Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Jon MacLaren

Band Name/Artist Name: Jon MacLaren
Website: http://soundcloud.com/jonmaclaren
Music Style: dance/rock/pop
Influences: Billy Joel

MacLaren has been a long time musician on the east coast of the US playing for various bands and events. Last year, on a dare, he wrote a jingle for a local Cajun restaurant. It was a Zydeco tune that got rave reviews from the establishment and its patronage. That sparked the original rock/pop collection called Rodney Avenue released in June of 2012. In writing Rodney Avenue, some fifty currently unreleased songs were also written and recorded. After some soul searching, songwriting has turned out to be the most attractive part of the music for MacLaren. He calls this first collection of songs a warm up for what comes next.
What comes next you ask? MacLaren has reached out across the globe to collaborate with other artists on electronic dance songs like You’ve Got a Way and Country songs like You're Still Beautiful to Me as posted on Soundcloud. Other material currently in production includes Italian wedding tunes, ukulele based songs, rock, pop and house music as well as variations in between. It’s going to get interesting................

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