Friday, 31 January 2014

Band/Artist Name: Lindsey Webster

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: Lindsey Webster
Album Name: Lindsey Webster
Website Address:
Music Style: Soul/Jazz

At the early age of three years Lindsey Webster began her singing career. With such natural talent Lindsey discovered the Cello and began her classical training at the young age of 8. As a teenager Lindsey auditioned and was accepted to the Fiorello H LaGuardia School for Performing Arts. In addition she began to get a lot of work recording as a session singer for various R&B and Hip Hop Artists.

Lindsey started her own band in 2009. At just twenty-four years Lindsey Webster has shared the stage with Grammy-award winning musicians and artists. She is singing on a grammy nominated CD for 2012 (with the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra) and has recorded with multiple music legends. Now, Lindsey is gradually laying the bricks for a path of success all her own. Lindsey has traveled across the country, playing in famed venues such as Carnegie Hall, Musikfest, Summerfest, The Elephant Room/Austin, Falcon Live, Bearsville Theater, The Brooklyn Bowl, The Lambs Club and many more. With a powerful four octave vocal range, Lindsey’s sound is a blend of Soul, Funk, R&B, with soulful blues influences. Scott Sharrard, the lead guitarist of the Gregg Allman Band, claims that “Miss Webster’s got soul to burn” and that “Lindsey’s got the kind of pipes that will peel the paint of a Cadillac and will make a blind man leave home”. 

[Editors note, I wish you much success Lindsey.  Good Luck and thank you for the chance to listen to your music.  John]


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Band/Artist Name: B-Bless

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: B-Bless
Album Name: The Found King
Website Address:
Music Style: Pop/Rap/Hip Hop
 In the late 1980’s a 3 year old toddler in Queens, NY, heard his first hip hop song and has been infatuated ever since. That same boy became the man known as B.Bless today. Born to an American Mother and a Ghanaian Father, Bless was already born with eccentricities. B.Bless first came on to the scene as an original member of the Group Paperchase Clique. Hailing from Queens, NY, a borough where many prestigious rappers came from, Bless understands that he has to represent.
I’m just trying to bring good and respectable music back to New York” Bless states. As a founding member of Paperchase Clique, Bless has traveled down this road before, but this time it’s solo. “I’m confident in my abilities” he jokes, “but occasionally I do feel awkward… but there is no time for fear”. Bless’ solo debut ‘The Found King’ represents him finding his own path and being a leader in his own right. Born as a son to an African King, Bless never had it easy, but managed to develop on his own. “The lost prince becomes the found king, Bless states. Going through many struggles in his life, Bless feels that it’s his time to be victorious. A young veteran is how his peers address him. Inspired by many genres of music Bless finds a way to be outside the box. One day he is street rap the next he is spitting a rhyme over a dub step beat. Versatile and brash, Bless’ consistency should be appreciated among the masses.
His debut “The Found King” is out now. Stay tuned, for The King has arrived.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: The Bill McBirnie Trio

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: The Bill McBirnie Trio
Album Name: Find Your Place
Website Address:
Music Style: Jazz/Latin
Influences: John Coltrane
Bill McBirnie – Extreme Flute

Bill McBirnie is a jazz and Latin flute specialist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has studied with renowned American flutist, Samuel Baron, distinguished Canadian flutist and composer, Robert Aitken, as well as Cuban charanga legend, Richard Egues. Bill’s extraordinary level of skill as a flutist led to a personal solicitation from no less than Sir James Galway to serve as his resident Jazz Flute Specialist at Sir James' official website.

Athough Bill is known for his outstanding technique, he is also recognized as an exceptional improviser (notably in the bebop, swing and Latin idioms) as demonstrated by his numerous recordings as a sideman with the likes of Junior Mance, Irakere, Memo Acevedo and Emilie-Claire Barlow. Needless to say, Bill has performed and recorded extensively with Toronto's finest musicians, including being a charter member of Bernie Senensky's, Moe Koffman Tribute Band.

