Friday, 24 January 2014

Introducing:- Alan Whitfield

Band/Artist Name: Alan Whitfield
Album Name: Lost
Introducing:- Alan Whitfield
Website Address:
Music Style: Pop
Influences: Beatles

It was a few years ago when I began to write songs on the advice of my college tutor.
What a break that was. A journey that was going to be a wonderful experience.
Since that time I have had 22 songs released in US on a New York label B Atlas records.
Having achieved sales I decided to write songs for others to record. This lead to some of my songs being published in UK by Sleeping Giant Music based in London. It became a priority to position my future song writing for a variety of musical outlets. More at that time I signed a publishing contract for my song “Say No” with Hiway 60 Music a Nashville music publisher.
With the onset of the internet I sent my songs to Australia for radio play having seen a request in the music press. My song “Summer Sun” got on the play list and reached No 1 in the ILR World Independent charts and stayed there for 10 weeks.
NBT Records Berkeley Springs have also included two of my songs on their Ride the Train CD volume 4 and volume 6. Also my song “Train Nation” has been included on the Ride the Train volume 21 released in 2007.
In 2007 I completed 12 songs for my CD “Time” which I sent to Sibeerecords UK for review. I am delighted to say that these songs were released in 2008. This release is receiving regular sales.

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