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Bands/Artist Name:- BILLIE DAVIES

Bands/Artist Name:- BILLIE DAVIES
Album Name: 12 VOLT
Website Address:
Music Style: Jazz
Influences: Ornette Coleman

Billie Davies was born on the coast of Belgium, Europe.  Her grand-father, Maurice Clybouw, was the first influence in her life to introduce her to the drums when Billie was about three years old. She has had a love relationship with rhythm and drums ever since.

A lifelong natural musician, she is a gifted, cultured, intelligent, and passionate European born and raised American citizen, she embraces and mixes both Contemporary cultures.

At age 11 Billie wrote and directed her first play, which included teachers and students. At age 13, Billie’s first stage performance was with the Youth Opera, a rendition of “Romeo and Juliet” fashioned Billie as Romeo. Also, at 13, Billie was awarded at the Royal Academy of Fine Art, which was her first fine art award for mixed media, awarded for: “Love and Peace”. As she continued to develop her love of the arts some of the highlights were, at age 14, her first performance as a drummer, playing John Lennon’s “Power to the People.”
At age 17, at the Royal Theater of Bruges, she directed and choreographed a group of 5 performers and co-performed in “Sunshiny Days,” which was inspired by writer Johnny Nash’s song “I Can See Clearly Now” and the music of Gladys Knight and the Pips. The audience demanded an encore. This inspiration confirmed Billie was on the right path.

As an early adult at 21, Billie became a solo singer for 1 year with the Royal Army Choir of Belgium. The high point of that adventure was singing at the Antwerp Opera with a complete symphonic orchestra. With DJing becoming such a huge part of our culture at age 23, Billie started presenting professionally in the entertainment industry in the Private Night Club sector as a DJ in Germany, Cologne. That set the stage for a successful 6 year DJ career in Belgium, and she became one of the top DJs in demand in Private Night Clubs and Disco Clubs. These experiences further enriched her love of rhythms and beats, cementing her desire to pursue drumming.

At a crossroads in her musical career, Billie ended up receiving a grant from Max Roach to come study at Berklee College of Music, this was after he heard one of her tapes she laid down with a bass player in Montpellier, France. Billie was however having too much fun in the South of France, living the life of a gypsy jazz musician and therefore decided not to take the offer. In his words, Billie quotes: “Hearing from your tape, you could learn more fundamental drumming techniques, but I also hear the natural drummer, so my advice is for you not to worry too much about your technical skill, you will develop your own, I can definitely hear that, but just in case that you might want to study in a good program, please accept my invitation in the form of a talent grant to come study at the Berklee College of Music, all you need to worry about is finding a place to live and some money to survive.”.

At age 25 is when Billie made the transition to become a professional musician. Some of her deepest rooted influences stem from classical, gypsy, manouche, blues, jazz, free jazz and soul/funk. As a player she feels that Al Foster, Billy Higgins, Billy Cobham, Jack De Johnette, Ed Thigpen, and Peter Erskine have been her biggest influences. Becoming completely immersed into the jazz, free jazz and avant-garde world, which is second nature for her stylistically, three years later, she was a professional drummer, and the rest is history... She performed throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Northern Africa, Spain, Portugal and Greece for the next 7 years. She knew her love of drumming had become her life.

A move to the United States at age 32 gave her an opportunity to record 2 albums, "Cobra Basemento" and "Dreams" with Saul Kaye on Guitar and Mike Goodwin on Bass, as well as becoming a US Citizen. Billie slowly but decisively pursued her talents as a matured jazz musician. In 2009, she made Los Angeles, California her home base and in 2011, in Hollywood, she began writing for her new album "all about Love" and started the process of choosing musicians to develop her sound for the album. In June 2012 she independently released "all about Love" with Tom Bone Ralls on Trombone and Oliver Steinberg on Bass. In August of 2012 she began writing all original material for her album "12 VOLT" and began her search for the right musicians. In April 2013 Billie Davies recorded "12 VOLT" with Daniel Coffeng on Guitar and Adam Levy on Bass. It was published in September 2013 and released October 10, 2013.

She received a nomination for "Jazz Artist of the Year" by the Los Angeles Music Awards on September 26, 2013.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bands/Artist Name:- Marc Benno

Bands/Artist Name:- Marc Benno
Album Name: Nearly Famous
Website Address:
Music Style: Pop Blues
Influences: Elvis Presley

Marc Benno is a Grammy Award Winning Singer Songwriter! He has many of his songs recorded by well known artists including Jose Felciano, Leon Russell and Rita Coolidge. He appeared as guitarist on THE DOORS LA WOMAN. Eric Clapton appeared on Marc Benno's CD LOST IN AUSTIN. 

