Sunday, 6 April 2014

Band/Artist Name: VITNE

Band/Artist Name: VITNE
Album Name: Not Far From Shallow Water – Single
Website Address:
Music Style: Alternative Rock
Influences: Gackt 

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Vitne grew up a child of the beach, a lover of the sea. A dreamer.
First introduced to music as a child by violin, at a young age he discovered a natural affection for the flute, which he still plays to this day. Over the years he developed a deep appreciation for American glam (or “hair”) metal as well as Japanese rock, influences that can certainly be heard and seen in his own work.
With Norway came love, and with love came renewed ambition. He fronted the Norwegian hair-metal band SEKS in 2010-2012, receiving recognition from such renowned publications as AOR Magazine and SleazeRoxx. But it came time to make a decision.
December 3rd, 2013, Vitne released his debut solo album entitled “Neon” to critical acclaim, consistently receiving ratings of 8/10 and above. To celebrate the upcoming CD re-release this year of his debut EP (original date April 2013), Vitne has re-released his single "Not Far From Shallow Water".
This single includes the title track, the instrumental version, as well as an extra track not on the EP titled "Forever". In September of 2013, the music video for "Not Far From Shallow Water" (directed by Vitne) won "Best Music Video" by the Akademia Awards.

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