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Band/Artist Name: Gospel Jazz by HL Steins

Band/Artist Name: Gospel Jazz by HL Steins
Album Name: Come Fill Me Up Lord Vol 2
Website Address:
Music Style: Gospel Jazz, Jazz
Influences: 1970's 

Henry L Eiselstein ( stage name: Gospel Jazz by HL Steins), is also known as “Bro Henry; an emerging Christian songwriter/recording artist whose music combines corporate vocal choral with Latin hand & stick drums, effects, brass horns established upon rhythmic licks of stringed instruments and keys. He utilizes a simple, tone down Jazz genre to bring about a spiritually filling, uplifting and encouraging aura of true praise and worship among the children of the most high GOD.
Fellow Christians have commented: “Bro Henry’s praise and worship music is packed with Biblical truths, very moving and very powerful! They’re wonderful and very encouraging!
Delightful! Anointed! He truly produces a pleasant praise and worship experience for all that hear. You can’t help but be caught up in praise and worship!”
Bro Henry’s daily walk with the Lord provides the most influential effect on his song writing and recording. He attributes the spiritual aspects and dimensions of his music to the Lord. It is through this relationship that bears testimony as the spirit of the Lord ministers to all who listen and participate.
Bro Henry is self taught in playing percussion and rhythm/lead/bass guitar. He is left -handed and plays the guitar upside down! #
During his enlistment in the US Air Force, Bro Henry was exposed to Latin music. He quickly became intrigued by this genre with its driving percussion, and expressive brass.
In the latest CD album release “Come Fill Me Up Lord Volume 2 and The Love Pact Volume 1 his first release, Bro Henry recorded the rhythm/lead/bass guitar, timbales, congas and effects (tambourine, maracas, guiro and the cabasa ) himself.
His prayers are that we seek the indwelling of the Spirit of the LORD and that we all gain revelation of that divine pact between God the FATHER and God the SON. And through the SPIRIT of GOD, we truly discern and understand the heavenly redemption plan for all of us.
Oh, how we are so LOVED by a wonderful and most GRACIOUS GOD.
May we together lift our hands in praise to HIM and
May we together lift our voices to worship HIM in SPIRIT and in TRUTH…

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