Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Band Name/Artist Name: December

Band Name/Artist Name: December
Album Name: Misplaced, Not Lost
Website Address: http://www.decemberthemusic.com/
Music Style: Rock/Pop
Influences: Gin Blossoms 

Chuck and John have been recording and touring internationally with various groups over the last 10 years. The demands of life have carried them to different areas of the country, however they have continued writing music together. December was created as a way for them to share the music that they continue to imagine. Through use of video conferencing, file sharing and home recording, they have now released their first album, "Misplaced, Not Lost" under the band name December. The album is a collection of songs the two have written over the last 10 years and now through the power of the internet have been able to record. 



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