Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Damon & Matthews

Band Name/Artist Name: Damon & Matthews
Album Name: Sail to The Sun
Music Style: Classic Rock/Easy Listening
Influences: Beach Boys

DamonSongs Media and Isle Royale Records is pleased to announce the upcoming album release for the songwriting duo of Damon & Matthews. The pair have been writing songs since the seventies, and played the party circuit in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. during that time. They now are producing, writing, and licensing their songs for interested artists, television, and the movie industry. The first album, in some time, "Sail to The Sun" is now available on I-Tunes and other digital retailers. The title track is a tribute to the world famous Beach Boys, who influenced them to write and record this material.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Zaena Morisho

Band Name/Artist Name:  Zaena Morisho
Album Name:  Come Get It
Music Style:   Pop/dance/dance hall
Influences:  Beyonce 

Zaena Morisho, is an American Singer-songwriter, recording artist, and performer.She was born in DR Congo and raised in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and in America. She started performing at 8 years of age She got her break with her Community Choir and hasn't looked back, with a successful tour in Africa. She released her debut album “Break the Surface” which includes the hit song “Ur Love”. the popular song has amassed over a million views on youtube in just under 4 months. Zaena sings in English, Swahili, Lingala, ndebele, Shona and some of french. She is currently working on her new album and a tour slated for the end of the year.


Monday, 28 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Mark Gerrard

Band Name/Artist Name: Mark GerrardAlbum Name: Chameleon Man
Music Style: Blues / Rock / R&B
Influences: John Lennon / Beatles

I write on subjects few other songwriters will touch - Am an ex-lawyer passionately motivated to write by the manifest injustices which exist around us - Zimbabwe, global warming, phoney politicians, internet scammers, drone strikes, abortion & Iraq have all been recent song topics - plus many others - I have also put classic works of literature by Lord Byron & William Blake to music.

To date I have a portfolio of 137 original songs composed on piano in many eclectic styles including blues, rock, jazz, R&B, country rock & ragtime; am also interested in licensing/publishing my material as well as performing myself..:-) Currently am fortunate enough to be no 1 on the ReverbNation UK national blues chart - since July 2013...

My first songs went online in Jan 2010 & since then my 17 track playlist (recorded in a bedroom on zero budget) has produced 9 webchart number 1 songs to date on 4 different charts..

Unsigned singer/songwriter & jazz/blues pianist requires production support for 4/5 albums (written & ready to go) - I am looking for producers & musicians who are interested in my compositions & maybe up for building a core band. I am also looking to find a 'Musical Director' - a George Martin-type senior producer who would work alongside me in the studio. Such a person would ideally have an address book of musicians who would help me bring my work to life preferably including a capability to produce fully-scored orchestral arrangements..

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hope you all had a Happy Easter

Hello everyone.  I do hope you all had a very Happy Easter.  For me it was a chance to catch up with other things and get away from the computer for a while.

Posting of bands/artists details will resume on Monday 28th April for a short while.  Then the office will be closed until 21st May 2014.  Thank you for your patience.


John Bates Clare, CT ABRSM
CEO President Radio Johnbc/Stormin Productions

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Bob Gross

Band Name/Artist Name: Bob Gross
Album Name: Bob Gross and Friends
Web Site:
Music Style: Smooth Jazz
Bob Gross has had an extensive career as a keyboardist/percussionist and music educator.

After receiving a BS in Music Ed. and a MM in Performance, Gross toured the country for many years as a keyboardist and musical director for many groups, including stints in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
Bob Gross' debut album features an outstanding cast of players, including Andrew Neu on sax/flute (Andrew Neu band, Smokey Robinson, Bobby Caldwell), veteran bassist Gary Grainger (Acoustic Alchemy), Grammy-award winner David Cullen on guitar, and drummer Pat Petrillo (Chieli Minucci,Gloria Gaynor, Patti Labelle). The compositions explore a variety of contemporary jazz moods/styles. "I hope that all will enjoy my music, and that there is something here for everyone". 


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Sheila E.