Marc Benno - Performances -2011.wmv

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Bands/Artist Name:- Dave Power

Bands/Artist Name:-    Dave Power
Album Name:    Looking Life In The Eye
Website Address:
Music Style:    Singer/songwriter, Pop, Rock
Influences:    John Mayer

“Dave Power delivers raw, honest songs with smooth vocals and catchy guitar-anchored melodies.”

Dave Power is a man who knows he's lucky to be alive.
Being conceived just the day before his father was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident has embedded into Dave that life's too short to say anything but what you really think, to live life to the fullest and appreciate the good things.
Dave's latest EP "Looking Life In The Eye" has given him the chance to step back and honestly deal with some of his greatest struggles and appreciate some of his greatest gifts. It's been a therapeutic exercise and labor of love.
Technically LLITE has also been a huge learning curve for Dave. Except for drums and bass, he played all of the instruments, performed all of the vocals, recorded, mixed and produced everything in his home studio. He even painted the EP's cover.
About the EP, Dave says "This record is essentially me and my life laid bare for all to see. Some of the issues that I've tossed around in the EP are never easy to deal with, but at least now I've put them out there and I can move on".

"This is certainly my best work and I'm very proud of it. All I hope is that someone can take something positive from it to help them with their own inner struggles."
Dave’s new EP, ‘Looking Life In The Eye’ available now from iTunes.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Bands/Artist Name:- Sammy Hakim

Bands/Artist Name:- Sammy Hakim
Album Name: Sammy
Website Address:
Music Style: country/ pop/ singer songwriter
Influences: Bruce Springsteen 

Sammy Hakim is a young musician from Virginia who first showed musical promise at a young age. She writes her own music, in addition to singing and playing the guitar, piano, ukulele and violin. She released her first EP, "Locked You Out," in October, 2011. As with Locked You Out, her new singles will contain all original material. Sammy’s latest singles are Fearless, released May 31, 2012, Mark Me, released September 17, 2012 and This Christmas Love Me, was released November 11, 2012. Her newest single released on 9/17/13 and is titled “Get a Little Closer” and is from her upcoming EP “Sammy” to be released 10/15/13

With success as a pianist and a singer, coupled with her desire to become a professional songwriter, producer, and musician, Sammy was inspired to study additional instruments including violin, guitar and ukulele. These instruments are highly influential in how Sammy composes and arranges her original music.

Sammy travels and performs live radio shows to promote her song “Get a Little Closer” and her single “Mark Me”. Which has been #1 Indie. Top 40 on NMW Charts,#5 Top 40 Charts and #9 on the Top 100 Indie Song Charts. Her song “Fearless” and “Mark Me” are finalists, in the International Songwriters Competition, Honorable mention in Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and 2nd place for Song Universe.

Sammy is a member of Songwriter Association of Washington, Songwriter Association Nashville and BMI.

Sammy graduated from high school a year early So that she could dedicate 100 percent of her time to her music career. Sammy has taken songwriting classes at Berklee College of Music.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Bands/Artist Name:- Aubrey Wood

Bands/Artist Name:- Aubrey Wood
Album Name: Picking Petals (EP)
ebsite Address:
Music Style: Pop
Influences: Taylor Swift

Aubrey Wood is an eighteen year old singer/songwriter from West Hartford, Connecticut now living full time in sunny Southern California to build on her already strong musical foundation and pursue a college degree all at the same time. She has a passion for quirky indulgences including her daily must ritual to Starbucks, cardigan sweaters and conquering her friends and family in a game of Scrabble.

And now, we are thrilled to say that Aubrey’s exciting new EP, “Picking Petals” has now been recently released ! The music on “Picking Petals” is a bit of a departure from the first EP with an upbeat flair that chronicle stories from Aubrey’s own life (yes, the tales are real !) and features great productions from up and coming producer, Gia Sky, who also performs and contributes great guitar riffs, keyboards and a wealth of fresh innovative sounds. The EP features five new songs including the single, “Love Sick”, whose video can now be seen on YouTube.

Just last year, Aubrey was honored to write and perform the new theme song for the rapidly expanding non-profit organization, Unified Theater. This new composition, “Fly”, was written and performed by Aubrey with the stellar support of Bella Blue and Trevor Jackson on background vocals. Unified Theater is a truly a wonderful organization whose incredible work helps to change the lives of so many. Unified Theater puts the spotlight on ability by creating student-led theater groups that let young people with and without disabilities shine!

In 2010, Aubrey released her first EP titled “Aubrey Wood” with all the music written and performed by Aubrey on vocals and acoustic guitar with a strong assembly of contributing performers including K.C. Porter on keyboard and production, J.B. Eckl on electric guitar, Paul Gonzales on drums, and Sean Hurley on bass. Aubrey’s EP gained a broad following with well over 1,000,000 track plays online and a growing base of listeners on several music streaming sites. Her popular single, “Heart”, has been a consistent presence at the top of the charts on MTV’s OurStage with the music video for the single reaching number one in in multiple months this year and driving nearly 50,000 plays on YouTube !

