Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Artist/Band Name: Ya / George Thomas

Artist/Band Name:   Ya / George Thomas
Album Name:   Odyssey
Music Style:    Rock/AC
Influences:    Roy Orbinson

Born: George Thomas, Graduated from Clark University 1989, in Worcester, Ma.; married; three children. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree, Art and history, Worcester Art Museum degree in Film.

George Nevada Thomas has a voice in contemporary rock 'n' roll music today. Songs such as "The Desert," "Only You" "Hold On," and "Over the Line" have enhanced his reputation with  a growing number of fans.

Typical comments on his first entrance in the public arena of radio: “Love your voice” I Love Your sound” “Unique” Hauntingly Perfect”  He loves to write popular songs and has tree albums playing on all major venues: Only You, Over the Line  and In Another World, his  Group, “Ya On Fire” has reformed as “Ya” .

George is a school teacher in Boston and has won various awards in
Commercial Art shows and Film festivals.  When questioned about his greatest
achievement and joy in life: That’s easy! “Raising my children.”.

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