Here are a few illustrative comments regarding Bill's work:
 "Dear Maestro McBirnie, ...This just blew me away. Great, great playing...Innovative...I have never heard anyone play like this...Great technique and music making. The scales are so even it sounds like he wrote the Taffanel scale book...Bill, when you read this, I have to take my hat off to you. This is great playing by any standard." SIR JAMES GALWAY (Galway-Flute-Chat)

“In both duo and quartet formats, McBirnie dazzles...In every instance, his technique is flawless, dynamic and often simply jaw-dropping...McBirnie has been called Canada’s standout jazz flautist. I maintain he is one of the top two or three in the world." MARK E. GALLO (

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: Hitarda

Band/Artist Name: Hitarda
Website Address:
Music Style: pop, dance
Influences: David Guetta
The group was founded in 2011 by Ukrainian film composers Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse, who are famous for writing soundtracks for popular video games worldwilde.

2011. The first single "S** & Rock 'n Roll" was in the TOP of YouTube-worldwide within 2 weeks after the release clip, with nearly 3 million views.

The track was circulated by Ukrainian and worldwide channels, as well as radio stations of the CIS, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Canada and Brazil. Hitarda was interviewed for European radio stations and received numerous comments on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.
With the song "S** & Rock ‘n Roll" the unique sound of the band was formed, which was formed the unique sound of the band, which Filipp Logvinenko and Ann Muse described as electro-rock.
2012. Clips "Dirty Games" and "Russian Party".  The response to the single "Russian Party" has been a wave of so-called parties in Russian style that swept across the globe.
2013. The single "Love Makes You Beautiful!". The track has attracted the attention of British, Australian and American radio and television stations. The composition hit the American national top 40, and then entered the top 20 of the legendary social network for musicians Reverbnation. English and American publishers wrote about this!

In the same year, Hitarda has been nominated for a prestigious music award Los Angeles Music Awards.

In Ukraine Hitarda presented its own solo electro-rock show at the end of June 2013 in the Kiev Concert Hall. Today Hitarda is a bold combination of rock guitar riffs of dubstep and Drum'n'Bass, satisfying the most demanding modern listeners.

The Group has prepared a concert programme of 7 tracks. The total time of the concert is 45 minutes.

The band plays only its own music.

Hitarda - Love Makes you Beautiful! (Official Lyrics Video 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: dysorderlies

Band/Artist Name: dysorderlies
Album Name: going for the dream
Website Address:
Music Style: indie rock
Influences: Pretenders

We are an exciting new original indie/rock band, starting a revolution to take back the clubs and re-claim rock and roll for all people. Our original, provocative and catchy rock/pop songs cover many real-life themes. We pack clubs, usually starting BEFORE 9 pm: Our fans will be home to relieve their babysitters and get good nights' sleep. Real-Life Music for Real Life People-

Dysorderlies...'cause life is. Check out “Don’t Mess Around With My Boy” an edgy tune about a mom who rages against the kids bullying her son. You can also listen to “Jerry” about one man's struggles with homelessness.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Band/Artist Name: GlobalMusic4 Life

Band/Artist Name: GlobalMusic4 Life
Album Name: In God We Trust
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative
Influences: God

Dr. Kiki Hurt, M.D. is an Author and Board Certified internist, anesthesiologist,
and a critical care physician. She is the founder of Global Music4 Life, a
program that has grown out of a more than two-decade career spent studying the
management of acutely dying patients. It is a comprehensive wellness program
that provides medical expertise and knowledge to help people lead healthier and
happier lives.

She is also an extraordinarily talented writer, artist, singer, Music Producer and
Executive Producer. She has written, or co-written all the songs for
GlobalMusic4 Life, using her medical expertise to ensure the messages getting across were absolutely right and to the point. She thrives in a studio as Producer, exploiting the nuances that make her songs click, in many cases adding her own vocal and voice-over tracks to give them the life they deserve.
Her company provides an endless flow of Health information, by incorporating positive Music Health, positive Video Health, and positive Animated Videos. She pumps out Health Cartoons on a weekly basis and Health blogs, wherein a 24/7 subscription can be purchased to ask questions about Health, or get “Save Your Own Life” e-books. Viewers can watch weekly Health webisodes, purchase video games, GM4L Clothing, hats, water bottles, exercise programs and cook books via Apps for iPhone or Android platforms.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Band/Artist Name: Dusty King James