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bands/Artist Name:- Heather Dore

Band/Artist Name:- Heather Dore
Album Name: Cool & Careless
Website Address:
Music Style: Pop
Influences: 80’s New Wave Bands 

Music has always been a very important part of Heather’s life, She started making her talent known at the age of 5 in the school play and entertained family and friends in costume. You’ve heard the story before with many other singers. She later explored piano and flute, but it wasn’t until the 1980?s, when she started frequenting underground Vancouver clubs, that Heather first felt the music reach down into her soul, keeping her on the dance floor for endless hours. This new music with such catchy, witty lyrics, driving beats, and progressive sound took a hold of her that would never let go. It made her feel alive, free, strong, and able to express her individuality, in a scene she felt she belonged to, that shared her hidden passions.

However, Heather never felt the confidence to take the voice she knew she had seriously, to a professional level. She worked in a record store (when they were literally still vinyl records) where she would meet the man who 15 years later would help her to fulfill her music dreams. Heather recorded karaoke versions of her singing her favourite 80?s hits, but didn’t finally put out her first CD until 2005.
Her friend Michael BublĂ© fueled her interest in jazz and big band music, and her association with him led Heather to Michael’s former manager, who encouraged Heather to record some jazz standards. This, and a promise to a friend lost to a heart attack, was her ticket to launch her professional career.
With the release of a professional CD of jazz classics, ‘I’m Beginning To See The Light‘ Heather was launched into the music business, and suffered the painful learning experience of how heartless, expensive, and discouraging it can be. Yet, the response to her recorded music was more fulfilling than anything she had experienced. These mixed emotions lead to a difficult and confusing time for Heather. Her real passion still lay with 80?s pop and disco music, and dancing all night to this incredible music made her and her friends feel the troubles wash away, transporting her to some magical, euphoric place.

A reconnection through Facebook with longtime friend Jarome Matthew, an experienced pop/electronic producer and label owner, led to an introduction to Darryl Kromm from the Canadian band Strange Advance. Kromm had penned some of Canada’s best loved and known 80’s pop songs, such as “We Run” and “Worlds Away.” The collaboration proved to be a successful one, achieving Dore’s goal of making an original 80’s song in keeping with the inspiration of her youth, and expanding that sound with a “future disco” musical arrangement.
The result was “Cool & Careless,” which was written and recorded in Vancouver, produced in Vancouver and Beijing, and mixed in Jarome Matthew’s new Beijing studio. Erol Sora, another longtime time, also contributed to the track, playing the guitar.

 Critiquing the track, Michele Wilson-Morris of MusicDish said, “Heather Dore gives the perfect vocal performance for the pop/dance/electronic track “Cool & Careless.”

Monday, 23 December 2013

Bands/Artist Name:- Decadent Heroes

Band/Artist Name:- Decadent Heroes
Album Name: Shades of Light
Website Address:
Music Style: Instrumental Rock
Influences: Rock 

Decadent Heroes are the solo project of the former guitarist of Smokin' Steps and Plasic Ash Decadent Hero.
"The focus is to write great rock themes with a lot of melodies and a distinct, personal sound... I like the solos, but melody comes first!" (Decadent Hero).
The project started in 2008 with the recording of an EP, Flyin' High, which included 2 original instrumental rock songs (Flyin' High, Morning break) and a cover of Ten Words (Joe Satriani).
In 2012 was released the second EP titled Shades of Light.
The new EP included 3 new songs (Smoke in the Air, Shades of Light, Ares Era) and the remastered version of Flyin' High and Morning Break.

Stuart Cheese 
Vice President of UK A&R - One Night Stand:
What a great performance. Decadent Heroes show true mastery of the guitar and leave the rest of us playing our air guitar in awe. Tracks like this deserve to be heard at full volume, with the top rolled down, cruising on the highway. It's either that....or it's time to wake the neighbours!
Decadent Heroes deliver yet another knock out performance. Sit back and put your speakers on 11 ”

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- Haley Casey

Band/Artist Name:-
Haley Casey
Album Name: Tonight, I'm Yours
Music Style: Pop/Rock

Meet Purple Quail Records’ newest artist: Haley Casey from Rickman, Tennessee. This eighteen year old recently signed a recording contract with the new independent label and is showing off her talents as a singer, songwriter and musician in her first release, “About Love”.
Haley has a “spitfire” personality to go along with the amazing musical talent. There’s nothing shy about this young lady from Tennessee. That personality along with her “bluesy” vocals, help to make “About Love” everyone’s favorite song when they hear it.
Haley’s new video, “Life and the Beat” has just been released and can be found on YouTube at:
Her first album was released on April 12, 2013 and is entitled, “Tonight, I’m Yours”. She wrote all 13 of the songs on this album as well as playing drums, acoustic guitar and vocals.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- Thunderclap

Band/Artist Name:- Thunderclap
Music Style: Christmas Music
Influences: Christmas

Song/Track:- The Ghost Of Christmas Past.

