Thursday, 29 May 2014

Important updates and news.

Hello everyone.

The office is now open again and we are back to accepting Indie Artists for both Hall of Fame blog postings and Internet Radio Airplay on the Radio Johnbc streams.

The web site url problem seems to be fixed and you can most importantly access the site from also you can access the web site from this url

Good news - we now have a second stream - It is called the 'Relaxing Stream' at the moment, no doubt this may change in the coming months, the second stream can be accessed from the home page on the web site.  

We need more Artists/Bands to sign up for our membership plans.  There are four plans including a basic (free) plan.  While we are happy to provide a free plan, we must generate some revenue from somewhere!  Other plans include a 'featured' song/track option on the web site and the Gold membership plan has the option to have a whole album being streamed, plus of course there is always the 50/50 revenue sharing opportunity, please visit the web site for more details.

As always, Artists/Bands are required to read the Stormin Productions Internet Radio Airplay Agreement Programme and submit the online confirmation form to us.  We will then send you the relevant secure song submission form.

Other news -  we have added to the web site the opportunity to shop on eBay and also there are links to our other partner sites, dating and bingo.

During the last two weeks we have been investigating the possibility of having a DJ club in Second Life

Second Life is a 3D virtual world/game and we feel this is a good time to start using this technology as another platform for promoting Indie Artists.  We will keep you posted.

Blog postings begin again on Monday 2nd June and for those Artists/Bands who have received a musicSUBMIT 'A' acceptance letter you will receive a special invitation to join one of our membership plans.

Please also, do not send in CD's, while we appreciate receiving CD's, we cannot take music from CD's, also do not send music by attachments or as a 'drop' box.  If you have been accepted, then you will receive a special invitation to join one of our membership plans.

From now on, Artists/Bands who do not join the mailing list will be automatically added, you can always unsubscribe if needs be, but the last five accepted artists did not join the mailing list and we have had to begin to manually notify them, this does take time and we do request that on receipt of our Email to you that you do join the mailing list, so you can receive your link and date/time of publishing to the blog.

Thanks again.

John Bates Clare, CT ABRSM
Radio Johnbc/Stormin Productions

Friday, 16 May 2014

Changes to Radio Johnbc web site domain name

Hello everyone.

For some mysterious reason while I have been away from the office, the domain name for the Radio Station Web Site has changed.  For the time being until I can resolve this - to access the station web site please use the following domain Radio Johnbc 

The www's have gone from the domain name and I am waiting for a response from the hosting company.  In the meantime if anyone else has experienced this, then please let me know as I am puzzled to say the least as I have not altered the domain name.  The Radio stream continues to run uninterrupted and I have checked this while being abroad in Europe.

Thank you for your patience.  The office will be open again on Wednesday 21st May.

Take care for now.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Album:- Embracing The Moon

Introducing:-  The Album:   Embracing The Moon
Web site:-
Influences:- Richard Clayderman, Jean-Michel Jarre, Beethoven, Mozart.

Aged 42, John Bates Clare has been playing the piano since the age of eight. 'My family had a rather old upright piano in need of major restoration work. A neighbour's father encouraged me to learn to play and I was hooked. After initial lessons with one of my Mother's friends, I soon went as a pupil of Mrs Dorothy White in Clanfield, Oxfordshire.'.

John's teacher entered her students for four music competitions each year - Bath, Chipping Norton, Oxford and Wantage. This, together with examination work, led to a good grounding in technique and performance, the highlight being winning the Ivy Wilcox Cup performing in a piano trio in 1987.

John has taken and passed the ABRSM's piano examinations up to Grade 8 level, including Grade V theory. He also holds the ABRSM Certificate of Teaching.  His recording of The Incredible Hulk Theme Tune was featured in an episode of American Idol in 2012.

Embracing The Moon. An album of original improvisations and compositions. “The aim of ETM was to create something a little different and also to raise some money for Crime Prevention.”. Several years ago a young teenager (Luke Rutter) passed away suddenly here in St Annes – he had belonged to St Annes Tennis Club. I have been a member of St Annes Tennis and Squash Club for three years now, it was a very sad time after Luke's passing. So I decided to donate 10% of album sales to Crime Prevention. This is a battle cry, we are stuck just below five pounds so please listen in on Radio Johnbc and if you like the tracks click on the relevant links. Our deadline date is July 19th. You can purchase online using the following links.

Embracing The Moon features thirteen tracks including Sky Red (dedication to the RAF Red Arrows), Theme For Serena (dedication to the tennis player Serena Williams), Beyond The Zone (dedication to the tennis player Laura Robson) and many more.

To download via iTunes Embracing The Moon or more details on my web site remember 10% of all sales go to the charity Crime Prevention.