Band/Artist Name: Dusty King James
Album Name: Bound For Glory
Website Address:
Music Style: Blues, Blues Gospel

Dusty King James "Bound for Glory" is a grassroots compilation that is filled with blues and gospel songs that will inspire and testify to your soul as every musician on here has poured out their soul on each song.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Introducing:- Alan Whitfield

Band/Artist Name: Alan Whitfield
Album Name: Lost
Introducing:- Alan Whitfield
Website Address:
Music Style: Pop
Influences: Beatles

It was a few years ago when I began to write songs on the advice of my college tutor.
What a break that was. A journey that was going to be a wonderful experience.
Since that time I have had 22 songs released in US on a New York label B Atlas records.
Having achieved sales I decided to write songs for others to record. This lead to some of my songs being published in UK by Sleeping Giant Music based in London. It became a priority to position my future song writing for a variety of musical outlets. More at that time I signed a publishing contract for my song “Say No” with Hiway 60 Music a Nashville music publisher.
With the onset of the internet I sent my songs to Australia for radio play having seen a request in the music press. My song “Summer Sun” got on the play list and reached No 1 in the ILR World Independent charts and stayed there for 10 weeks.
NBT Records Berkeley Springs have also included two of my songs on their Ride the Train CD volume 4 and volume 6. Also my song “Train Nation” has been included on the Ride the Train volume 21 released in 2007.
In 2007 I completed 12 songs for my CD “Time” which I sent to Sibeerecords UK for review. I am delighted to say that these songs were released in 2008. This release is receiving regular sales.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Introducing: Eron Falbo

Band/Artist Name: Eron Falbo
Album Name: 73
Website Address:
Music Style: Singer/Songwriter
Influences: Leonard Cohen 

Eron Falbo is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and musician who has traveled and played internationally. He lived part of his childhood in the United States and also spent time studying in Switzerland before living in Paris, Buenos Aires, London, and most recently Budapest. He began his career in music as a DJ and also played guitar and sang in a cover band, performing shows on cruises.
Falbo traveled to the United States in 2009 and later contacted Bob Johnston to produce an album for him. Johnston agreed and produced Falbo's 2013 album 73. The first batch of songs on the album were recorded in Nashville with a band assembled by Johnston including drummer Paul Leim, bassist David Hungate, guitarist Kerry Marx and pianist Shane Keister. Falbo then traveled to London where he recorded the remainder of the album at Konk Studios. When asked about producing the album for Falbo, Johnston stated, “The people I choose are destined for greatness and Eron Falbo is unique in our generation.”

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Introducing: Stevi Madison

Band/Artist Name: Stevi Madison
Album Name: When
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock/Pop/Country
Influences: Carrie Underwood 

Amidst the thriving Southern California music scene, Stevi Madison lights up the stage with her powerful voice and performance. A striking mix of charisma and enchanting humility, Miss Madison embodies the polish and poise of seasoned professionals throughout her field.

Like many other music professionals, her talent was recognized at a young age. With performances throughout her childhood and teen years, Madison organized her first band at eighteen to tour several popular Orange County hot spots as well as LA’s notable music venues. Shortly after her live debut, Madison was chosen as a semi-finalist in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s first ever Star Launch contest. After the positive exposure from the competition, Madison continued to write and perform her original music traveling to Nashville in 2012 to strengthen her songwriting technique.

Returning to Southern California this September, Miss Madison will begin performing her latest recordings and rejoin former band members at various venues throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- John Gilmour Smith

Bands/Artist Name:- John Gilmour Smith
Album Name: The Story We've Been Sold
Music Style: Alternative Rock
Influences: David Bowie

If there is one quality John Gilmour Smith possesses in abundance, its surely patience. It's been a 25 year journey to the release of his debut album, 'The Story We've Been Sold', a journey filled with luck, good and bad, and more than a few twists of fate. "It's been a rollercoaster just to get here" explains John. "i've had record deals collapse at the last minute, finished albums dropped weeks before release, I even had a manager die just as we were about to sign a deal". John was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and developed a love for music from an early age. "My mum sang constantly, I learned so many songs from her. I guess that's where I got my love of songwriting". 