THUNDERCLAP is originally from the Niagara region. He's a self taught singer songwriter, proficient at most instruments he lays his hands to. THUNDERCLAP has been writing songs since he was 13, he's been masterminding various rock n' roll outfits since he was 14; and has performed live hundreds of time all over North America and Europe.
These days, a car and a guitar keeps him light and fancy free - THUNDERCLAP is a man alone and a band that can't break up. He believes that the intimate dynamics of the voice can be lost in band situations and the bravery needed to take a stage alone heightens the vulnerability with the performer 'thus' a more emotional repor with an audience can be established. This type of performing can be just as potent when performed on the streets, which THUNDERCLAP does regularly, he likes to term it as 'guerilla folkestry' or himself as a "guerilla folk poet'.
He's currently recording his 1st LP with well known producer/ performer SPOOKEY RUBEN, and past and present members from BLUE RODEO, THE RHEOSTATICS, AND BARENAKED LADIES have all contributed to this concept album. When referring to THUNDERCLAP's song SILVERBACK; Jack Douglas (producer of John Lennon, Aerosmith etc) describes it as "an exciting, and irresistibly fun song- reminiscent of Ray Davies best "

The strength of this performers originality was honed as a practicing method actor. His approach is honesty without a preconceived outcome, a pinch of poetic justice, a grand gesture or two and voila! One hell of a strange, operatic minstrel that will leave you scratching your head.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- Michael Charles Smith

Band/Artist Name:- Michael Charles Smith
Album Name: The Nutcracker Suite for Marimba Quartet

Music Style: Holiday/Classical/Marimba
Influences: Steve Reich

[Michael Charles Smith is a marimba soloist, classical percussionist, composer, singer-songwriter, and teacher currently residing in Portland, Oregon. As a classical percussionist he performs with Portland Columbia Symphony, Vancouver Symphony, and Portland Chamber Orchestra. In addition to performing with Porltland Columbia Symphony, he is serving on the search committee for the new conductor and music director.

In addition to his own compositions for solo marimba, Michael covers everything from Bach to Radiohead and Ray Charles to George Gershwin, making him a hit with listeners of all ages.

Michael's last solo marimba record "Melodies for Wooden Children" has recieved rave reviews and been used in documentaries and commercials. He currently works as the composer for documentaries, working with such clients in New York as clothing designer Babette, InoGroup, New Amsterdam Market, and Intel here in Portland, Oregon. His music has also been used in documentaries for San Franciscocompanies Heath Ceramics, Bar Agricole, and Concreteworks.

Michael recently finished his new record "The Nutcracker Suite for Marimba Quartet" funded by people all over the world through Kickstarter. This album was recorded in Portland, Oregon on a marimba made locally by Peter Bush of Rosebush Marimbas.]

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- Walker Avenue Gang

Band/Artist Name:- Walker Avenue Gang
Album Name: Christmas Song
Music Style: Americana/Country

[Dan Searles wrote his first song (a 2nd place winner in a local 4-h contest at age 8.)He has studied his craft under W.C. Handy winner Guy Davis , and Alison Krauss writer Bob Lucas. The Rides Again CD is Dan's second recording project. The Walker Avenue Gang is a loose confederation of musicians who began gathering in Dan's Parlor to Jam and Songswap back in 2003. Soon the song swap part of the get -together took over and the Band released it's first CD of original music in early 2005. Since then the band members have come and gone and come back again but once a Gang member you're in for life as each generation of sound evolves from the original sound.]

Monday, 16 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- John Ruskan

Band/Artist Name:- John Ruskan
Album Name: Day By Day
Website Address:
Music Style: Electronic Downtempo Singer/Songwriter

[John Ruskan has been around the music scene for years. He originally made a splash in the 80's with his indie New Wave album "I Am A Model" which got huge college airplay. In this album, John played all instruments except drums, becoming one of the first pop artists to multi-track their recordings. One reason the album was considered striking was because of John's unique approach to synthesizers, which was noted by more than one reviewer.]

