Saturday, 15 February 2014

Introducing:- Oh, Jeremiah

Band/Artist Name: Oh, Jeremiah
Album Name: Tall Tales and Tiny Fables
Website Address:
Music Style: Singer/songwriter
Influences: Josh Ritter

 Oh, Jeremiah is the musical cocktail of the musings and tall tales of singer/songwriter Jeremiah Stricklin. Each of his songs is filled with the distinct characteristics of the Deep Southern culture that he’s called home for so long. The familiar people and places that he has always known are now the invisible forces that populate his songs simultaneously uplifting and haunting his person musically. His pace, his love of face-to-face conversation, and his enjoyment of wasting an afternoon sitting on a front porch have all given him and his music a flavor worth savoring. In short, he can be considered the 21st Century Tom Sawyer; the friend you would be willing to paint a fence for or take a leap of faith with if you had to run away from the real world.

The cornerstone of Oh, Jeremiah’s music is the narrative stylistics found in his lyrics. What may seem like a simple acoustic tune may actually be the epic journey of a pirate lost at sea. You may be tapping your foot to the story of two animals escaping a zoo and not even know it. The foundation of Stricklin’s music is found in the storytelling. It’s obvious that he draws musical influences from artists such as Josh Ritter, Shovels and Rope, and Ryan Adams.

Stricklin’s music can best be described as Americana with elements of whimsy and gentle seriousness. He is drawn toward artists who demonstrate vulnerability and a genuine connection with their audience, both lyrically and in performance. He pursues exploring the richness of various instrumentation in his songs and his shows. Although this is Stricklin’s debut solo project, it has been his experiences with multiple bands over the last five years that has inspired and brought him to this place.

And whether you listen to Oh, Jeremiah on car speakers or see him in a crowded venue, you will leave the moment as if you just had a great conversation with a good friend. As one listener once said after a show, “I feel like I have known you my entire life." And that is what Oh, Jeremiah shoots for with this project. As with any relationship, there is the thing that attracts you and then the thing that keeps you. For Stricklin, his stage presence and energetic performance is what may draw you to sit down and listen. His stories are what will keep you around.

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