started songwriting in 2008 and in 2009 composed music to the songs. In 2010 Eddy started his solo career of a singer/songwriter, folk, acoustic, rock and even blues/funk feel to the songs. It was about personal experiences, life, love, and all of things that everyone can relate too. Eddy's main influence was John Mayer back then, and also other great artists such as Eric Clapton, BB King, Jason Mraz, and others. At the start of 2012 Eddy started to gain influence from other areas of music such as Top 40, Pop Rock, and Rock music moving away from his original singer/songwriter and in other words nowadays more alternative feel. He started to move towards more of a mainstream feel finding his voice fitted actually better with the new songs.

Since 2010, Eddy continued to expand his songwriting, singing, and instrument technique and always trying something new while evolving. Eddy's mission since starting his career has always been to create music that is universal both sonically and lyrically. Eddy's music does not fit into one genre, but instead crossover into many different genres. In the summer in 2013 Eddy wrote a song called "I Won't Give Up" which turned out to be his first release through Premier in 2014. The reception from "I Won't Give Up" was received enthusiastically by the masses with personal messages to Eddy about how it changed their lives, and even saved some of their lives just from the words. "I Won't Give Up" has since climbed the National Radio Airplay Charts.

It proves that people not only enjoy the song, but they get it. Eddy loves making music and I wants to keep making music that everyone around the world can enjoy and relate to.

Band/Artist Name:-   Eddy Faulkner
Album Name:   I Won't Give Up
Music Style:    Pop and Rock

Monday, 23 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Rachelle & The Rising

Band Name/Artist Name: Rachelle & The Rising
Album Name: We Must Be One
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Garbage 

Meet Rachelle and The Rising; a part Filipino/American, part Italian, and part Venezuelan rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Their front woman Rachelle Adrian is joined by Tyler DeCastro, Tracy Lambertucci, Kevin Lambertucci, and Jonas Blomqvist, who provide drums, lead and rhythm guitar, and bass. If you’re a fan of HalestormGarbage, or maybe even Paramore, then they might be right up your street.

Having previously toured three times in Hawaii, and more recently in LA and surrounding areas, they’re building a strong fan base online, with over 21,000 fans on ReverbNation already. 

Music and songwriting is incredibly important to front woman Rachelle, and her dream is to make it in the music business.  She’s certainly going to give it all she and her band mates have got.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Band/Artist Name:- Phil Marks Sr.

Band/Artist Name:-   Phil Marks Sr.
Album Name:    One Way Or Another
Music Style:    Contemporary Christian Pop

Indie Singer/Songwriter Phil Marks Sr. believes that Christian music should help to interpret God's message to us, as applied in this modern age. In spite of all its faults, modern society has improved a lot along the lines of tolerance and understanding. Coinciding with that, Earthly churches have had to fine tune their message to facilitate healthy interactions between all kinds of people. In a nutshell, we still believe in the same love of God, but share that love in different ways.
Phil grew up in Greenville Pa., went to college in Atlanta Ga. and currently works his day job as a software engineer in Rockledge Fl. Phil met his wife, now Annie Marie Marks, in Atlanta in 1984 while she was also attending college there. Annie currently works her day job as a nurse. Their daughter Rose Ann Marks is a full time grad-student at Johns Hopkins SAIS in Washington DC. Their son, Phil Marks Jr. is a grad-student at New York Academy Of Art in New York City.

Phil, Annie, and Rose have recently teamed up with arranger and instrumentalist Manfred Dreilich to compose and produce the original songs "One Way Or Another", "Sense Of Heaven", "One Step Closer" and "Son Of Man".

"One Way Or Another" describes one way to look at religions in general: Each person needs to make their own choices, completely voluntary, about what to believe.

Phil says "I like to look at this from the perspective of serving and sharing. Most people understand the concept of serving God. The sharing part can be a little more subtle. I can say what is best for me, but I can't dictate what is best for someone else. What I can do is share what works for me, and try to understand what works for someone else, in such a way that we come to a common understanding which benefits us both".