John Ruskan releases his sixth full-length album, Day By Day. Full of personal angst, this album gives the listener the opportunity to identify with and then rise above typical negative emotional experiences such as love lost, isolation, fear, and frustration that we all face in the modern world.
Contrasted with the realism and grittiness of the lyrics is the music, which relaxes, transports and uplifts the listener to a place where the pain of everyday life is transcended.
To help achieve these goals, the music is intended to induce a deep trance listening experience. There are many musical elements carefully constructed and blended in the arrangements to achieve this goal. To get the most out of the album and to allow it to trigger inner journeys, John encourages the listener to experience it with earphones, lying down with eyes closed.
Can be purchased at CDBaby, itunes, and others.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- Nicky Rubin

Band/Artist Name:- Nicky Rubin
Album Name: Displaced
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative Rock

[Global citizen, international alternative singer songwriter performer. Born in Manchester. Educated in British boarding schools. Teenage summers spent in Paris and Israel. At 17, choosing to live with neither parent he left for the last time to continue his wayward adolescence in the bazaars of Persia, India and Afghanistan in search of adventure. Gainfully employed as a trader of antiquities in the Hindu Kush Mountains in Pakistan, now Taliban country, but bored with the opium dens and the smell of the East, he returned to Paris to moonlight on the drums after work and then finally to London and Vienna to sing. Since then his musical life has taken him all over the globe both as a lead vocalist with a myriad of bands and as a solo artist armed purely with a guitar. After being rejected by various record companies for being too ugly to promote, and never one to give up, he set up his own record company Ugly Mother Records and has produced several albums. Although academically qualified as a lawyer he abandoned that profession long ago and took to the road where he has been ever since.]

[As a result of his itinerant life style his inspiration is drawn from his experiences, love affairs and break ups globally. As seen through his essentially London eyes but peppered with references to the darker side of life and his own personal war zone, it is the romanticism of Western Europe, the streets of South America, the remote landscapes of Africa, the big sky country of North America and the gangster capitalism of Eastern Europe which provide the rich tapestry and colourful backdrop to his songs. A life on the run.]

Why 'Displaced' as the title of the new album?

“A couple of years ago Nicky met a guy at a party in Kiev who was of Iranian origin but possessed a Canadian passport and had not been back to his homeland for a long time. Nicky happened to have spent a lot of time in Iran and Afghanistan as a teenager. He asked him quite simply if he felt more Iranian than Canadian. And he replied “Nicky you know something? I just don’t know. I belong to a place that doesn’t exist anymore.” There and then he knew he had the chorus of a song and that song eventually became Displaced which we then went on to choose as the title of his 8th album.

"Nicky Rubin, world traveler, musician, writer and composer has given us Displaced, an album that comes to us from many different worldly influences and cultures, but mostly from the heart of Nicky Rubin, who has an uncanny ability to write songs that can reach into the depths of the soul and into the hearts of people he has never met and probably never will."

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- Naomi Neuts

Band/Artist Name:- Naomi Neuts
Album Name: Single Releases (2013)
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative / Instrumental / Vocal
Influences: Loreena McKennitt 

[Naomi and her husband Derek live in the Northwest region of the United States and are new artists in the music industry, but are not new to music. For many years, Naomi sang out of sheer enjoyment, to include choir in college, but never thought she would sing professionally. Being swept up with the rigors of life, to include being a military wife for several years, having children, managing multiple careers, attending and graduating from a 4-year private university, and now attending graduate school, the dream of becoming a singer was challenged by the responsibilities of life. Time to practice and record was not a luxury she readily had. In early 2013, she decided to take a leap of faith and wrote down lyrics for a concept song, Mosaic, and her dream was finally becoming realized. Teaming up with her husband and business partner, he was able to manifest her vision into a reality by composing, arranging, and producing the track with technical feedback from Eclectic Studios in Texas.]

[Derek has many years of music training on keyboard and piano and was a music student with Yamaha Music Corporation and university-level instructors across multiple training studios in New England when he was young. With professional instruction in methods, composition, technique, performance, and classical piano, his parents were hopeful that someday he would make a career out of music. Like Naomi, with life sweeping by and numerous responsibilities, to include a military police role in the armed forces, working multiple jobs as a civilian, attending and graduating from college, running a mental health training and development institute, and attending graduate school, Derek is now making the time to bring this little piece of joy to his life. It’s his way of escaping and grounding himself. His primary production tool of choice is Samplitude Pro X Suite, utilizing the Independence Sound Sampler, along with various other professional tools.]
Naomi Neuts presents a unique sound, and has been compared to the likes of: Lorena McKennit, Sara McLachlin, Enya and others.
TROUTDALE, OREGON, July 25, 2013, Not often does a musical artist come along that delivers a unique melodic sound that is so compelling as to catapult it to the top of the Charts.Naomi Neuts is proving to be just such a musical virtuoso. Her Debut Release entitled “Mosaic” has become an instant sensation. A music industry leading website has reported that Naomi has risen to #1 in Oregon, and is steadily climbing in Nationwide Rankings. In just one week, she went from a Ranking of #1050 to #373. Clearly Naomi Neuts is a name to remember.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- Robin Roberts & Billie Preston