Band Name/Artist Name: Sheila E.
Album Name: Icon
Music Style: Pop
Influences: Prince 

One of life’s constants for Sheila E. comes down to a simple phrase: follow the beat. And her impeccable inner rhythm is the pulse behind a trailblazing career that still knows no bounds.
World-class drummer and percussionist whose credits read like chapters in a music history book: Ringo Starr. Marvin Gaye, Prince, Beyoncé, Herbie Hancock, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Gloria Estefan and George Duke. Grammy Award-nominated singer/songwriter behind the seminal hits “The Glamorous Life” and “A Love Bizarre.” A fearless multi-instrumentalist equally proficient on guitar and bass. Actress. Mentor. Philanthropist.

These career checkpoints all converge in 2014 with two new Sheila E. projects. Coming soon is the release of her first album in 13 years, the aptly titled Icon (Stiletto Flats, March 25, 2014). Then the indefatigable multi-talent will add author to her list of accomplishments with Simon & Schuster’s Fall 2014 publication of her autobiography, “And the Beat Goes On.”.

 “The idea to record another solo album was actually spawned while I was writing the autobiography,” recalls Sheila E. “I realized that some of the things I was writing about should be a song. That’s when I also began looking back at songs I’d written several years earlier and forgotten about, but whose themes needed to be talked about in the book. Both fed each other.”. 

As the musical half of Sheila E.’s storied life and career,
Icon pulsates from start to finish with colorful fusions of the Latin, jazz, R&B, pop, funk and rock influences that shaped her unique style. The 13-track set opens with the soaring Butterfly,” the first of four interludes that subtly yet powerfully illuminate the versatile talent behind the music. “’Butterfly’ reflects part of the journey in my book,” explains Sheila E., nicknamed butterfly by family friend Carlos Santana.  “It’s who I am as a person. I always wanted to fly, to be the first female astronaut on the moon. It’s me running track, running free. That’s how I play.”.

The album takes off from there, with all songs produced live and in one or two takes. “I’m used to playing live,” says Sheila E., who also executive produced the project. “Why would I punch in my soul on a computer?” She unleashes that soul on the set’s first full track “Mona Lisa,” an energetic cut drawn from her Latin roots. Also joining Sheila E. on her musical reverie are two singular storytellers in their own right: singer/songwriter Ledisi and pioneering rapper MC Lyte. The latter’s signature edgy flow spices up the saucy, dues paying-themed “Nasty Thang,” which outlines the drama and glamour life in music. Ledisi adds a poignant touch to “Girl Like Me,” an honest yet empowering message about surviving abuse.  An abuse survivor herself, Sheila E. originally penned the song to perform with her 2007 female band C.O.E.D. (Chronicles of Every Diva). That soul-searching continues on the mid-tempo “Who I Am Now.”.

Rounding out the set—which includes three songs written by guitarist Bobby G—is a new version of the funky tour de force “Leader of the Band.”  This song features Sheila and the E Family Band (father Pete and brothers Peter Michael and Juan) as well her former mentor, Prince, on piano. “I love playing this song,” says Sheila E., “so I re-recorded it and left some of Prince on there. It’s about how I was influenced by my pops [the legendary Pete Escovedo] and [songwriter/producer/musician] George Duke. That a female can be in charge and bring it just as hard.”.



Friday, 18 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Super Producer Randolph

Band Name/Artist Name: Super Producer Randolph
Album Name: Pulchritude
Music Style: Rocktronica

Randolph’s musical endeavors began early on with creating beats on a beat pad. Realizing that he had talent made him want to create even more. The rhythms and beats began to materialize into something very exciting to him, so he started working with a few local artists from his home town of Las Vegas, New Mexico where he earned his artist name Super Producer Randolph. 

Super Producer Randolph began to develop storylines along with this music which naturally progressed to his debut CD “Star’s World”. Another soon followed called “The Demon” - both being the stories of Randolph finding love and his demon. His third installment “Pulchritude” was released on December 21, 2012 to rave reviews – again, focusing on his life’s journey and is the main premise of this latest project. 

Pulchritude” contains a splendid array of songs that seem to follow a pattern taking listeners back to his original release. His single “Deceiving Nothingness” is significant in that it follows the storyline of Randolph, the bear on his journey to find peace after unleashing his demon upon Star’s World, ultimately destroying it. This single is inspirational, uplifting and is a tool to help you be at peace within this world by letting go of anger clearing the path to happier thoughts. The melody of this song is wonderful; the vocals (courtesy of Dustin and Racquel) are exceptional with a beautiful musical arrangement to carry it through. 