"It's all about the songs for me, they're a way of expressing what I think. I suppose it's like a snapshot of where you are right at that moment. Right now, there's a lot of things wrong in the world, and that's the stuff inspiring me to write". It was these songs, with their sharp lyrical content delivered in John's unique way, which attracted Aquarian Nation CEO Francis Dunnery to sign John to his label.

With 'The Story We've Been Sold', John finally gets to showcase his unique perspectives. "All I'm doing is saying it like I see it, and it's kinda cathartic. I'm not looking for anyone to agree with my viewpoint, but if just a few people listen to my music and it makes them think, then I'd say that's all any artist can hope for".

Monday, 20 January 2014

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- Miles Beltran

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- Miles Beltran

Bands/Artist Name:- Miles Beltran
Album Name: Blessings in Disguise
Music Style: Modern/AC
Influences: Olivia Newton John

Miles Beltran is an independent singer, songwriter and producer.  Currently, he has released a new album, "Blessings in Disguise".  Check out the new song, "Do You Want to Say Goodbye".....  It's a beautiful ballad.  Possibly releasing several music videos. There is a song, "Crush", which was a collaboration with JR Vasquez, the world known DJ in this album.  It's hot.. Some of Miles's music in the past was produced by Edwin Ramos a two time Grammy Winner..Who has worked with Mary J. Blige, Jelly Bean Benitez, Chico De Barge, Angie Stone and more.  Even though NYC did have a warm welcoming for his past work; where he now lives. He wants more success. Some of his music has been distributed by a label world wide.

After a hiatus, Miles Beltran, has returned to music.  He just released a new song, "Do You Want to Say Goodbye".  It's an original ballad written, sung and produced by Miles..The album, " Blessings in Disguise" includes another previously unreleased song called, " Summer Of Love".  An upbeat dance track.  Also, this album does include some of his past releases.  The plan is to release one dance version of, "Do You Want to Say Goodbye" and a music video.  It will be the first time his music will be played nationwide or worldwide on radio stations.  The album also includes collaborations in the past from Edwin Ramos (Two Time Grammy Award Winner); who has worked with Mary J. Blige, Chico DeBarge, Angie Stone and other heavy hitters..Plus the song, "Crush" which was a collaboration with JR. Vasquez; who has worked with Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, Annie Lennox and others.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- Laurel Wiley

Bands/Artist Name:- Laurel Wiley
Album Name: Laurel Wiley
Music Style: Folk /pop
Influences: Heart

The music of singer/songwriter/guitarist Laurel Wiley garners it's strength and charm from a perspective that is distinctly feminine, yet at the same time draws on the universal truths of love and loss. From introspective themes carefully woven within lasting melodies, she evokes an ethereal sense with an ironic and sometimes haunting twist. Nancy Wilson of Heart supplements this timeless music with her renowned guitar driven sounds and delicate harmonies. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- Bill Parton Trio

Bands/Artist Name:- Bill Parton Trio

Album Name: Bill Parton Trio
Music Style: Piano Pop-Rock
Influences: Coldplay 

Bill Parton Trio are William Parton (Vocals & Piano), Jeremy Martin (Bass) and Andrew Partington (Drums). The band hails from the city of Adelaide, South Australia. While there is no clear box to define the trio’s unique genre and sound, the lads classify their music as ‘Piano Pop-Rock’. To paint a picture, try and imagine the simplicity and catchiness of The Beatles, combined with Coldplay-like chords and melodies, the impressionism of Jeff Buckley and Radio Head, along with a dash of the relaxed chilled-out mood and atmosphere that Zero 7 are notorious for being able to create.

