Monday, 31 March 2014

Artist Name: Emma Shaka

Artist Name:
Emma Shaka
Album Name: Who I am
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock / Pop
Influences: Rock 

Emma Shaka is a composer from Reunion Island, also best known for being a singer with an outstanding voice able to easily match her power trio.
Involved in many musical projects in Europe but also in China where she performed at some of the best musical venues, she is now on the way to release her first awaited album for march 2012.

[Emma Shaka’s music is raw and passionate and panders to the energy of her listeners. A warm and punchy rock sound that will bring you up dancing, or touch your heart through slower and more romantic pieces. The band is tight and snarls with intensity in its performances while Emma Shaka’s unique vocal ability ensures that all who witness her performance, will want encore after encore.] 


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Richie Toma

Band Name/Artist Name: Richie Toma
Album Name: Stompin' Spaniard
Website Address:
Music Style: Latin World Electronic
Influences: disco

My name is Richie Toma Correa.  I am a musician/producer from the Bronx NY.  My parents gave me piano lessons when I was @ seven. That lasted a couple of years til they saw I lost intrest and decided it was a waste of time and money.

However with the advent of electronic keyboards and synths in the late seventies, my love of music suddenly arose and surprisingly the lessons I had learned were never lost. I was fifteen.

My parents sold the old upright piano and bought me an electric keyboard and an amp. From there I started playing in bands and began compiling synths, sequencers, drum machines and MIDI. By the late 90's my brother, DJ Louie Passion got on the band wagon and off we went.

We had record deals with Nervous, Kult and Fourth Fl. to name a few.  At the time, electronic music was big overseas so several of our tracks became remixes by some of the big boy DJ's in Europe.
My last release was in 1999. Since then I have been toying with different styles and generes. But the House always lets you come home, so I am back. And I have been working on some new material that will collectivelly become my first solo album called Stompin' Spaniard!  Almost two years in the making it will be a mix of house, latin, techno and disco.  A combination that I feel gives you the four on the floor bass drum with latin percussion and simple yet catchy synth and vocal lines that become repetative yet infectious!  Have a listen!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Introducing:- Subsidiarity

Band Name: Subsidiarity
Album Name: Music That Speaks for Itself
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative Rock
Influences: Punk
Free-spirited and original independent rock music. Featuring Blues guitarist Tony Fazio. A Fetal Records revival band with members from former bands Law & Order, B and Braver Noise. Subsidiarity's first album, Music That Speak for Itself, is the first response to a surge in new music content .


Friday, 28 March 2014

Band Name: Remedy

Band Name: Remedy
Album Name: Paleofidelity
Website Address:
Music Style: alt-funk-indie-rock
Influences: Lenny Kravitz


Remedy is a funk-rock trio based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
It all began when Steve and James divorced their wives within 3 months of each other and found themselves living in the same apartment building. They began composing and recording as they had put music aside once before. During that time period their recordings were filled with lyrical and emotional prowess in relation to their divorce situations. Steve also was a victim of his own making by misusing prescription medications but is now happy to state that he is 3 years clean. The Band’s Rx Logo references this time in his life.

Remedy formed in 2008 whose members include:
Steve Harley - co-founder/singer/guitarist who attended Dalhousie University Medical School receiving his MD in 1996. Although he had a lucrative medical career, he eventually left the medical field to pursue his life as a musician.
James Bond (co-founder/bass player) created his own business in signs and graphic designs. He also created a unique process in relation to his style of bass playing that lead to a signature sound.
Gil Roy (drums) joined Remedy in January 2008. He is a veteran of 17 years as a touring musician throughout Canada and the United States. He’s played with artists such as Jimmy Dooley formally of The Platters, Full Circle and most recently Hal Bruce and the Hired Hand Band.

Their incredible sound is powered from the joy of discovery in finding their like-minded gut-based groove. This process creates some of the most unique, creative and refreshing music on the airwaves to date.
Remedy released their album titled “Paleofedelity” with their single “Up from the Bottom” leading the way. Its instant attraction with college crowds and hearing it in rotation was a delight to this group.
Up from the Bottom” is about making the best out of a bad situation. The theme is getting through those times in life with a positive attitude. This single has a great rhythm, outstanding riffs and some powerful vocals. Kissed with the magic of a perfect arrangement, Remedy has given birth to quite a hit and gave fans a clear view into their dynamic music.
This single is reflective of their recording process, creating a footprint in order to preserve the integrity of the composition. These songs are truly one of a kind and designed to deliver maximum impact. There are no standard formulas with Remedy.