Band/Artist Name:- Robin Roberts & Billie Preston
Album Name: Pay-Day Motors
Website Address:
Music Style: Folk, Bluegrass, Blues
Influences: Hank Williams

[Since 2008, the acoustic, contemporary folk musicians Robin Roberts and Billie Preston have been performing steadily at a variety of venues in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding regional area. They were selected to play for the "Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival" in Buda, Texas in April of 2011 and are always on the lookout for fun and interesting places to bring their renditions of folk, blues, and bluegrass tunes. In January of 2010 they released a CD called "Pay-Day Motors" with fifteen original songs written by Robin that includes the fiddle playing of Kansas Music Hall of Fame inductee Scott Piper and harmonica by Kirk Sorensen, both of Wichita. The CD has put their music in the hands of hundreds, and opened many doors for them as performing musicians.]

Billie Preston-Fredholm has been playing guitar since she was seven. Taught by her older sister, she quickly became a devotee of folk music. Later, she became interested in choral music and before long the two merged in a style that she practices to this day. Since 2008 she has performed as one half of a duo with Robin Roberts. In 2010 the pair released a CD called Pay-Day Motors. Preston (the name under which she performs) teaches voice and piano at Senseney Music in Wichita and is also a cantor and choir member at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- Gabriele Saro

Band/Artist Name:- Gabriele Saro
Album Name: Passion
Website Address:
Music Style: Classical
Influences: Yiruma

[Gabriele Saro is an Italian Artist, born 1976; After degrees in Violin and Music for Film, he has created his 3 cds, Sunsets, Sunsets part 2 and Passion, for piano solo, violin and cello , emotional music dedicated to cities of the world and feelings; he writes also concert band, orchestral music, and also sacred music; in last times he is discovering commercial music and in particular he is creating with a team Pop and R&B songs. Important is also his collaboration on music for mind and with therapeutic aims with an important NLP trainer. ]

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Band/Artist Name: Elika Mahony

Beloved - Elika Mahony

Band/Artist Name: Elika Mahony
Album Name: Glimmerings
Website Address:
Music Style: New age music
[Vocalist, composer, pianist, and artist, Elika considers herself a world citizen; her parents are from Iran, she was born in the US, raised in Kenya, and now lives in China. Elika’s love of music began when she was a child growing up in Africa. In between she has lived in Israel and Hong Kong. Her music beautifully expresses the diverse cultures that have been a part of her upbringing, blending and reflecting the influences of this varied background, drawing upon classical Western structures but incorporating instrumentation and styles from Iran to Ireland and China to Spain.
Elika studied classical piano from the age of five, and its influence can be heard in the stunning instrumental pieces that she began composing when she was in college. It was at the same time that Elika began singing and setting the Baha’i Writings to music. The enchanting “Melodies of the Nightingale”was the end result by Elika and two close friends, Michelle Brown and Fiona Doomun-Rouhani. This debut CD and launch into a professional music career was followed a few years later by a solo follow up titled “Melodies of the Nightingale for the Family” produced by Paul Meredith.
An artist as well as a musician, Elika loves to design and create beautiful things that bring joy to people and enhance their spiritual experience. Her current projects include making prayer beads from Chinese water pearls with matching Chinese clasps, silk (prayer) book covers and hand made specialty cards using exquisite Japanese paper and quotations from the Writings of Baha’u'llah. You can experience these under ‘Beautiful Items’ on her website.
Most recently, Elika released a piano instrumental CD of her original compositions entitled ‘Glimmerings’. Some of the pieces were composed over 10 years ago and others were created on the spot as she was inspired to play what came to her heart. In April 2011, Elika released 4 original songs on an EP entitled ‘Edge of Forever’. They were written and composed in collaboration with producer, Jarome Matthew. The style is a unique fusion of New Age, Pop and World. The 4 songs are ‘Edge of Forever’, Eternal Beloved, ‘Missing You’ and ‘Listen’.]

Monday, 9 December 2013

Band/Artist Name: THE WELCOME MATT

Band/Artist Name: THE WELCOME MATT
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative
Influences: David Bowie 

The Welcome Matt’s new single “Let It Lead You” released in conjunction with west coast tour
             Prolific artist to release 8th Studio Recording POP JUNK FLUFF and HYPE in January 2014

[September 14, 2013 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Hot on the heels of signing a deal with Wixen Publishing, nationally touring songwriter and recording artist Matt Langlois, aka The Welcome Matt, is set to release POP JUNK FLUFF and HYPE, a 10-song collections of the prolific artist’s chart-making brand of indie rock and roll. Langlois, whose past recordings— including the 2009-11 MEMBERS OF SOUND double-CD project which found him working with including an array of musicians and producers who’ve worked with artists such as Four Non-Blonds, Train, The Counting Crows and Galactic — have charted in the US and in the Europe Top 40, been chosen twice for the leading SF radio station KFOG’s annual Local Scene CD, will promote he latest CD with a near-constant touring schedule launching this fall through California and the Rocky Mountain States.]

