Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Band/Artist Name: Johnny Searfoss

Band/Artist Name: Johnny Searfoss
Album Name: Johnny Searfoss
Website Address:
Music Style: blues-rock
Influences: Billy Gibbons

Born in 1966, John was raised in the picturesque town of Jim Thorpe, Pa, where he demonstrated a very early interest in music. He got his first guitar, a borrowed Gibson Hummingbird copy at age 6. Like many kids, one minute he wanted to be “a rock star” and the next minute, a professional baseball player.John, being a typical boy, spent most of his time riding his bicycle, playing sports, and strumming his guitar. When he discovered the electric guitar, he began bugging his parents for one every day. Soon his parents would borrow a white, double-cutaway Univox electric guitar and a Fender Champ amp from a relative. An accident on his bicycle led to the discovery that he had a rare childhood bone disease. John (at age 13) would go into permanent remission, but because getting injured while playing sports became an issue, his parents encouraged him to spend more time on his music. He did. 

  This long-awaited debut album features just some of the many styles Johnny loves to listen to and play. Steeped in blues, you'll also find elements of swing guitar, acoustic and electric rock and even a cover of one of John's all-time favorites - Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk".

Years of "live" playing reveals a well-seasoned guitarist whose influences mix well with his own unique and infectious style. ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian Setzer, Joe Satriani and even Brent Mason's influences can be appreciated. John's love of a melodic hook and a groovy rhythm is heard throughout the tracks. 

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