They switch things up between funk, rock, R&B, soul, hints of pschedelia, electronica, hip-hop, pop, alternative, indie, garage, but ultimately they are their own unique monster, untraceable as to it's source, incomparable as to who else they sound like, and unimitatalbe in their delivery.  Their music is sustainable,  memorable and very refreshing to listen to.
Paleofedelity” was followed by their second full-length album titled “The Tyranny of the Smug” which showcases the bands evolution in songwriting.
Accolades and accomplishments include but are not limited to:
* Remedy is licensed to award winning film Wingman which was featured in 2013 Atlantic Film Festival
* East Coast Music Awards Showcase 2011
* Tour Tech East Christmas Party stage
* Ballopolooza, Applepolooza, Warf Rat Harley-Davidson conference in 2012
* Apple Blossum Festival, Kentville, NS in 2011
* Breakfast television appearances in 2010 and 2011

Remedy is currently working on their third album and is planning for a spring/summer 2014 release
You can listen to and/or purchase their music by logging onto the following website(s):
Remedy is currently working with RAG in Beverly Hills, Ca. for licensing, a record deal, publishing and/or placement opportunities. They can be reached at 323-924-5897

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Artist Name: Denver Doe

Band Name: Denver Doe
Album Name: Curtis C. Presents
Music Style: Acoustic/Blues

It all began for Doe Boy from the basement of his mother’s house when he was 19 years of age. He had been in some bands in high school but made the decision to go solo. His style of choice is Southern Blues with a bit of Jazz mix in. Taking the same route as Muddy Waters, B.B. King and other blues artists, Doe Boy began to write what he knew about and he does it like the greats of their time. The wailing from the guitar, the expression of its sound, the screaming of the strings – all cry in harmony. Add in those raw vocals and you have the best Blues I have heard in decades.

Doe Boy is proud to announce the release of his single “Down Right Mad” which is off his yet to be released CD titled “Curtis C. Presents Acoustic Series Blues Vol. 1”. Just listening to this single is all you need. It tells a story of having to do without when he was a young man. He learned his lessons the hard way and yet in the end, nothing seemed to have changed. Its motto is being careful the games you choose to play because the game just might win in the end.

As are all the songs on this CD, you can grab yourself a glass of wine, sit back, and experience his extraordinary music as he brings you into his world. Although his topics are of an adult nature, he is careful not to be verbally offensive to either children or elders.
What is so unique with his songs is their flow. It is that mellow undertone of hip-hop and R & B that you can hear in the distance while keeping the integrity of the strength of the Blues and Jazz intact. “Curtis C. Presents Acoustic Series Blues Vol. 1” is set for release in the spring of 2012. Pre-releases of singles such as “Down Right Mad” just fuels the desire for music like this. It will be released in digital format and can be purchased at any digital storefront. The physical format is not out of the question. A prior release was an underground record called “Ghetto Blues” which contains two characters; vocals and guitar. Nothing else needed.

Doe Boy works outside the box. He has the belief that people need a new edge to music – a new old style. This reasoning allows Doe Boy to “dig into his roots and step out of the mainstream and give people an alternate choice of just great music”, states Doe Boy.

Doe Boy is working on four songs with Paramount. He is also working on his next project. You can listen to and/or purchase his songs by logging into the following websites:

Doe Boy is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: Yoni Leviatan

Band/Artist Name: Yoni Leviatan
Album Name: Days of Change
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock/Pop
Influences: Dave Matthews Band

Yoni Leviatan is an American-Israeli singer/songwriter/guitarist who first made a name for himself when his debut album Extra Credit had a burst of activity and caught the attention of many in the South Florida area:
  • Songs were licensed to major TV networks such as MTV, CNN, ESPN, PBS and Lifetime.
  • The album was played on over 200 college radio stations nationwide.
  • Yoni was featured locally on the cover of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times and the popular entertainment show Deco Drive.
  • The single “Twentysomething” was named one of the Top 25 MP3s of 2007 by and won Broadjam’s College Credit CD compilation contest.
  • The song “Let the Devil Know” was licensed to for the final scene/end credits of the spoof comedy film “One-Eyed Monster” starring Ron Jeremy.
  • Yoni was a semi-finalist for the 2006 Florida Grammy Showcase.
  • Yoni was named 1st Runner-up from the USA in the Best Male Artist Category of the 2006 International Music Aid Awards and 3rd Runner-up for Best Songwriter.
  • In 2008, Yoni accompanied award-winning singer/songwriter Ellen Bukstel at a rally for then-Democratic Candidate for President, Barack Obama.

