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Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: Bunty Bisharah

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: Bunty Bisharah
Album Name: Songs of bunty Bisharah
Website Address: http://www.hilltoprecords/songwriters/buntybisharah
Music Style: Adult contemporary, jazz

Bunty’s love of music began as a young child when she taught herself to play the piano by ear and memory on other people’s pianos. She also made up her own music from time to time.
During her early teens she listened intently to some of the great jazz of the time when her brother bought his first turntable an amplifier and super loud speakers. Each Saturday morning they would listen to the Boston Pops and then a collection of old 78 rpm records which included some of the great jazz musicians - Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Jacques Lousier, Louis and Ella, Pete Fountain, and The Dutch Swing College Band, to name a few.
The chord structures of this type of music remained with Bunty all her life. She also loved classical music and was able to play Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”, by memory, along with the “Bumble Boogie” – an adaption of Rimsky Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumble Bee. However her life took a different direction and it wasn’t until she was sixty that she found herself in Boston’s Back Bay Fens where the Berklee College of Music drew her through its Gothic Archway and opened up a vault in the back of her brain.

It was in
Boston that she began writing lyrics and poetry. Her first song was snapped up by HillTop Records in Hollywood and they’ve been arranging and recording her music ever since.

Bunty’s working background included nursing, art and business, but now she has retired and is living permanently in the USA, she writes songs and paints plein-air full time.  Her first CD is currently being put together – “The Songs of Bunty Bisharah”.

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