One of many unique attributes of Super Producer Randolph’s writing style is the smooth layering of sounds and textures whose base style is considered a fusion of rock and electronica. The sound is refreshing and exhilarating bringing a new form of music to the airwaves.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Amen Alibi

Band Name/Artist Name: Amen Alibi
Album Name: Addicted
Music Style: Indie Rock
Influences: Frank Zappa 

Rick Couture, an award winning song writer of 30 years is the backbone of Amen Alibi playing acoustic guitar, drums, keys, backup vocals and harmonies. Recording on Ricks Indie Label Ravaka Records. Rick along with a vast array of talented musicians have brought Rick's musical compositions and ideas to audible life. Amen Alibi's live setting usually consist of Rick and any number of fellow musicians from past recording projects playing songs from the past, present and future. The release of Amen Alibi's debut album "Leap of Faith" July 4, 2013, will be followed up by a second record, "Addicted" to be released in the spring of 2014, after which Rick will be putting musicians together for the first Amen Alibi tour. Feel free to contact Rick with any questions at any time, they would love hearing from you.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Jim Morris

Band Name/Artist Name: Jim Morris
Album Name: Melodrama
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Yngwie Malmsteen 

Jim started playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Under the instruction of Bud Hanus of Huber and Breese Music Studio, Jim studied blues, flat picking, rock, and shred while developing his unparalleled picking style. Additional studies in music theory and four-part harmony with Alfred Marco fused Jim’s outstanding abilities with classical composition. Jim’s musicianship courses with Jim Ohrt taught him to play with discipline and creativity in an ensemble setting while using his technical skills and harmonic understanding to create contemporary instrumental voicing. Jim’s skills were first recognized when he was selected to perform with the Michigan All State Jazz Band in 1988. Since that time, Jim has been able to work as a professional guitarist with ease.

Playing professionally has afforded Jim the opportunity to pursue his interest in the art of composing and recording instrumental fusion. Beginning in 1993 thru present day, Jim is continuing to churn out what has now become a massive library of music. Jim began collaborating with producer/engineer Jim Taro of Taroland Studios and drummer/percussionist Al Towle in 2002. This combination forged three album releases, "Jim Morris Band" in 2004, "Lamentia" in 2008 and
"Melodrama" in 2013.

The ability to create unforgettable melodies and merge them with complete orchestral movements using his own unique guitar voice has led to Jim Morris making a name for himself on the instrumental guitar scene.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: December

Band Name/Artist Name: December
Album Name: Misplaced, Not Lost
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock/Pop
Influences: Gin Blossoms 

Chuck and John have been recording and touring internationally with various groups over the last 10 years. The demands of life have carried them to different areas of the country, however they have continued writing music together. December was created as a way for them to share the music that they continue to imagine. Through use of video conferencing, file sharing and home recording, they have now released their first album, "Misplaced, Not Lost" under the band name December. The album is a collection of songs the two have written over the last 10 years and now through the power of the internet have been able to record. 



Monday, 14 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Crimson Crux

Band Name/Artist Name: Crimson Crux
Album Name: Through Divers Temptations
Website Address:
Music Style: Christian/Gothic/Folk/Rock
Influences: Jesus Christ

Formed in the Winter of 2011, Crimson Crux is a gothic/folk/rock trio from the High Desert of Southern CA, consisting of husband/wife duo Nathan Petty (guitars) & Tanya Petty (vocals), accompanied by the orchestral arrangements of Benjamin James Stern (piano/keys).

With roots in classic metal & influenced by the likes of '80's guitar legends such as Randy Rhoads, George Lynch, Michael Schenker, etc. from as early as the age of 10 yrs old.. Crimson Crux founder/guitarist Nathan Petty (ex-Sacred Faith, Sevenfold Image, Martiis Nocturnem) decided to leave the Southern CA black/death/metal scene in early 2011 after nearly a decade of chasing a dream, to fill the void in his heart that music alone could not. His desire was to form something musically & lyrically that could best describe the journey of trials, struggles, & then ultimately the transformation that his life had undergone.. a personal testimony of how the void in his heart was filled, written in the form of a musical autobiography.

