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Band/Artist Name: Stan Fischer, Guitarist

Introducing Stan Fischer, Guitarist

Band/Artist Name: Stan Fischer Guitarist
Album Name: New Music for Guitar
Website Address:
Music Style: Instrumental

Based in Wisconsin and Minnesota, solo guitarist Stan Fischer has over 100 song credits to his name. Stan writes and arranges guitar solos both for 6 and 12 string guitar, and is now currently booking for upscale gigs and tour dates for 2013.
Dateline: Los Angeles, California, April 10, 2013 – Esteemed solo guitarist Stan Fischer is an artist looking for a gig. Like the painter Van Gogh who was extremely talented, but needed his older brother to help manage his career, Stan is an extraordinary guitar player that could easily entertain a stadium size audience with his unique style and original compositions. Often compared to other solo guitarists such as Leo Kottke, Paco De Lucia and Doyle Dykes, he is an accomplished guitarist.

Stan Fischer has played at many coffee shops, restaurants and local establishments, but is now ready to step it up to a larger venue, either as an opening for a larger act or as a feature attraction. Most listeners will find his music calming but free spirited. Often his music is romantic, and would go over well in an intimate environment. Stan has a sizable body of work, which deserves greater recognition and playtime.

Stan has now finished his 3rd CD titled, “The Trees are Laughing. Here are some comments by Stan about some of the songs he’s written on this CD:
Stan says, “In the musical piece, “the Trees are Laughing” I thought of this song while out in the woods with my friends and I thought I actually heard the trees laughing at us. Of course they were not but the sounds that I heard were joyous and overwhelmingly and steadfastly beautiful. They were calling to me, and were saying not to worry about the stress of life, but enjoy the present moment, because now is the time to feel peace in your heart. It was like the laughter of innocent children, and I had to capture the sound I heard in my melody.”.
In addition, Augustine’s Suite was written for the memory of Augustine Barrios, a Brazilian Guitarist. “His play was simply brilliant when I heard some of his music and was very impressed, so I wrote this piece in recognition of his talent, says Stan. WiFiPR Goup.

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