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Band/Artist Name: Stan Fischer, Guitarist

Introducing Stan Fischer, Guitarist

Band/Artist Name: Stan Fischer Guitarist
Album Name: New Music for Guitar
Website Address:
Music Style: Instrumental

Based in Wisconsin and Minnesota, solo guitarist Stan Fischer has over 100 song credits to his name. Stan writes and arranges guitar solos both for 6 and 12 string guitar, and is now currently booking for upscale gigs and tour dates for 2013.
Dateline: Los Angeles, California, April 10, 2013 – Esteemed solo guitarist Stan Fischer is an artist looking for a gig. Like the painter Van Gogh who was extremely talented, but needed his older brother to help manage his career, Stan is an extraordinary guitar player that could easily entertain a stadium size audience with his unique style and original compositions. Often compared to other solo guitarists such as Leo Kottke, Paco De Lucia and Doyle Dykes, he is an accomplished guitarist.

Stan Fischer has played at many coffee shops, restaurants and local establishments, but is now ready to step it up to a larger venue, either as an opening for a larger act or as a feature attraction. Most listeners will find his music calming but free spirited. Often his music is romantic, and would go over well in an intimate environment. Stan has a sizable body of work, which deserves greater recognition and playtime.

Stan has now finished his 3rd CD titled, “The Trees are Laughing. Here are some comments by Stan about some of the songs he’s written on this CD:
Stan says, “In the musical piece, “the Trees are Laughing” I thought of this song while out in the woods with my friends and I thought I actually heard the trees laughing at us. Of course they were not but the sounds that I heard were joyous and overwhelmingly and steadfastly beautiful. They were calling to me, and were saying not to worry about the stress of life, but enjoy the present moment, because now is the time to feel peace in your heart. It was like the laughter of innocent children, and I had to capture the sound I heard in my melody.”.
In addition, Augustine’s Suite was written for the memory of Augustine Barrios, a Brazilian Guitarist. “His play was simply brilliant when I heard some of his music and was very impressed, so I wrote this piece in recognition of his talent, says Stan. WiFiPR Goup.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: The Black Marbles

Band Name/Artist Name: The Black Marbles
Album Name: Made In Concrete
Music Style: Classic Rock
Influences: Humble Pie 
The Black Marbles was formed as an offspring of the band On Parole back in 2009. Members then included Christian Smedström (the Awesome Machine, On Parole, Christian & the 2120's), Tobbe Bövik (the Awesome Machine, On Parole) and Mattias Ohde (Solarius, On Parole). The style was agreed on groovy 70's rock with lots of melodies. Inspired by bands such as Bad Company, Free, Humble Pie and the Faces, the band started writing material.
In the spring of 2010 they found the perfect singer for the job. Kaj Paxéus came in and the band was complete.

This brand new Swedish act is a gang of amazingly talented rock musicians from the town of Gothenburg, whose paths have clashed and whom have worked hard at creating a dynamic & organic sound based on what they truly love in music without compromise.

Due to commitments of his solo project, Christian had to leave the band late 2010. The search was on for a replacement that quickly could learn the songs as an album was going to be recorded in spring/summer of 2011. Soon enough the guys found the amazing Philip Karlsson who had all the right chops for the job as well as an amazing technical skill.

During summer/autumn the band recorded 13 songs in their own studio, "studi-O-felia". Produced and mixed by drummer, Tobbe Bövik, these rockers will see the light early 2013 on the Ofelia Productions label. Sad but true, Mattias decided to step down to be able to spend more time with his family. He will continue to contribute with his songwriting though, and soon after they found amazing bassist Krister Selander who will take Mattias place on stage and future recordings. The band is now planning to tour Europe and Scandinavia in 2013.

Their debut album – MADE IN CONCRETE – is rocked and loaded – with the boys already proven themselves on the live scene in Sweden - focus have now turned to Germany. With ambitions to release this bad boy to the German market during the early spring 2013, starting with the single FREE YOUR MIND which a video has been recorded for as well.

With a mix of swag, groove, energy, heart & soul they've set out to rock your world with their take on rock'n'roll – rooted in the 70s style area – and a truly contagious brand I must admit. Revolution is in the air, but I leave no promises for world peace. There is instead a far simpler message hidden: ... TAKE NO PRISONERS... that goes for every man, boy, woman and child!!

