Monday, 31 March 2014

Artist Name: Emma Shaka

Artist Name:
Emma Shaka
Album Name: Who I am
Website Address:
Music Style: Rock / Pop
Influences: Rock 

Emma Shaka is a composer from Reunion Island, also best known for being a singer with an outstanding voice able to easily match her power trio.
Involved in many musical projects in Europe but also in China where she performed at some of the best musical venues, she is now on the way to release her first awaited album for march 2012.

[Emma Shaka’s music is raw and passionate and panders to the energy of her listeners. A warm and punchy rock sound that will bring you up dancing, or touch your heart through slower and more romantic pieces. The band is tight and snarls with intensity in its performances while Emma Shaka’s unique vocal ability ensures that all who witness her performance, will want encore after encore.] 


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