Friday, 13 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Evan Russell Saffer

Band Name/Artist Name: Evan Russell Saffer
Album Name: The Opponent
Music Style: Electro Punk
Influences: Skrillex
'Schizophrenics are never alone” ERS unveils electro-punk EP The Opponent'

Skrillex meets Garbage with a splash of Queen -The Opponent is the the sophomore release from Brooklyn recording artist Evan Russell Saffer (aka ERS) follow up to 2010’s rock opera Neon Gas.

The Opponent fuses his high voltage rock, integrating electronics and dance beats – 5 tracks of massive dub electro dance metal. Saffer’s signature melodic songwriting, monstrous hooks and searing vocal work (including spoken word) are all there along with rave-esque dance beats and mesmerizing guitar work.

ERS: “I’ve always wanted to make this type of record, infusing all that I love about dance along with melodic hooks and that rock edge that I’ve done for years. We took cues from Dubstep, House, Hard Rock and Metal and came up with this massive brainchild that we’re all loving. It’s been fun working with both Martin Kestner (DJ/Sequencing) and Eric Bair (lead guitar) who are both kindred spirits in their passion for great music and enormous talents. This album is about facing myself, my ego and inner demons – Over this past year I have been heavily influenced by the teachings of Kabbalah along with the writings of Eckhart Tolle which turned me onto this type of mental awareness – and my mind is not a safe place to be.. The music along with the album artwork aims to reflect that both the demon and the deity are within and they are both YOU! Just a different shade of the same person and you choose who you want to be. It sounds heavy and there are definitely some dark moments, but the overall vibe of this release is very uplifting, sonically massive, and very liberating.” ~ERS

Track listing
The Opponent:
  • 01 Scarecrow (spoken word)
  • 02 Beautiful Stranger
  • 03 One Friend
  • 04 ICLYATIDN (I Couldn’t Love You Anymore Than I Do Now)
  • 05 Best In Me

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