Guitarist Philip Karlsson departed the band 16th February 2014 - and currently the band is looking for replacements.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Below The Sun / Totem

Band Name/Artist Name:   Below The Sun / Totem
Album Name:    Iron Horse Rocks
Music Style:   Stoner Rock/Hardrock/Prog Punk

Below The Sun (formerly Totem) was founded in Røyken, Norway on the 29th of September 2011 as result of boredom and high jam factor by drummer Vladimir Diaz Nelidov and guitarist / vocalist / songwriter René Gunnerud Vandli.

After they found common interest and enjoyment of listening and playing heavy riff driven music like Fu Manchu, High on Fire, Sleep, Queens of the Stone Age, the foundation of guitar and drum jam sessions was started and the songs were written quickly . After a period of looking for and replacement of bass and second guitar, joined Martin Miguel Busvold as lead guitarist and Herman Tveitan Djupvik as bassist. Not least, adding Jonas Folvik Aune synth on our songs and Jostein Vikan helping with vocal.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Cathouse Prophets

Band Name/Artist Name: Cathouse Prophets
Album Name: Southern Fried & Sanctified
Music Style: Americana - Country
Influences: Lynyrd Skynyrd

In 2009, four of us got together with Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke to play a Christmas party at The Shed . We did a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tribute and called it Charlie Starr & Petty Crimes, Charlie poured some real rock-n-roll gasoline on us and lit a fire that set the wheels in motion.

The next year we hooked up with McGill to play an Unknown Hinson Halloween party. This time, in addition to a set of covers we wanted to play at least one original and as a result "Devils Deal" was written about Popcorn Sutton. The Devils Deal is his story told through The Cathouse Prophets. Later on, T.T.T was written from an interview Popcorn gave Johnny Knoxville. The audience seemed to dig it so we continued.

The following year, we found ourselves in need of a new bass player, we found Justin wrapped in a blanket and placed in a basket outside The Shed. We took him in, force fed him Human Growth Hormones and subjected him to hours upon hours of "The Year of the Horse" videos. During his incubation, a stranger left his cabin unlocked and we took it over, two days later we came down having written Night Like This, Hell on the Little Man, Forever Mine, and Hell to Pay. This was the start of The Cathouse Prophets.
In 2013, we went into Echo Mountain Studios to cut Southern Fried & Sanctified, nine songs that define our sound today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Jon MacLaren

Band Name/Artist Name: Jon MacLaren
Music Style: dance/rock/pop
Influences: Billy Joel

MacLaren has been a long time musician on the east coast of the US playing for various bands and events. Last year, on a dare, he wrote a jingle for a local Cajun restaurant. It was a Zydeco tune that got rave reviews from the establishment and its patronage. That sparked the original rock/pop collection called Rodney Avenue released in June of 2012. In writing Rodney Avenue, some fifty currently unreleased songs were also written and recorded. After some soul searching, songwriting has turned out to be the most attractive part of the music for MacLaren. He calls this first collection of songs a warm up for what comes next.
What comes next you ask? MacLaren has reached out across the globe to collaborate with other artists on electronic dance songs like You’ve Got a Way and Country songs like You're Still Beautiful to Me as posted on Soundcloud. Other material currently in production includes Italian wedding tunes, ukulele based songs, rock, pop and house music as well as variations in between. It’s going to get interesting................

Monday, 16 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: The Hawthorne Effect

Band Name/Artist Name: The Hawthorne Effect
Album Name: Awakefulsleep
Music Style: Rock
Influences: T-Rex 

The Hawthorne Effect is a studio musician grade four piece rock band hailing from Chicago.


