Monday, 23 December 2013

Bands/Artist Name:- Decadent Heroes

Band/Artist Name:- Decadent Heroes
Album Name: Shades of Light
Website Address:
Music Style: Instrumental Rock
Influences: Rock 

Decadent Heroes are the solo project of the former guitarist of Smokin' Steps and Plasic Ash Decadent Hero.
"The focus is to write great rock themes with a lot of melodies and a distinct, personal sound... I like the solos, but melody comes first!" (Decadent Hero).
The project started in 2008 with the recording of an EP, Flyin' High, which included 2 original instrumental rock songs (Flyin' High, Morning break) and a cover of Ten Words (Joe Satriani).
In 2012 was released the second EP titled Shades of Light.
The new EP included 3 new songs (Smoke in the Air, Shades of Light, Ares Era) and the remastered version of Flyin' High and Morning Break.

Stuart Cheese 
Vice President of UK A&R - One Night Stand:
What a great performance. Decadent Heroes show true mastery of the guitar and leave the rest of us playing our air guitar in awe. Tracks like this deserve to be heard at full volume, with the top rolled down, cruising on the highway. It's either that....or it's time to wake the neighbours!
Decadent Heroes deliver yet another knock out performance. Sit back and put your speakers on 11 ”

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