    In 2009, Yoni immigrated to the state of Israel, where his writing has gone from themes about post-college life and the arduous transition to the real world, to songs ranging from the realities of love and the benefits of getting older to the age-old hope for peace in the Middle East – the topic of his latest single “Days of Change”.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: KROM

Band/Artist Name: KROM
Album Name: KROM
Website Address:
Music Style: Jazz

With their fresh, genre-crossing sound, KROM is making a name for themselves as an up-and-coming force in today’s music scene.  Unafraid to push boundaries, this ensemble creates music that reflects their affinity for rock and jazz music resulting in a sound that is powerful and unpredictable.

This New York City-based band, led by pianist Adam Kromelow and featuring drummer Jason Burger and bassist Raviv Markovitz, gained quick attention with the release of their debut album “Youngblood” on ZOHO Records (Released under the band name Adam Kromelow Trio).  This album, which was produced by GRAMMY-winning pianist Arturo O’Farrill, reached number fourteen on the College Music Journal radio charts and was widely acclaimed by critics.  It was picked as one of the Top Ten CDs of 2012 by the Philadelphia Inquirer, named the Debut Album of the Year by Nippertown Magazine and hailed as “one of the most captivating discs by a jazz trio in years” by the Toledo Blade.  Their second album, self-titled KROM, will be released on March 11th, 2014.

KROM has played in some of New York’s most prominent venues such as Long Island’s famed Paramount Theater where they opened for the world-renowned rock/world music group Rusted Root.  They have also headlined at Iridium Jazz Club, the Jazz Gallery, and the New Trier Jazz Festival. Further, these three musicians as individuals have performed throughout the United States with jazz luminaries such as Bob Mintzer, Kenny Werner, DJ Logic, and Matt Wilson, as well as famed artists outside of the jazz world including international pop stars Feist, Andrew Bird, and Young The Giant.


Described as “The real deal” by All About Jazz, and “a sensational pianist, and brilliant young musician” by the Buffalo News, pianist Adam Kromelow is making a strong name for himself in today’s music scene. Originally from the north suburbs of Chicago, Adam moved to New York City to study at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music from which he graduated in 2011. In school he was extremely fortunate to study with modern jazz piano icons Jason Moran and Vijay Iyer.

Aside from his trio, Adam has been performing actively throughout the country with numerous different ensembles.  In the winter of 2010, he made his debut with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as a guest soloist for their Welcome Yule concerts at Chicago’s Symphony Hall.  In addition, Adam was selected by pianist Brad Mehldau to perform in his solo piano master class held by the Carnegie Hall Professional Training Workshop.

Adam has had the honor of performing alongside such jazz luminaries as Bob Mintzer, Jon Irabagon, and DJ Logic, and is the current touring pianist with popular R&B singer and America’s Got Talent finalist Alice Tan Ridley.  He was also recently commissioned to compose and conduct a piece for the grammy-winning Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. Adam’s piano playing has earned him numerous awards including the Downbeat Magazine award for outstanding jazz performance, and the Manhattan School of Music President's award.



Raviv Markovitz, 22, is an acoustic and electric bassist originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, and is a recent graduate of Columbia University in New York City. Raviv won 3rd place in the 2011 International Society of Bassists Jazz Bass Competition and was selected as one of 15 semifinalists for the 2009 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Bass Competition, which is widely considered the most prestigious competition in jazz.  He was also selected to the 2010 YoungArts Jazz Combo, and was a member of the 2009 GRAMMY Band, where he performed at Grammy-related events in Los Angeles.