John Jauch (Smoke Off Vinyl, Killing the Enemy) - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar Scott Fritz - (Dirty-White Fashion, The Morning Stares, Martha Berner) Lead Guitar/Vocals Will Sprawls - (Dirty-White Fashion, The Morning Stares, Martha Berner)Bass or Keys (Never both ;)) / Vocals Joe Babiak - (Kill Hanah, Michael Angelo Battio, Cage 9) Drums/Vocals

“The Hawthorne Effect” is the phenomenon by which knowing one is being observed affects one’s behavior. Every day we are watched by eyes in the sky, by computers and cell phones, by others around us, and by estranged parts hidden deep within, alternate identities within our very selves. This knowing is part of our reality and this reality is now.

The name implies depth and the songs reflect the name. Each song has been carefully crafted from beginning to end, not only to be rich with layers of meaning, but with layers of melody, and musical sensibility. It’s where simplicity meets the source. What we know and don’t speak of; what we see and often forget. The songs are about the general and the specific, serving as projective tests that allow the listener to generate multiple meanings, while packaged neatly inside a well straightforward simple message as well. The songs were written by John Jauch (Smoke Off Vinyl/Killing the Enemy), who has been an active member of the Chicago music scene for the past ten years and has had music featured on television and radio programs around the world. All songs were tracked, arranged, mixed, and mastered at Stranded On A Planet recording studio in Chicago, under the technical and musical prowess of producer Scott Fritz (Nadia Ali, Martha Berner, Cavalier King) and features the talents of several studio musicians: William Sprawls, Bethany Fritz, Tyson Ellert, and of course, Scott Fritz.
The album is a roller coaster of emotion and reflects the differing sides of the human experience not only through lyrics, but also in sound. Addiction, oppression, and mortality are just a few of the topics touched upon in this ten song soundtrack of lives that is unclassifiable as a whole, but familiar as well.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Victoria Celestine

Band Name/Artist Name: Victoria Celestine
Album Name: Back Home in San Antone
Music Style: Country-Americana
Influences: Norah Jones 

Victoria Celestine picked up the guitar at age 13 with Bobby Flores, at his Bulverde Academy of Music, and began writing songs the following summer (2010). Gordon Raphael, (producer - Regina Spektor, the Strokes) caught her singing during the next Christmas holidays , and invited her to record her first 7 songs acoustically. The following April, she recorded her debut album at age 14, "From the Outside", with Jacob Sciba, at Pedernales Studios, in Austin, TX. She received "Best Female Teen Artist of the Year", from Indie Music Channel at the House of Blues in Hollywood, and then received 2nd place (teen category) from the International Songwriting Competition for the song "In The World".

In April 2012, at age 15, Victoria co-wrote and recorded 3 singles with Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, Macy Gray) in Hollywood ("The Story of Us", "Mother", and "It Only Gets Better") which have been released as an EP. Her first music video (of the song "In the World"), has been distributed by Pulse Records to 8000 retailers, (including Sam's Club). The same song caught the attention of Video Star, who featured it on their popular app for iphone/ipad in January 2013 which propped her to #42 on USA iTunes Music chart. She received again the 2nd place Prize from the ISC with the song Drift Away.

At age 16, Victoria completed a new full length album "Back home in San Antone" which is to be released in March 2014; besides performing regularly at local venues, and finishing up high school, she has been involved in several projects as a studio vocalist and has begun her own recording and engineering.

Victoria's musical accomplishments at age 17:

#42 on USA ITunes music chart

-2nd place winner of the 2014 International Acoustic Music Awards (AAA-Alternative category)

-2nd place winner in  2012 and 2013 on the International Songwriting Competition (teen category)

- Best Female Teen Artist Award (2012) from the Indie Music Channel

- One of San Antonio Current Magazine's "Editor Picks" of Favorite Sounds of 2011.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Kasbah Rockers with Bill Laswell