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Band Name: The Guy Daniel Vastola Organization

Band Name: The Guy Daniel Vastola Organization
Album Name: President
Website Address:
Music Style: pop/alt/indie
Influences: Motown
[The Guy Daniel Vastola Organization ... The cast filled with legends... like his life. He brings them together for you... but for the song first... His name is Guy Daniel Vastola. He is a writer first and foremost, and producer from the blood line of the original music industry. Let me share with you what He has written ..... this and more music available at in the full bandwidth that the producer intended.]

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Band/Artist Name: David Hicken

Band/Artist Name: David Hicken
Album Name: Carols of Christmas
Website Address:
Music Style: Classical
Influences: George Winston 

[David Hicken's new CD Carols of Christmas features 12 beautifully recorded tracks of some of the world's best-loved Christmas Carols. This solo piano CD was recorded at Enchanting Music Studios in Hawaii and sets a perfect tone for the upcoming Holiday Season.
The Bell Carol is based on the traditional Ukranian Carol of the Bells, but also features God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
Away in a manger features both the British and American versions of the tune, and What Child Is This is skillfully combined with We Three Kings.
All of the tracks feature David's signature sound of gorgeous melodies and undulating accompaniments that can be heard on his previous three releases - Goddess, Angels & Faeries.]
[English composer David Hicken began his musical training at the age of three. He studied piano, clarinet and organ as well as music theory, and was awarded music scholarships to a number of prestigious boarding schools in England.
He was performing organ concertos with the Oxford Symphony Orchestra when he was only sixteen, and solo organ recitals at many Cathedrals throughout the country, including Westminster and St. Paul's.
A year later he moved to the United States to continue his studies at Peabody Conservatory of Music, and he then began composing. After three offers from records companies, he signed with President Records, and his first CD “The Final Toccata” was released when he was nineteen. His second CD “The Shadow of Youth” was released by Prestige Records, London, and after a sold-out performance as soloist with the Westchester Symphony Orchestra, he was asked to record two CDs of organ music for Laserlight Records entitled “Symphony Gothique”, and “A Christmas Pastorale”.]

Band Name: Naked Lunch The Electro Punk Pioneers are Back!!!

Band Name: Naked Lunch
Album Name: Beyond Planets
Website Address:
Music Style: Electronic/Punk/Rock
[Formed in 1979 by vocalist Tony Mayo and guitarist Gary Shepherd as Sons of Perdition, though this name was changed to Naked Lunch after their debut gig, the band underwent a few changes in personnel as well as working out and delivering their sounds live. To condense their story, from a show alongside the likes of DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget, B Movie, and Clock DVA organised by the band and Stevo, who Tony had DJ’ed with previously, the band undertook the Naked Lunch’s Electronic Indoctrination Tour in 1980 which included a show at Leeds Futurama, which was filmed and eventually broadcast on BBC2. Naked Lunch then set about helping Stevo find artists and recordings to make up the Some Bizarre album, to which the band itself contributed La Femme (a song originally called Le Femme but Phonogram who the Daniel Miller (The Normal) owned Mute released the album through, changed it to grammatically correct French, missing the point of the androgyny of the electronic music scene and that the song was about that). After a parting with Stevo, Naked Lunch became managed by Ramkup with the single Rabies backed by Slipping Again being released, though it suffered from a ban on day time radio play due to the title but did receive good play and support from the likes of John Peel and Nicky Horne on their night time shows. Line-up changes continued t before the band split in 1981 with Mayo retaining the name Naked Lunch, which he registered with Companies House in May 1981. A second version of the band emerged as a live thing until 1985 and though Mayo continued with Naked Lunch projects the band as such was a quiet presence.

2010 saw Mayo link up again with early member Paul Davies and writing new material, with Mick Clark and Cliff Chapman joining in 2011, both in the original line-up. Their first gig for over 30 years came at BAS II with the addition of Mark Irvine coming in early 2012 and Jet Noir linking up in June of 2013.]

The Electro Punk Pioneers are Back!!!