The trio are very proud to have released their self titled debut EP on Friday 2nd August 2013. The EP follows the successful release of singles ‘Going Away’ and ‘Falling For You Again’ which are featured on the EP. ‘Going Away’ debuted at No.10 on Amrap AirIt’s Great Southern Charts, qualified as a semi finalist in the 2013 Unsigned Only Global Songwriting Competition and spent six weeks in the Unsigned Artist Top Ten. ‘Falling For You Again’ was featured on Home Brew Radio, made the Three D Radio Top 20+1 and won best new track in Sonya Feldhoff’s ‘new music’ competition on 891 ABC Adelaide. The video clips for both singles have been nominated as finalists for the 2013 MusicOz Awards and between the two of them have accumulated over 95,000 YouTube views! The EP itself since being released has received incredibly generous amounts of community radio and street press support, has been playlisted nationally on ABC stations and charted as high has No.8 (so far) on the Three D Radio Top 20+1.

The band’s extensive festival record includes ‘Music In The Gardens’, ‘Sea & Vines’, ‘Cellar Door Sessions’, ‘Copper Cove Marina’, ‘NATUZZI’, ‘A Day On The Grass’, ‘Whitmore Square Arts Fair’, ‘Crush Festival’, ‘Hoot!’ and many more! The band has also made an appearance at the 2010 EMERGENZA World Band Competition and also qualified to the finals of the 2010 AACA National University Band Campus Competition.
Bill Parton Trio’s debut EP is available for purchase online via iTunes + all other major online digital music retailers as well as selected stores. The record is an absolute must listen for anyone who’s remotely a fan of: Coldplay, The Beatles, Keane, The Fray and Thirteen Senses.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- Casper Jones

Bands/Artist Name:- Casper Jones
Album Name: Delicious Creation and other songs
Music Style: pop/rock
Influences: The Beatles

Casper Jones is a songwriter/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. After eleven years in NYC he relocated to his native country where he’s now enjoying a great deal of success with his homegrown tunes. His first album ‘Delicious Creation’ (2009) still sounds fresh and modern, and it’s obviously available for purchase in iTunes, Spotify, and all the other most popular online music stores. But in addition, Casper is now presenting a batch of new tunes such as the catchy ‘Best Love’ and the beautiful ‘Color Blue’. In the coming months Casper Jones will be embarking on a tour around Denmark, and then later on he’ll work his way through Europe and eventually back to the U.S. He would love for you to utilize his music in any way, shape and form you may feel like, so that once he visits your area for a show the venues will be hopping.

Casper Jones is now presenting new material. You are invited to check out these new songs and even download them for free!!! In this age of Spotify and other virtually free music listening platforms, it’s practically impossible for independent artists to make any money off of radio airplay. But instead of being bitter over this fact, Casper has decided to give his music away for free – with the hope that more people will be exposed to it. Therefore: listen, enjoy, like(?), download, spread!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- Tony Hernandez

Bands/Artist Name:- Tony Hernandez 


Album Name:
Album Name: Rock is Here to Stay
Music Style: Rock/SingerSongwriter
Influences: back street boys 

[Tony Hernandez is a Cuban born artist that has lived most of his life in the United States. He is currently residing in Miami Beach, Florida. He began his music studies in Union City, NJ at the age of nine participating in the glee club in Roosevelt Grammar school where he sang at Avery Fischer Hall at Lincoln Center. At the age of eleven he began guitar lessons and soon performed in his early years with a Rock Band in New Jersey playing cover songs with influences such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, BTO, Rolling Stones, Frampton, Deep Purple, and more. During the same time he also performed in a band playing popular songs including Latin Songs. During his high school years, he took a guitar class in Miami Senior High School. During his college years at the University of Miami he learned Classical guitar with Dr. Rene Toledo. Afterward he took vocal lessons with Dr. Jesus Garcia Ruspoli. During that time he recorded his first CD with twelve Latin songs where he was able to write, produce, and perform. After writing hundreds of songs and recording five CD’s Tony Hernandez has recorded Rock Is Here to Stay which is his first all American original production. This CD was influenced by the 9/11 attack and the Columbia and Challenger space shuttle accidents.]