He would not be alone on this endeavor. His wife of 6 years & elementary school sweetheart, Tanya Petty, immediately signed on as the vocalist of this new project, sharing the desire to write & perform music that expressed the very same things that she herself had gone through.

Classically trained in opera as well as piano from the time she was a child, Tanya's disciplined, unique vocal style instantly proved to be a signature trademark of the group's sound, eventually fusing her strict opera form with the raw tones of rock, even carrying traces of country at times.

Later that year, pianist Benjamin Stern, also from the High Desert of Southern CA, would share their vision & become a part of this project. A 17-yr old piano prodigy of sorts, with no priar musical training, Ben fashioned his style after the piano compositions of Depeche Mode, Muse, etc., which brought a real "concert pianist" feel to the music as well as the live performances. His style not only brought that dark, atmospheric, macabre undertone to the music, but his role in this project could best be compared as a Danny Elfman to a Tim Burton, or a Harry Greggson-Williams to a Ridley Scott.. you can't watch a horror flick without the eerie soundtrack & you can't watch an epic fantasy film without the musical score, likewise Ben's piano/keys serve as the score/mood of Crimson Crux's music.

In May 2012, Crimson Crux entered the studio with their longtime engineer friend, Eric Dorse from The Noize Lab, to record their debut 17-track indie LP, "Through Divers Temptations". Completely self-funded & uniquely inspired, the album became the band's autobiography sharing each member's emotional, physical & spiritual state during a season of hardship in their lives, & how deliverance was found through a saving grace.

In May 2013, after months of labouring endlessly in the studio & enduring many complications in the attempt to press the album, Crimson Crux's debut indie LP "Through Divers Temptations" was finally pressed, released via CD Baby & distributed to their variousonline partners (i.e. itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, etc.). 

Immediately after the album's release, the band embarked on two local tours that same year ("The Revival Tour" & "Feed The Bears Tour '13" ), followed by another studio session in February 2014 to re-record their song "Ye Serpent of Olde" for an upcoming music video set to shoot in April 2014

Today, Crimson Crux still continues to be the musical autobiography of Nate, Tanya, & Ben with more music & lyrics that are yet to be written..

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Melanie Taylor

Band Name/Artist Name:    Melanie Taylor
Album Name:    All About Today
Website Address:
Music Style:    Pop / Dance
Influences:    Michael Jackson 

Melanie Taylor is a two-time Artists In Music Awards winning Pop/Rock Singer-Songwriter (2014 Best Pop Artist & 2013 Best Dance Artist) originally from Carlsbad, CA. Now residing in Hollywood, CA Melanie has worked with Grammy nominated producer, Christian Davis (Lil Wayne, Mark Walberg, El Debarge, and Chad Brown), Troy “R8D!O” Johnson (Eve, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Backstreet Boys, Will Smith, Solange, Kelly Rowland, 2Pac), as well as many others. 

Melanie’s background began strongly with musical theater, show choir, and an obsession for Michael Jackson - making her shows a mix of theatricality, raw talent, and inspiration. Melanie also placed top 40 in the Ntl. Indie Digital Radio Charts, as well as top 200 in the National Digital Pop Radio Charts. She has received two 2014 Los Angeles Music Awards nominations for Best Live Performer and Female Vocalist of the Year. Melanie will additionally go for her third music award as she will compete and perform in the 15th Annual Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival, with a nomination for Best Music Video for her single "Cease Fire" between April 3-13th, 2014.




Saturday, 12 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: JC.B

Band Name/Artist Name: JC.B
Album Name: Multipolar
Website Address:
Music Style: Ambient/Instrumental
Influences: Michael Cretu 

JC.B is a Swiss electronica artist. Here is what we received as a bio:
- I love playing the piano
- I love instrumental electronic music with gentle sounds and noises
- I grew up with the soundtrack to Miami Vice, the mega concerts of Jean-Michel Jarre and the hype of Enigma.
- Some of these elements appear in my music.
- I love to be a one-man band. Compose, arrange and produce.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Band Name: Kastles N Air

Band Name:   Kastles N Air
Album Name:   Radio
Website Address:
Music Style:   POP
Influences:   Contemporary 

Kastles N Air is a sister/brother duo who has been performing together most of their lives. It was early on in their lives that their parents found out they were gifted. At the young age of 3 both played keys and sang in harmony. Growing up in a church environment allowed them to reach beyond their comfort zones. Together they became an unstoppable team playing multiple instruments at mastery level writing lyrics and vocal arrangements. They have graced the stage alongside artists such as Group 1 Crew, Canton Jones, 116 Clique, JR, Kierra Sheard, Mary Mary and many others.

