Friday, 18 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: Super Producer Randolph

Band Name/Artist Name: Super Producer Randolph
Album Name: Pulchritude
Music Style: Rocktronica

Randolph’s musical endeavors began early on with creating beats on a beat pad. Realizing that he had talent made him want to create even more. The rhythms and beats began to materialize into something very exciting to him, so he started working with a few local artists from his home town of Las Vegas, New Mexico where he earned his artist name Super Producer Randolph. 

Super Producer Randolph began to develop storylines along with this music which naturally progressed to his debut CD “Star’s World”. Another soon followed called “The Demon” - both being the stories of Randolph finding love and his demon. His third installment “Pulchritude” was released on December 21, 2012 to rave reviews – again, focusing on his life’s journey and is the main premise of this latest project. 

Pulchritude” contains a splendid array of songs that seem to follow a pattern taking listeners back to his original release. His single “Deceiving Nothingness” is significant in that it follows the storyline of Randolph, the bear on his journey to find peace after unleashing his demon upon Star’s World, ultimately destroying it. This single is inspirational, uplifting and is a tool to help you be at peace within this world by letting go of anger clearing the path to happier thoughts. The melody of this song is wonderful; the vocals (courtesy of Dustin and Racquel) are exceptional with a beautiful musical arrangement to carry it through. 

One of many unique attributes of Super Producer Randolph’s writing style is the smooth layering of sounds and textures whose base style is considered a fusion of rock and electronica. The sound is refreshing and exhilarating bringing a new form of music to the airwaves.


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