Raviv has toured and performed internationally and within the United States at venues such as the Berklee Performance Center and Symphony Hall in Boston, the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai, India, the Iowa City Jazz Festival in Iowa City, Jazzkeller in Frankfurt, among many others. He has performed with some of jazz’s leading artists including Joe Lovano, Cassandra Wilson, Matt Wilson, Makoto Ozone, and Jimmy Heath, among others, and has studied with musicians such as Charlie Banacos, Matt Penman, Bruce Gertz, John Clayton, Mark Helias, and Ben Waltzer.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, raised in Orange County, CA, and now residing in New York, NY, drummer/percussionist/producer/composer/educator Jason Burger began his musical journey at age five with piano lessons. It wasn’t until the age of eleven that he began to play the drum set and soon his passion for music, and drumming in particular, became the central focus of his life. Now 23 years of age, Jason is a recent graduate of Manhattan School of Music, and has performed at several major New York venues including the Blue Note, Terminal 5, Bowery Ballroom, the Jazz Gallery, Smalls, Mercury Lounge, City Winery, and the Knitting Factory with a wide range of ensembles of varying musical styles. Recently, Jason has begun performing with legendary jazz pianists Kenny Werner and Ted Rosenthal.

He is also one of the founding members of the production company Mason Jar Music (, where he works as a producer and session drummer/percussionist. Since its inception in 2010, Mason Jar Music has worked with such artists as Feist, Alicia Keys, the Wood Brothers, Abigail Washburn, and Andrew Bird. Jason has co-produced recordings, helped to put together ensembles, acted as a musical director, and performed as a drummer/percussionist for several of MJM's projects. Musi  that he has co-written and/or performed has been featured on MTV, The EntertainmentNetwork, the Food Network, and NPR.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Introducing:- Brandon Bower Music

Band/Artist Name: Brandon Bower Music
Album Name: Rain Pours Down
Music Style: Country Rock/Pop

Hailing from Augusta, Georgia where funk and soul seems to run in the water, Brandon Bower dove in head first, sunk to the bottom, and came back up with an undeniable force. He draws from such inspirations as fellow Augustan, the Godfather of Soul himself, Mr. James Brown. In fact a local radio personality said it best "If Elvis Presley and James Brown had a child, it would be no other than Brandon Bower" . He captivates audiences with relentless passion for the sake of the message. He has honed his craft of performing and writing through ten years of gigging and touring.

During that time he has shared the stage with James Brown and the Soul Generals, Jennifer Nettles (currently of Sugarland), Colonel Bruce Hampton and The Code Talkers, Tim Reynolds, Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors, Guitar Wizard Monte Montgomery, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, John Michael Montgomery, Twila Paris, and the list goes on. In conjunction with performing, Brandon is a distinguished songwriter of over 50 originals and has co-written with Charles Kelley, frontman of the chart topping trio, Lady Antebellum.
One of his biggest strengths is his versatility. He can comfortably play and sing Rock, Funk, Soul, Country, Jazz, Jam, R & B, Gospel, Metal, and it is not uncommon to hear a little of all the above in his show. Brandon spent over five years touring as lead singer, guitar player, and writer, for the band The Big Mighty. They kept over 200 tour dates a year rising to the top of their booking agency. The band won Favorite Band of Best of Augusta Awards, as well as Best Vocalist, Best Bass Player, and Favorite Solo Performer. If you ever had the opportunity of catching one of Brandon's live performances you will quickly see that his tenacity never wains. Whether ministering around the world or singing all night in the deep south honky tonks, whether one fan or a crowd of a thousand, Brandon puts all that he is into his performance.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: Hendrik Helmer

Band/Artist Name: Hendrik Helmer
Album Name: Tales of Lost Love
Website Address:
Music Style: Pop
Influences: Bryan Adams
Guitarist, Recording Artist and Master Teacher with more than 28 years of professional experience. Executive Music Producer and Featured Artist of Award Winning Music Documentary

Career Highlights
Carmen Browne • Cloud Ballet EP • UK Charts-No.1 • 2013
America's Got Talent • NBC Season 7 • Quarterfinals • 2012
Katie Couric • Recording for "KATIE" • 2012
Katie Couric • DREAM BENEFIT • 2012
Lincoln Center •SPIROS SOUKIS • 2012
David Seidler • Our Time Benefit Gala for “The Kings Speech” • 2011 (feat. David Seidler & Carly Simon)
Lucy Woodward Music Video •"Ragdoll " • (Verve Records) 2011
Carly Simon • Our Time Benefit Gala 2010 • (featuring Edie Falco, Paul Rudd)
Duncan Sheik (feat. Holly Brook) •“All I Want is Love” • Listen Sh-k-boom Records • 2009
Music Video • "Love You From Afar (featuring Brit Marling) • 2009
Peter Bernstein & The Eddy Bishai Trio • 2009
CBS Television •The Guiding Light Katrina Relief Concert with Brad Cole and the Saturday Night Live Band • 2006
Hero Award • Music Video • "Bleib’ Mir Treu"• Conceived & Directed by Hendrik Helmer • Magdeburg , Germany • 2005
Wyclef Jean & the CARL RESTIVO BAND • Platinum Records • 2003
Music Documentary Award • “Go With The Flow” featuring Hendrik Helmer • Frankfurt • 2000 Juilliard School of Music • Consultant and Teacher • 2000