Kastles N Air is blessed with the ability to sing about hope, peace and love. They have created a portal for Christians to be able to express themselves freely and have a joyful time doing it.

“Infinity and Beyond” was released on February 10th, 2013 getting wonderful reviews. Their single “Radio” was made for the radio, spreading the message of love and positive energy. It speaks of always being able to count on the radio, even when times are hard and sadness seems to take over. All you need to do is switch on the radio and instantly you are transformed as the energy seems to switch from dark to light. The music is able to take you by the hand and bring you to a place where pure joy exists. With a lighthearted whimsical feel, this song takes you on spectacular ride, as if on a roller coaster, free and exhilarated by the feeling. It is the moment when you realize what true love really is; something so grand and sensational that you feel like you are dreaming. It has a pop back beat, impeccable electronically transformed vocals that play off of each other. These single sets the tone for the entire CD which is filled with beautifully arranged inspirational messages that bring hope, speaks of dreams, strength and stepping beyond your own personal boundaries.

Kastles N Air aims to please their fans. They do this with creative arrangements filled with an endless energy of creative ‘spacey sounds’, utilizing unique instruments and vocal effects that are absolutely delicious, all set to some of the best pop beats around. Experience the thrill of it all - experience Kastles N Air.

“Infinity and Beyond” is Kastles N Air’s debut CD. They are working with A & R Select licensing and BMI. They are working on upcoming performances but no additional information is available at this time.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name:- Miky Anton

Band Name/Artist Name:- Miky Anton
Album Name: Morningstar
Website Address:
Influences: Myself

Miky Anton - THIS is pure passion in tone, sound and melody. The composer and star violinist is ripe experience and a very impressive resume. Miky's career began very early. At the age of 5 he began a private musical training as a violinist. After the recording was followed in the Lyceum of Music by George Enescu in Bucharest for exceptional musical talents. A subsequent study and the Artist Diplom were won after years of practice. After several wins in international competitions, responsible jobs as a soloist in Austria, Spain, France, Romania, Russia and Germany, and toured India and toured Africa in 2010-2012, Miky Anton finally brings his first solo debut single MORNINGSTAR on the international market.

Soulful melodies, supported by beat-heavy rhythms soon enchant the ears of many fans and people.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Artist Name: NJ Taylor

Artist Name: NJ Taylor
Album Name: I Don't Care
Website Address:
Music Style: POP/R&B
Influences: ABBA 

For most of her youth, NJ Taylor spent endless nights kept awake by a burning desire to create her own music. Today, NJ is entering the music industry as a triple threat to be reckoned with. She dances, acts and performs with a vigor and vitality that is bound to spread through headphones and live audiences alike.
At the age of four, NJ begged her mother to enroll her in violin classes, and at thirteen she began to write her own songs. Today, her music exudes talent and confidence; with the rocky attitude of Avril Lavigne combined with Rihanna’s playfulness and experimentation. The flirtations with smooth R&B, punchy electronica and edgy rock create the clinical pop sound of the final product.

Drawing on contemporary pop music with an appreciation for pioneers such as ABBA, NJ incorporates an eclectic set of influences and steers them toward a melodic sound that would appeal to many. The style of each song may depend on how many cups of coffee she has had that day, but the goal to inspire her listeners remains a constant.
I just want to make music that can speak to people and influence them,” says NJ, brimming with excitement about her burgeoning career. “I hope that I can touch people through the good times and the bad times. If I can achieve to do that, than I will truly be blessed.”
NJ is an unapologetic and independent woman, a born artist who is just having fun while bowing to few, inspiring many and entertaining all. Whether listeners are staying in or going out, her music will set the mood right at home or conjure up heat on dance floors until its subjects breathe along to the chorus.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Band Name: Les Rabiates

Band Name: Les Rabiates
Album Name: Le monde est à toi
Website Address:
Music Style: Singer/Songwriter

Les Rabiates, produce a crashing, driving, momently tender lyrical gloom - rock Singer / songwriter style, in which the color black is dominant: Here Cohen, Cave and Cash squat in Warhol's Factory on Velvet Underground's sofa, the latter, above all, because CaLi's voice is somewhere between Nico and Patti Smith. On this couch slouch Les Rabiates too, and they feel com- fortable here. The texts are in English and Spanish.

