Friday, 20 June 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: The Black Marbles

Band Name/Artist Name: The Black Marbles
Album Name: Made In Concrete
Music Style: Classic Rock
Influences: Humble Pie 
The Black Marbles was formed as an offspring of the band On Parole back in 2009. Members then included Christian Smedström (the Awesome Machine, On Parole, Christian & the 2120's), Tobbe Bövik (the Awesome Machine, On Parole) and Mattias Ohde (Solarius, On Parole). The style was agreed on groovy 70's rock with lots of melodies. Inspired by bands such as Bad Company, Free, Humble Pie and the Faces, the band started writing material.
In the spring of 2010 they found the perfect singer for the job. Kaj Paxéus came in and the band was complete.

This brand new Swedish act is a gang of amazingly talented rock musicians from the town of Gothenburg, whose paths have clashed and whom have worked hard at creating a dynamic & organic sound based on what they truly love in music without compromise.

Due to commitments of his solo project, Christian had to leave the band late 2010. The search was on for a replacement that quickly could learn the songs as an album was going to be recorded in spring/summer of 2011. Soon enough the guys found the amazing Philip Karlsson who had all the right chops for the job as well as an amazing technical skill.

During summer/autumn the band recorded 13 songs in their own studio, "studi-O-felia". Produced and mixed by drummer, Tobbe Bövik, these rockers will see the light early 2013 on the Ofelia Productions label. Sad but true, Mattias decided to step down to be able to spend more time with his family. He will continue to contribute with his songwriting though, and soon after they found amazing bassist Krister Selander who will take Mattias place on stage and future recordings. The band is now planning to tour Europe and Scandinavia in 2013.

Their debut album – MADE IN CONCRETE – is rocked and loaded – with the boys already proven themselves on the live scene in Sweden - focus have now turned to Germany. With ambitions to release this bad boy to the German market during the early spring 2013, starting with the single FREE YOUR MIND which a video has been recorded for as well.

With a mix of swag, groove, energy, heart & soul they've set out to rock your world with their take on rock'n'roll – rooted in the 70s style area – and a truly contagious brand I must admit. Revolution is in the air, but I leave no promises for world peace. There is instead a far simpler message hidden: ... TAKE NO PRISONERS... that goes for every man, boy, woman and child!!

Guitarist Philip Karlsson departed the band 16th February 2014 - and currently the band is looking for replacements.

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  1. Actually they found a replacement in Rickard Lindberg. 30 year old multi talanted guitar player from the band Ten Feet High. He's been in the band since March 2014.