This CD consists of 12 Original Rock and patriotic songs. This Project took over ten years to complete. The Project is unique due to the touch of classic rock as well as powerful lyrics and sounds.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- Andy Jaske

Bands/Artist Name:- Andy Jaske

Album Name: Life Between the Numbers
Music Style: Adult Alternative
Influences: Van Morrison 

Andy played in midwestern bands in his teens and 20s and has returned to his lifelong passiong for songwriting. This year he garnered a Finalist classifcation and Recommended Artist from the Song of the Year Songwriting Competition! A lifelong, guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, he resides just outside of Pittsburgh, where he still searches for Life Between the Numbers. He holds a PhD in Business Economics from University of Illinois. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Introducing: Bands/Artist Name:- Blunda

Bands/Artist Name:- Blunda

Album Name: Messages EP
Website Address:
Music Style: Indie Electronic
Influences: Duran Duran

Blunda is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Andy Blunda. A classical pianist at University, Blunda landed a touring gig with the texas trio Fastball at age 20 where the success of their song “The Way” kept him on the road for 2 years. Shortly after he joined Paloalto, who recorded two albums with producer Rick Rubin on his American Recordings label. After years of touring and recording in bands, Blunda made the decision to start recording his own material which he had been writing off and on for the last decade. Messages is Blunda’s second solo EP, and it is his most focused effort to date. It was recorded, produced & mixed by Andy out of his home studio in North Hollywood. The sound is a blend of 80s new wave & moody indie pop delivered in a very unique style. Look for it in January 2014 on iTunes and Spotify.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy New Year

A Happy and a healthy New Year to every one.  I wish you much success with your music and in particular album sales.

We will be back on track with our postings of MusicSUBMIT artists from next Monday (13th January 2014). 

New for this year is our weekly newsletter.  We will aim to publish this on the Friday of each week (except when we are away on holiday), it may at busy times be pushed back to the weekend.  If you or your band have received and 'A' acceptance letter from us then your will find a permalink together with the scheduled date and time in the newsletter when your details will be on the blog.  Please note that you or your fans will not be able to view the details until the exact date and time of publishing.

If you haven't done so already please join our mailing list, which you can do on this blog or the sister John Clare Pianos

Also new for 2014 will be the Radio Johnbc web site.  We aim to have this up and running by the end of January. 

Thanks again and have a wonderful 2014.

John and the Radio Johnbc team.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Bands/Artist Name:- Cristina Botnari

Bands/Artist Name:-   Cristina Botnari
Album Name:   Vivaldi Remix
Website Address:
Music Style:   POP
Influences: vanessa Mae

Mrs. Botnari-Kulik holds 2 Master Degrees: First one in violin performance from the Moscow State Conservatory (Moscow, Russia) and second one in Arts Management from American University (Washington, DC), has an extensive experience in all aspects of classical music such as performance, project creation and management, governance, operations, production, marketing, fundraising … working as a performer and/or as a manager with such organizations as Moscow Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Great Hall Symphony Orchestra, The National Symphony Orchestra, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington Performing Arts Society, United Arts Organizations, Russian Music Society, RMS records, RMS TV, Washington Youth Chamber Orchestra, Arlington Symphony, Fairfax Symphony, Virginia Chamber Orchestra and many others. Presently, is one of the founding Directors of the RMS foundation and on the Advisory Board of Directors for the Russian Ballet Academy of Maryland as well as a Grammy voting member.

Vivaldi Remix
New fantastic Classical Crossover composition Vivaldi Remix is recorded by the Washington DC Grammy team, Cristina Botnari (Violinist, Executive Producer, Radio Show Host, Ivy League Graduate,) and Matthew Shell (Grammy Nominated Producer) mastered in the legendary Abbey Rd. studio in London and is available on iTunes now:

Eastern European born violinist Cristina Botnari is holding her MA in Violin Performance and Music Education from the legendary Moscow State (Tchaikovski) Conservatory, Russia (professors: Grigory Feigin and Eduard Grach). Cristina is a Laureate of the National Competition and has a Diploma from the International Center of Chamber Music. While living in Moscow, Cristina has worked in Moscow State Philharmonic and has toured with different ensembles (such as Moscow State Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Great Hall Symphony Orchestra, Young Russia Symphony Orchestra, etc.) throughout Russia, Germany, Spain, Austria, South Korea, Romania, Slovakia, and Republics of Former Soviet Union. Mrs. Botnari also has participated in many international festivals such as International Music Festival of George Enescu, Russian-Korean Festival, etc., as well as master classes. Since moving to DC Area, Mrs. Botnari performed at the Kennedy Center, Washington Choral Arts Society Symphony Orchestra; served as a Concertmaster and soloist of AU Symphony and Chamber Orchestra. Mrs. Botnari was performing with Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, Arlington Symphony Orchestra, Virginia Chamber Orchestra and other chamber groups throughout the area. Cristina is a recipient of numerous awards and scholarships and is a member of American Federation of Musicians.