Band Name/Artist Name: Kasbah Rockers with Bill Laswell
Album Name: Arabitronics Lounge Vol. 2
Website: http://
Music Style: World Electronica Dance Trip Hop Dub
Kasbah Rockers was formed in 2008 by Pat Jabbar and Youssef El Mejjad to reunite members from Amira Saqati, Maghrebika and Dar Beida 04. After the release of their first album "Kasbah Rockers", feat. Bill Laswell playing bass on most of the tracks, they started placing their music in Hollywood films such as:
"Body Of Lies" (2008 - Rildey Scott with Russel Crowe & DiCaprio)
"The Men who stare at Goats" (2009 - Grant Heslov with George Clooney)
"Taken 2" (2012 - Olivier Megaton with Liam Neeson)
or just recently the track "Harissa" from new album "Arabitronics Lounge Vol. 2" in.
"Only Lovers Left Alive" (2013 - Jim Jarmusch with Tilda Swinton & Tom Hiddleston)
Some more blockbuster and indie film projects are to be confirmed for 2014.
An Electroncia album collaboration with Somali singer Samatar (feat. Bill Laswell too) will be released later on this year, as a collection of Progressive-Dance singles.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Evan Russell Saffer

Band Name/Artist Name: Evan Russell Saffer
Album Name: The Opponent
Music Style: Electro Punk
Influences: Skrillex
'Schizophrenics are never alone” ERS unveils electro-punk EP The Opponent'

Skrillex meets Garbage with a splash of Queen -The Opponent is the the sophomore release from Brooklyn recording artist Evan Russell Saffer (aka ERS) follow up to 2010’s rock opera Neon Gas.

The Opponent fuses his high voltage rock, integrating electronics and dance beats – 5 tracks of massive dub electro dance metal. Saffer’s signature melodic songwriting, monstrous hooks and searing vocal work (including spoken word) are all there along with rave-esque dance beats and mesmerizing guitar work.

ERS: “I’ve always wanted to make this type of record, infusing all that I love about dance along with melodic hooks and that rock edge that I’ve done for years. We took cues from Dubstep, House, Hard Rock and Metal and came up with this massive brainchild that we’re all loving. It’s been fun working with both Martin Kestner (DJ/Sequencing) and Eric Bair (lead guitar) who are both kindred spirits in their passion for great music and enormous talents. This album is about facing myself, my ego and inner demons – Over this past year I have been heavily influenced by the teachings of Kabbalah along with the writings of Eckhart Tolle which turned me onto this type of mental awareness – and my mind is not a safe place to be.. The music along with the album artwork aims to reflect that both the demon and the deity are within and they are both YOU! Just a different shade of the same person and you choose who you want to be. It sounds heavy and there are definitely some dark moments, but the overall vibe of this release is very uplifting, sonically massive, and very liberating.” ~ERS

Track listing
The Opponent:
  • 01 Scarecrow (spoken word)
  • 02 Beautiful Stranger
  • 03 One Friend
  • 04 ICLYATIDN (I Couldn’t Love You Anymore Than I Do Now)
  • 05 Best In Me

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: tripod

Introducing:-   tripod
Album Name: 4 coins
Music Style: Rock
Influences: nirvana

The Norwegian rockers, Tripod, find themselves in between the two worlds of stoner metal and grunge rock, making them twice as soothing to take in. Groovy and catchy riffs, with amazing vocals. With killer live performances, heavy drums and a rumbling bass, the quintet is trying to take back the raw purity that once existed. Since the release of their debut album “Nevermind This Black Album” in 2008, including hits like “Another Monday” and “Tomorrow”, the band has been delivering their massive sound to the masses. After touring Norway, they started working on their second album. The album “Four Coins”(2012) was released in China, as well as Norway. Mixed by legendary producer Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Ratt, Warrant and more). “Catchy tunes that rocks your balls off!” (“Four Coins”: 7/10) – Icon Music Mag “With the song “Jack and Blood” Tripod manages to bring back Kurt Cobain from the grave!” “Efficient and well played” –Firdaposten “Amazing songs, which they exploit to the max in their live performances.” -IMM.
After touring Norway and China with “Four Coins” they started once again to work on songs for their next album. The summer of 2013 Tripod recorded a new album in legendary Sono Records, outside of Prague, Czech Republic. This was the first album to include new guitar player Jørgen Berg (ex-Torch). The album also featured Apollon Quartet (members from Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) and Norwegian solo artist Martine Rygvold. The album will be released in 2014. Tripod’s sound is now even more massive than before. Heavier! Rougher! Keeping the purity of 90’s grunge and metal intact.