Monday, 4 August 2014

Artist Name:- Andrew Mondics

Artist Name:- Andrew Mondics
Album Name: Today, Tomorrow, Always
Music Style: Country, Rock, Blues
Influences: Tom Jones 

Andrew always loved music. At age 13 he bought a guitar and decided to take lessons and learn how to play.Andrew has always been a huge fan of singer Tom Jones and he still goes to see Tom perform live whenever he can. In fact, Andrew was strongly influenced by Tom's previous lead guitar player Big Jim Sullivan that he decided to play the guitar. Another major influence with his guitar playing was James Burton. Because of Jame's versatility playing in multiple styles. Such as Rock, Country, Blues. There is a lot one can learn from these two master guitar players because they are the best at what they do.Andrrew still hopes that more of his songs get recorded, especially by major Artists in the Country Genere. Artists like: Allen Jackson, Kerry Underwood, Blake Shelton,Joe Nickols, and Ronnie Milsap.Currently Andrew is working on writing new material which he hopes will be picked up by at least one of these major Recording Artists in order to gain wide exposure in the music Business because even though he's dreams fell short writing and performing his original songs is what Andrew always wanted to do. Although Andrew had a few songs recorded on Indie Labels and his songs were played nearly all over Europe it did not give him the exposure he needs to be Internationally recognized; neither as a writer or performer.  

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