Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Artist Name: NJ Taylor

Artist Name: NJ Taylor
Album Name: I Don't Care
Website Address:
Music Style: POP/R&B
Influences: ABBA 

For most of her youth, NJ Taylor spent endless nights kept awake by a burning desire to create her own music. Today, NJ is entering the music industry as a triple threat to be reckoned with. She dances, acts and performs with a vigor and vitality that is bound to spread through headphones and live audiences alike.
At the age of four, NJ begged her mother to enroll her in violin classes, and at thirteen she began to write her own songs. Today, her music exudes talent and confidence; with the rocky attitude of Avril Lavigne combined with Rihanna’s playfulness and experimentation. The flirtations with smooth R&B, punchy electronica and edgy rock create the clinical pop sound of the final product.

Drawing on contemporary pop music with an appreciation for pioneers such as ABBA, NJ incorporates an eclectic set of influences and steers them toward a melodic sound that would appeal to many. The style of each song may depend on how many cups of coffee she has had that day, but the goal to inspire her listeners remains a constant.
I just want to make music that can speak to people and influence them,” says NJ, brimming with excitement about her burgeoning career. “I hope that I can touch people through the good times and the bad times. If I can achieve to do that, than I will truly be blessed.”
NJ is an unapologetic and independent woman, a born artist who is just having fun while bowing to few, inspiring many and entertaining all. Whether listeners are staying in or going out, her music will set the mood right at home or conjure up heat on dance floors until its subjects breathe along to the chorus.

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