Naked Lunch are Back with Their' New Album 'Beyond Planets' after a 30 Year Break,
Complete with 'Trance Princess' Jet Noir Joining Them on Synths and Backing Vocals.
Naked Lunch Bring You a Gothic Electronic Masterpiece of an Album with Lush Orchestral Soundscapes, Screaming Synthlines, Pounding Beats and Tony Mayo's Signature Haunting Voice.
Recorded at the Wonderful 'Le Jardin Electronique' Recording Studio in Bedfordshire and
World Renowned London Recording Studios on Brick Lane, This Album is a Triumphant Return.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Band Name: Jeffrey

Band Name: Jeffrey
Album Name: 5 More Minutes
Music Style: Singer / Songwriter

[Born in New Jersey and now calling New York home, singer songwriter Jeffrey is equally at home writing music or on stage performing. This acoustic style of music is new to this former cabaret performer who has performed at most of the New York cabaret venues. “ I have always been drawn to this acoustic style of music and it wasn’t until I started playing guitar on my own did I start to write my own music.”
Jeffrey’s song –craft has hints of Jason Mraz and John Mayer but has a sound all it’s own with strong acoustic driven tracks and catchy but thought provoking lyrics. His music speaks to the beauty in normal everyday life and what we all experience.
His first single “5 More Minutes” from the new album of the same title was released in July of 2013. Jeffrey will release his songs as they are completed for the album versus waiting for the entire project to be finished. “Feelings and emotions are changing, as are my songs. I want them to be genuine. I don’t want a final date to dictate when the music is ready”.]

Monday, 2 December 2013

Band Name: Amy Skjei

Band Name: Amy Skjei
Album Name: Simplicity
Website Address:
Music Style: New Age, solo piano
[Amy Skjei (Shay) is a Recording Artist/Pianist/Composer of New Age Solo Piano. Amy was born and raised in St.Cloud, MN. Amy is a classically trained pianist. She started playing piano at the age of 6 under Dru Ann Faith, then under Dr. Paul Wirth at the Wirth Center of Performing Arts. Amy has won several state MMTA piano competitions and has performed many times at Northrup Auditorium at the University of Minnesota. She attended Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, where she was also awarded a piano performance scholorship and studied under Dr. David Worth and Dr. Jay Herschberger. She also holds a BA in Nursing and works full time as a Registered Nurse. Amy is now a composer of the New Age genre, solo piano. Amy has composed all music and performs on both of her solo piano cd's, "Autumn Moments" and "Simplicity". They can be sampled and purchased as CD or digital downloads via the links. Amy is a featured artist on eScapes Cable TV Network and has her music on various internet radio stations such as Whisperings Solo Piano Radio and Calm Radio. Amy was also featured in a segment on WCCO TV's "Life to the Max" show in which she and her family were interviewed by Liz Collin, news anchor and reporter for WCCO TV, and also performed as they highlighted her piano playing, CD's and compositions. Amy is a member of ASCAP and her music can also be licensed through SoundExchange and Youlicense, follow the links. Amy is married and a mother of two beautiful girls. Her youngest, Autumn, has the mosaic form of Down Sydnrome, and Autism but doing well. Amy is also working on a Christmas CD of her own arrangements to traditional Christmas songs as well as another solo piano CD, again, of all originals. Stay tuned!].

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Band Name: The Starters

Band Name: The Starters
Album Name: Soul Clap Its Hands
Website Address:
Music Style: Indie Rock
Influences: Motown

[The Starters is an indie-Motown-rock band from Los Angeles, created by brothers John and Paul Ferrigno and Blakely Berger. Their live L.A. shows in the mid-2000s caught audiences by surprise, featuring a Memphis-style horn section and set lists that included James Brown and Stevie Wonder tunes sprinkled in with their own songs. In 2007 they recorded their first CD, The Starters, in their Santa Monica rehearsal room. The songs revolved around catchy melodies, Motown-inspired bass lines, and punchy horns.
The 2013 release of the CD Soul Clap Its Hands takes the Motown and Memphis soul elements even further, both in writing style and production. If you know what to listen for, you’ll hear the musical references to Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, and Marvin Gaye. The Starters recorded and mixed Soul with the talented Pierre de Reeder, bassist of Rilo Kiley, who has recording, mixing, and producing credits with Jenny Lewis, She & Him, Vampire Weekend, and Julian Casablancas.].

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Band/Artist Name: OZON

Band/Artist Name: OZON
Album Name: Gone By
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative
Influences: U2 

[Formed 05/02/2001. Before joining under the name of OZON all of its members had had considerable experience playing in other groups. Meph, in particular, was the drummer of 'Local Time', once extremely popular and one of the most professional bands in Belarus. He had played in 'TB' an extravagant art-rock project too. OptiX was the lead guitarist in a grunge-project 'Head Of', while Eden and Petrov, both having acquired academic music education, came from the group '96AR'. OZON has recorded 3 albums and 3 singles. The group has played gigs as well as performed at major rock festivals in Belarus where it was regularly awarded prizes ('Rock-Cola', 'AR-CAMP', 'Rock-Crowning', 'Rock Over the Dvina'). The band's music has been given substantial air play on various Belarusian radio stations. The band are now working on a new album which is due to be released in 2013. Work ethic is another important feature that certainly defines the band's approach.]