Exciting New Money Making Opportunity


Friday, 3 January 2014

Bands/Artist Name:- The Donald Anderson Band

Bands/Artist Name:- The Donald Anderson Band
Label: Making Waves Records, Making Waves Records
Reverb Nation Page
Facebook Page

A popular 4 piece band based in Shetland featuring original material written by Donald Anderson.

Its debut album was released during the 2011 Tall Ships Race event in July in Shetland. The title is In Passing and features 10 original songs.
The Band has been together for 7 years and is made up of experienced local well known musicians. It has been featured at all of Shetland's top music events including the Shetland Folk Festival, Blues Festival, Flavour of Shetland and performed as part of the entertainment programme for this years Tall Ships Race in July 2011.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bands/Artist Name:- Roger Tucker and 3/4 Step

Bands/Artist Name:- Roger Tucker and 3/4 Step
Album Name: Sack Full Of Dreams
Music Style: Jazz / Pop
Influences: Nat King Cole


A native of Winston-Salem, NC now residing in Detroit, MI. Like many famous vocalists, Roger began singing in the church. At the age of twelve, he joined the "Heaven Bound Singers". Since that time singing became his passion. The opportunity to perform in front of an audience is a lifelong dream.

His career in sales helped him to hone in his business acumen. Under the umbrella of his independent label and publishing company, "T-Jazz Records" and "Atterol Music Publishing Company", Roger released his first CD entitled, "Sack Full of Dreams" with his band, "3/4 STEP", (pronounced Three Quarter Step), all of whom are exceptionally talented musicians. His sagacious decisions and uncanny sound landed him center stage at The Palace performing the National Anthem on many occasions for the Detroit Pistons and singing a duet with Kim Weston, (It Takes Two) that was a hit sung by Marvin Gaye and Ms. Weston. Roger's sultry voice and ebullient personality won "Best Male Jazz Vocalist" at the 2009 Detroit Black Music Awards.

Roger's voice was once compared to "Silk sheets sliding across the body". His vocal style rests in the upper echelon of other noted male vocalist such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Jesse Belvin, or Al Jarreau. As quoted by Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine, "Roger has a unique and refreshing vocal style. He has an easy manner that seems to allow the words to flow effortlessly. His tone is clear, precise and his delivery is touching. Roger gives all of his songs a personal charm through his choice of phrasing and word accenting. You will unquestionably like the stylized voice of Roger L. Tucker".

"Always", Roger's latest release, a single, can be described as "classic" and "timeless". It is a beautiful love song dedicated to those who lost loved ones in the September 11, 2001 tragedy. This is a must hear song, if you listen, you will remember "Always" and Roger L. Tucker

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Bands/Artist Name:- Hide

Bands/Artist Name:- Hide
Album Name: House-eey
Website Address:
Music Style: Retro-Electro, Techno, Electronica
Influences: fretless bassist 

What is the "House-eey" ?
The "House-eey" is my original music style and unique genre. I know many people are gonna confuse it because it's very similar name of "house music". But it's really different from house music. I had been trying to find fitting and fitting common genre with my music but it was really waste time for me. The name called "house-eey" was described with Japanese which means "Kinda Homemade". But I know it's not a right word as Japanese either. I just say "eey" instead of "kinda" in Japanese. There is no meaning of the "house" music in the "house-eey". You might well think it's like a techno or electronic music, but maybe it ain't right genre....
'Cause it's the house-eey! ;-)

And... Who am I?
I "a.k.a Hide" do composing song, playing fretless ebass guitar, programming sequence and mixing songs. The "House-eey" is the one-man band.