Online CD Releases - ITUNES/AMAZON
Hugging Perfect Strangers •1999
Life in the Loop • 2001
Love you From Afar (single) • 2009
Tales of Lost Love •2012
Take Me As I Am • Kiki Voss EP • 2013
Online Music Videos
"Love You From Afar" • 2009
"Tales of Lost Love" • 2012
"If There is a Heaven" • 2012
"The Same" • 2012
"Better Days" • 2012
"Don’t Wanna Make You Mine" feat. Kiki Voss • 2013
"Take Me As I Am" feat. Kiki Voss• 2013
"God in Drag" feat. Glenn Kidd • 2013
Featured Guitarist on CD Releases with Various Artists
 Amber • "My Kind of World" 2004
"Listen" featuring Carly Simon, Daryl Hall & John Forte • 2009
"Holedelic" • Everett Bradley • 2010
"You're the Same As Me"• Gigi Fouquet • 2010
"Red Light" • Kiku Collins • 2011
"Bethesda" •Sasha di Bona • 2013
Carmen Browne • Cloud Ballet EP
Recorded & Performed With:
Carly Simon, Duncan Sheik, Katie Couric, Maxwell, John Forte, Lucy Woodward, Robert Glasper, Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings, Shawn Pelton, Keith Carlock, Elaine Caswell, Tabatha Fair, Curtis King, Everett Bradley, Lucy Woodward, Lorenza Ponce, Tommy Mandel, Marc Shulman, Oz Noy, Zak Soulam, Conrad Korsch, Winston Roye, Charnett Moffett, Jerry Jemmott and Tim Lefevbre.
Actors: Mandy Patinkin (Homeland), Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie, Sopranos), Victor Garber (The Big C), Dominic Fumusa (Nurse Jackie), Paul Rudd (Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin), John Olivier (John Stewart), Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under Brad Cole (The Guiding Light), Kevin Kline, John Olivier, Oscar Isaac, Brit Marling.

Music Clinics & Instruction:
Music Clinic at the Conservatory Enschede • Holland • 2003
Berkley College of Music • Workshop with Nippy Noya • Germany •1996
Hendrik Helmer Live at Hafenfest Germany •2003 FENDER Instructional Video featuring guitarist Keith Wyatt 2001
Mannes Jazz Program New School for Social Research NYC 1997
BFA Degree • Hogeschool Enschede Conservatorium • Holland 1998

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Introducing: Band/Artist Name: Jim Krochka

Band/Artist Name: Jim Krochka
Album Name: Share Some Time
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock-easy listening
Influences: James Taylor 

Jim Krochka is a 56 year old singer/songwriter that has spent a lifetime thinking and now is ready to write! He grew up in Warren, Ohio and now lives in Walnut Creek, CA.
Jim Krochka announces the release of "Share Some Time". A bit of a happy-go-lucky tune that will hopefully inspire people to get together. You can listen to this song and his first 2 albums at Music can be purchased through Amazon, iTunes, Broadcom and other places. 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: Boskovic

Band/Artist Name: Boskovic
Album Name:    A Temporary Lapse of Heaven
Music Style: Rock/Pop
Influences: Beatles

Luca Boskovic Bonini, artistically known simply as Boskovic, was born in Vicenza on a cold December day in 1970. He inherited his passion for music from his father, who daily listened to classical music and was mostly attracted to Beethoven, Bach and Vivaldi.
When he is 12, he casually buys a Beatles long play record and is completely overwhelmed by the British pop energy and, later, by the rock and roll of the origins. With the passing of time the influence of the Beatles music, in particular of Paul McCartney, will strengthen his awareness that music is the ideal and natural setting where he can freely express his sensitivity and artistic talent. He buys himself a new guitar and as a self-taught student manages to master music well enough to be able to express his emotions.

