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Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: Arnie o connections

Introducing:- Band/Artist Name: Arnie o connections
Album Name: Neural Erosion
Website Address: http://www.kickstartrehearsalstudios.com
Music Style: rock,80's,euro rock
Influences: 80's classic rock 

An eclectic mix of musical styles ranging from classic rock to experimental new wave. Energetic and upbeat, with raging guitars, soaring harmonies and melodies to keep you humming.

Arnie O Connections - The Score (Dance Mix)

(The above video may contain flashing images!) 
Arnie O. Connections is the brainchild of local Wollongong identity Arnie Olbrich.

Most musicians in the Illawarra know Arnie as “the guy who runs Kickstart Rehearsal Studios” these days, but not being one to boast about his past achievements, few know that Arnie has an impressive history in the music industry dating back to the 70s with bands such as Tree which saw them share the stage with heavyweights such as AC/DC and Johnny O’Keefe.

Arnie departed for London for several years after that, working with members of The Nashville Teens, Masters Apprentices and Billy Ocean’s backing band, before returning to Australia in the early 80s to form Hard Grind which enjoyed national exposure with their top ten hit “Mile Away.”.

In 1988 Arnie collaborated with Leon Berger (
Koo Dé Tah) which resulted in winning two international songwriting awards, including Best Bicentennial Song for “The Australian Dream.” Arnie later re-recorded that song in 2009 with Lord Tim (LORD / Dungeon) and it was subsequently entered into the National Archives, along with the associated video clip which featured rare footage of Arnie interviewing ex-Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. 

This collaboration with Lord Tim proved to be so successful, Arnie approached him once again to produce and perform on the debut Arnie O. Connections album “Piece Of Yesterday” which also featured performances by a host of local Illawarra musicians, along with members of the original Hard Grind band, and included reworked versions of many of their classic songs. This album also spawned the cinematic styled video clip for the song “Lobo In Hell” which has been featured nationally on ABC TV and accumulated thousands of views on YouTube.
In late 2013, Arnie hit the studio once again for the follow-up release “Neural Erosion.” This time the album featured performances from members of Carbon Black, Germ, The Four Kinsmen, Hard Grind and again was produced by Lord Tim, who also appeared as a guest performer.
Stylistically hard to define, “Neural Erosion” segues effortlessly between 80s pop/rock, classic 70s rock, modern melodic hard rock, and experimental sitar-laden atmospheric grooves.
Three video clips have already been filmed for the songs “Absolute Escape,” “Neural Erosion” and “The Score” (the latter being a reworked, exceptionally energetic dance version of the 70s rock styled song that appears on the album).
Neural Erosion” is available internationally via iTunes, CD Baby and Bandcamp.

This all goes to prove the old saying “never judge a book by its cover.” The unassuming guy you pass by at your local studio may have quite the impressive musical history, and in Arnie Olbrich’s case, this proverbial book is quite the interesting read indeed!

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