Of course Les Rabiates have a history. For years, Achim Gätjen has experimented with the band Swim Two Birds, which made a sort of Rabaukenjazz with literary sophistication. Even the band's name being derived from the novel by Flann O'Brien. Swim Two Birds have worked with spoken-word performers ( most recently the aforementioned Artur Becker). Meanwhile, the septet with its strong horn section is musical history. With Les Rabiates Gätjen now links partly to the rabid music of Swim Two Birds, but on the other hand also making a decisive step in a new direction, especially since there are now no more horns, but a lot of samples, analog keyboard sounds and some very succinct guitar work, and punchy drums.


Monday, 7 April 2014

Artist Name: Elena Rose

Artist Name: Elena Rose
Album Name: Elena Rose remix 11
Website Address:
Music Style: pop/dance
Influences: madonna

Ellen was born and raised in Brooklyn NY learning how to survive city life. She came from a loving middle class family and went to a local school in the Kings Highway area of Brooklyn. In the summer time, she spent her days with friends at Brighton Beach and nights at Coney Island watching the fishing boats at Sheephead bay. Some summers were spent with her family in Monticello at Bungalow colonies. This is where she first heard performers on stage at shows and fell in love with singing.

Her dad performed for 10 years as a semi- professional singer and was an inspiration to her. Ellen entered various singing contests and did some back up singing; but time went on and she attended college for the sciences, got married and was busy raising a family. Singing took a back burner but remained a yearning passion.

One day as she was listening to songs on the radio, she decided to purchase a karaoke CD of one of the artists and record a karaoke version of a popular song. She played the recorded song in the car on the way to and from work and would sing along with it remembering her singing as a lifetime dream. It was around winter holiday time when miracles sometimes happen. Not knowing where to go from here and wanting to record her own songs, she asked God for a holiday wish to please point her in the right direction and put her on the path with people who could help her realize a lifelong dream.

That week, on Friday night Dec. 15, 2006 around 5:00 P.M., she stopped at the Bank of America in Bergenfield NJ where she lives. She would usually park and go into the bank but this night for some reason she went through the drive through ATM machine. Her recorded CD was playing in the car, as the window was open. A car was next to her at the other machine with a gentleman inside. She smiled and waved hello and could tell he was listening to the CD trying to determine who was singing. She looked over to the gentleman & through the car window said proudly “That is me singing”. He looked through his car window and said “That is you? I am record producer” Ellen was so excited she almost drove her car into the ATM machine and a dream was born. Urban became her mentor & friend and produced this new artists first attempt at her own CD. As Eléna Rose states; “The rest will be up to the Good Lord & history”.

 Elena is currently one of our new artists recently added to our Pop playlists on Radio Johnbc

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Band/Artist Name: VITNE

Band/Artist Name: VITNE
Album Name: Not Far From Shallow Water – Single
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative Rock
Influences: Gackt 

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Vitne grew up a child of the beach, a lover of the sea. A dreamer.
First introduced to music as a child by violin, at a young age he discovered a natural affection for the flute, which he still plays to this day. Over the years he developed a deep appreciation for American glam (or “hair”) metal as well as Japanese rock, influences that can certainly be heard and seen in his own work.
With Norway came love, and with love came renewed ambition. He fronted the Norwegian hair-metal band SEKS in 2010-2012, receiving recognition from such renowned publications as AOR Magazine and SleazeRoxx. But it came time to make a decision.
December 3rd, 2013, Vitne released his debut solo album entitled “Neon” to critical acclaim, consistently receiving ratings of 8/10 and above. To celebrate the upcoming CD re-release this year of his debut EP (original date April 2013), Vitne has re-released his single "Not Far From Shallow Water".
This single includes the title track, the instrumental version, as well as an extra track not on the EP titled "Forever". In September of 2013, the music video for "Not Far From Shallow Water" (directed by Vitne) won "Best Music Video" by the Akademia Awards.