When he is 16 he seriously starts playing the rhythmic guitar and singing in some bands, mainly performing classical rhythm and blues, rock and roll and beat songs.
When he comes of age, Luca begins his career as a songwriter, as well,  and for many years he writes lyrics and songs mainly addressed to his family and friends. It was in 1995 that he founded the Fourback, a tribute band inspired to John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which is genuinely appreciated by the audience for the energy and friendliness it conveys.
He performs on several occasions: at private parties, in theaters, in clubs and during regional and/or national music events. In 2012 he decides the time is ripe to produce and release his first official CD, a collection of some of his most meaningful songs: “A temporary Lapse of Heaven”.

His music is mainly inspired by the British pop and rock tradition, and he turns to artists such as the Beatles, the Who and the Rolling Stones; as well, his music is inspired by the folk and jazz tradition of Donovan and Drake and by the progressive/psychedelic imprint of authors such as the Pink Floyd, the Caravan, The King Crimson, passing through the hard rock influence of the Deep Purple and the Blue Oyster Cult.
Boskovic has always tried to blend the English rock tradition with the most meaningful examples of pop music.
He is naturally talented more to writing music than putting words to his lyrics; his strong passion and taste for music has led him to write musical compositions where different styles and influences gradually surface, including orchestral sounds which give life to a production where the artist’s deep sensitivity and introspection openly reveal themselves. The result is a versatile type of music which can naturally and easily adjust to different musical settings, one for all the background film music.
[According to the author’s own words :”… is the desire and the need to give shape to personal emotions and translate them into melodies… is far from any objective interpretations, anyone can identify himself in hearing a piece of music which is able to free one’s own emotional identity. The greatest satisfaction for an artist is to see the gratification in those who are listening…  This is the main objective, the core which sets all the artistic production into motion….”.]

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: Society's Soul

Band/Artist Name: Society's Soul
Album Name: Soulscream
Website Address:
Music Style: Contemporary Rock / Christian
Influences: U2

Every once in a while a band comes around that makes you stop and take notice. A band where the words of the lyrics matter. Where the voice of the front-man is one filled with the emotion of the lyrics. Society's Soul presents a refreshing and different type of voice in today's musical landscape. A voice that strives to dig deeper into the psyche of society and humanity. A voice that is brave and compassionate enough to ask what is going wrong in the world. Taking a stand on the social and environmental issues plaguing the world today, Society's Soul takes on these issues with hard-hitting introspective lyrics that draw the listener in. Even though by its nature some of the subject matter may be bleak in songs such as these, they are always presented with a positive and optimistic faith-based outlook
which leaves the listener feeling hopeful and empowered instead. That captures the essence of what this band is about. That is what Mario M., the charismatic founder, songwriter and front-man of Society's Soul, has been known for.
Starting his introspective journey many years ago with his former band Vogue's Rogues and then continuing it during a Latin solo career, Mario continues his musical evolution and spiritual journey with Society's Soul. Society's Soul approaches its songs with musical aggressiveness and lyrical pleas to reform, not conform. Mario takes great pride in his approach and philosophy to making his special brand of music - "Lyrics that make you think, music that rocks your soul". His aggressive yet positive approach also is represented in the Society's Soul live show.
Mario's unique relationship with his fans is well-known. This is an artist who knows the importance and value of what his fans mean to him. He is well-known for personally keeping in touch with each and every one of his fans. Certainly an incredible task but that devotion is what makes Mario a unique personality and why his fans are so devoted to him. As Mario says, “the serious topics I discuss in my songs sometimes paint a too serious perception of me so it's important and good for me to connect with my fans on a personal level and let them see that I have another side to me altogether! Interacting with my fans helps me to see the world through their eyes and that helps me to connect Society's Soul to my fans and to represent them and my music even better”.

The debut album for Society’s Soul titled “Soulscream” will be released on March 25, 2014. It is a concept album with a redemptive story of overcoming adversity and finding faith in a ever scarier and confusing world. The first single off the album titled "Flicker of my soul" was released on January 7, 2014. This introspective song encapsulates the redemptive personal journey that Society's Soul takes the listener on through the album. It is a deeply personal and empowering song that listeners will be able to relate to their lives in various ways. The companion song to "Flicker of my soul" on the physical CD single is the album track "Money is God", a song about the misguided view of money in society where it is thought of as above all else. These two songs are a great introduction to Society's Soul and what its "Society" and "Soul" represents. This is just a sample of the emotional journey the listener will undertake on "Soulscream".

