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Band Name: Remedy

Band Name: Remedy
Album Name: Paleofidelity
Website Address:
Music Style: alt-funk-indie-rock
Influences: Lenny Kravitz


Remedy is a funk-rock trio based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
It all began when Steve and James divorced their wives within 3 months of each other and found themselves living in the same apartment building. They began composing and recording as they had put music aside once before. During that time period their recordings were filled with lyrical and emotional prowess in relation to their divorce situations. Steve also was a victim of his own making by misusing prescription medications but is now happy to state that he is 3 years clean. The Band’s Rx Logo references this time in his life.

Remedy formed in 2008 whose members include:
Steve Harley - co-founder/singer/guitarist who attended Dalhousie University Medical School receiving his MD in 1996. Although he had a lucrative medical career, he eventually left the medical field to pursue his life as a musician.
James Bond (co-founder/bass player) created his own business in signs and graphic designs. He also created a unique process in relation to his style of bass playing that lead to a signature sound.
Gil Roy (drums) joined Remedy in January 2008. He is a veteran of 17 years as a touring musician throughout Canada and the United States. He’s played with artists such as Jimmy Dooley formally of The Platters, Full Circle and most recently Hal Bruce and the Hired Hand Band.

Their incredible sound is powered from the joy of discovery in finding their like-minded gut-based groove. This process creates some of the most unique, creative and refreshing music on the airwaves to date.
Remedy released their album titled “Paleofedelity” with their single “Up from the Bottom” leading the way. Its instant attraction with college crowds and hearing it in rotation was a delight to this group.
Up from the Bottom” is about making the best out of a bad situation. The theme is getting through those times in life with a positive attitude. This single has a great rhythm, outstanding riffs and some powerful vocals. Kissed with the magic of a perfect arrangement, Remedy has given birth to quite a hit and gave fans a clear view into their dynamic music.
This single is reflective of their recording process, creating a footprint in order to preserve the integrity of the composition. These songs are truly one of a kind and designed to deliver maximum impact. There are no standard formulas with Remedy.

They switch things up between funk, rock, R&B, soul, hints of pschedelia, electronica, hip-hop, pop, alternative, indie, garage, but ultimately they are their own unique monster, untraceable as to it's source, incomparable as to who else they sound like, and unimitatalbe in their delivery.  Their music is sustainable,  memorable and very refreshing to listen to.
Paleofedelity” was followed by their second full-length album titled “The Tyranny of the Smug” which showcases the bands evolution in songwriting.
Accolades and accomplishments include but are not limited to:
* Remedy is licensed to award winning film Wingman which was featured in 2013 Atlantic Film Festival
* East Coast Music Awards Showcase 2011
* Tour Tech East Christmas Party stage
* Ballopolooza, Applepolooza, Warf Rat Harley-Davidson conference in 2012
* Apple Blossum Festival, Kentville, NS in 2011
* Breakfast television appearances in 2010 and 2011

Remedy is currently working on their third album and is planning for a spring/summer 2014 release
You can listen to and/or purchase their music by logging onto the following website(s):
Remedy is currently working with RAG in Beverly Hills, Ca. for licensing, a record deal, publishing and/or placement opportunities. They can be reached at 323-924-5897

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