With introspective lyrics, emotion filled vocals and music that goes from hard rockers to acoustic ballads to spoken word pieces, you can see that this is no ordinary band. This is just what is needed, an extraordinary band that reflects today's extraordinary world.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: Michael Owens

Band/Artist Name: Michael Owens
Album Name: The Devil's Doorway
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock, Blues, Pop, Americana
Influences: Beatles 

Michael Owens was a founding member of Twin/Tone recording artists FINGERPRINTS. In addition to dates with Pere Ubu, Blondie and Peter Hammill, the band headlined at the legendary Longhorn Bar, First Ave and other venues in the five state area including dates at Duffy’s with Mitch Ryder and Dwight Twilley. The late Tim Carr called Mike’s song Wasted On You, the best single song on the first three Twin/Tone EP’s. (The little Red Records-Fingerprints, The Suburbs and Curtiss A’s Spooks) The band also headlined at The Walker Art Center Presents “The Cream Of The Crop” supported by Spooks(Curtiss A) and NNB. Fingerprints was also chosen as the first band paired with a movie in The Walker Art Centers Band and a movie in Loring Park as well as the M-80 Music Festival. The band reformed for The Mill City Music Festival in 1999.
Mike along with Blackberry Way partner and Fingerprints drummer Kevin Glynn, formed THE IDLE STRAND. With Gary Menne on bass the band released two LP’s on Blackberry Way Records. The LP’s received rave reviews in Boston Rock, Rockpool and Cash Box magazines. The LP’s were released in Europe on LINE/WARNER BROTHERS RECORDS, and garnered tons of college radio- play in the USA.
As a record producer/recording engineer and session musician Mike appears on countless projects over the years.
The new CD The Devil’s Doorway was recorded at Blackberry Way winter 2013.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Introducing:- Joe Olnick

Band/Artist Name: Joe Olnick
Album Name: Up All Night
Website Address:
Music Style: Instrumental
Influences: Miles Davis

Harrisburg, PA guitarist Joe Olnick has been recording and playing in bands for many years, playing acoustic & electric guitar, as well as bass and percussion.

His albums are instrumental and improvisational in nature, with an emphasis on jazz/rock fusion and ambient atmospheres. Original compositions also include modern acoustic guitar, progressive rock, and funk stylings.
Some songs are just an acoustic guitar, while others might be explosive, full-band jams or funk grooves!. Or it might be an ambient wash of tone, with no beat at all.

In addition to writing and performing music, Joe is also known for his audio engineering & production, having worked full-time as a studio engineer. And he has also worked on stage lighting design for his performances as well as collaborating with other bands. With Joe, it's all about communication: of ideas, moods or emotions, and using creativity in whatever forms that help to achieve that communication. says about the Up All Night album: "A variety of guitar-driven jams featuring Hendrix-ian chordal acoustic guitar, bare-bones wah-Funk and mellow jazz explorations. Olnick's an electronics experimenter as well, exploring Ambient and effected sounds."

Joe talks about the making of the album: " I got together with a drummer from a band we were in previously, and we just jammed for hours and hours one day. All of the material we did was completely improvised as we went along. Taking it back to my house, I edited the jams down to distinct songs, overdubbed the bass lines, more guitar parts, percussion, etc. For some of the numbers, I looped what the drummer had done, and layered more parts on top of that. By working this way, I was able to capture some really great, free musical moments and work with them to create some interesting sonic spaces.".

From the crying sadness of 'Dire', the reggae groove of 'Swamp Funk', the shimmering acoustic layers of 'Voices In The Stream', the barely awake, chairs-on-the-tables, last-slow-dance-of-the-night ambiance of 'After Hours', the epic improvisations in 'Tall Tales', the party jam of 'Beach House', the relentless funk onslaught of 'Main Drag On A Saturday Night', to the dreamy but then explosive 'Regeneration', it's an all-original instrumental fusion of grooves, jams, ambiance, and tone!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: Friction Monster

Band/Artist Name: Friction Monster
Album Name: Tantrum
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative Rock
Influences: Pixies 

Friction Monster is a 4 piece band from San Diego, California. They have been writing and playing music together for 15 years, and put out their 2nd studio album in winter of 2013.
"Tantrum" was recorded and mixed by Mike Kamoo @ Earthling Studios in San Diego, and mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Jane's Addiction) @ Magic Garden Mastering in Columbus Ohio.
They would describe their music as quirky, alt-rock pop. Their songs are fun, energetic, and written with the idea of creating a hook-lined, sing-along experience. Lead singer Jason Rodenbo has a way of taking his often dark, morose lyrical content, and molding it into happy, bubbling melodies. Bassist Rick Parkhurst and drummer E. Lopez are committed to providing a solid musical backbone to which the songs can be anchored. Chris Black's guitar work runs the gammet from crunchy rhythms, to ethereal floating riffs.

Their goal is to submit their music anywhere and everywhere in hopes that an influential ear will listen, and help to create an undeniable buzz.
Chris Black - Guitars
E. Lopez - Drums, Vocals
Rick Parkhurst - Bass, Keys, Vocals
Jason Rodenbo - Vocals, Guitar

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: Snuttock

Band/Artist Name: Snuttock
Album Name: Endless Rituals
Website Address:
Music Style: Electronic Rock

Who: Snuttock is the duo of Bryan Lee and Christopher Lee Simmonds (also a founding member of Thought Industry).

What: Playing the alchemist, the band melds the darker edges of synthpop with industrial rhythms and the occasional ambient interlude to produce a diverse pathology of electronics. Sure to please those who hunger for all things electronic.

Where: Baltimore, Maryland

When: 2003 to Present

Friday, 14 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: Philip Crown

Band/Artist Name: Philip Crown
Album Name: Take My Hand
Website Address:
Music Style: pop rnb
Influences: marvin gaye  
Born and raised in Seattle, WA. Philip grew up with a strong musical background learning to play 5 instruments through his middle school and highschool years, doing so while being part of his school choir and jazz choir. He was also an active worship leader for a school church organization his junior and senior years in high school. Later on, he continued his passion for music by participating in choir and talent competitions at the University of Washington. After finishing college, he started a company that became very successful, allowing him to continue his passion for music through other outlets.
In 2011, Philip began featuring on local artists songs giving him a small buzz in the Seattle area. After seeing what his passion would allow him, he began working on a solo project with Tacoma based producers Two-fiftythree and with Miami based producer Krunkadelic. He is currently wrapping up his EP, of which his first single "Take My Hand" stems from.
Phil is pleased to announce the release of his new single “Take My Hand.” This single is part of Phil’s upcoming EP that is slated to drop later this year. “I have been working extremely hard every day to get to this point and I am very excited to see the hard work and long nights in the studio beginning to pay off. I truly love what I do and I hope my fans can truly feel everything I put into this music.”. The video for the new single “Take My Hand” can be watched on Phil’s official YouTube channel. The single can also be downloaded from the iTunes store or streamed on Spotify.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Band/Artist Name: The Running Chickens

Band/Artist Name: The Running Chickens
Album Name: Communications Lines Restored
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock
Influences: The Allman Brothers Band

The Chickens are Stefano Dentone (voice, bass and acoustic guitar) and Marcello Dondero (electric and acoustic guitars) and we began to run in 2010.
The project started like a joke and it would have to be an acoustic-duo.
We wrote a handful of songs and we wanted to make a record, so we started to play. We sang and played electric, acoustic and bass guitars and later we enriched the sound by adding drums, percussions, organs, strings and horns... our acoustic duo project was finally turned into a full band album!
So COMMUNICATION LINES RESTORED saw the light in 2012. In 2013 we made a deal with the Italian indipendent record label MS Records for the digital distribution of our album.
Now that we started to run, we'll continue to do it... playing live and making records! 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: Zezel

Band/Artist Name: Zezel
Album Name: Inversione di tendenza
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative electric jazz
Influences: Pat Metheny Group

Zezel is a music research project oriented towards new sounds and expressive modalities, originally undertaken by the musicians of the former Easy Jam Group. The need to define a specific musical identity, as well as that of inventiveness, are met by the compositions of Emilio Castorina, whilst Carlo Maragni's contribution on keyboards represents an important enrichment of the harmonic textures. The useof electronic instruments (MIDI guitar, EWI, Octapad, loops) and computer aided sound formulation lead to an important acoustic impact that, together with less conventional riffs and employing simple tunes and traditional sounds as that of the saxophone, affords highly emotional listenings. The fusion between the world of acoustic sounds and that of electronics is generating a sort of musical chattering: “zezel” in the local dialect of Mesocco means “chattering”, “gossip”; this word thus best expresses this musical concept, and is also the title of one of Emilio's tunes. We may be proposing a new musical trend, the “Electric Jazz Gossip”, a music belonging to the tonal universe and at the same time remaining rich with cues and opportunities towards other worlds, and particularly that of the improvised music.