Saturday, 28 December 2013

Bands/Artist Name:- Dave Power

Bands/Artist Name:-    Dave Power
Album Name:    Looking Life In The Eye
Website Address:
Music Style:    Singer/songwriter, Pop, Rock
Influences:    John Mayer

“Dave Power delivers raw, honest songs with smooth vocals and catchy guitar-anchored melodies.”

Dave Power is a man who knows he's lucky to be alive.
Being conceived just the day before his father was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident has embedded into Dave that life's too short to say anything but what you really think, to live life to the fullest and appreciate the good things.
Dave's latest EP "Looking Life In The Eye" has given him the chance to step back and honestly deal with some of his greatest struggles and appreciate some of his greatest gifts. It's been a therapeutic exercise and labor of love.
Technically LLITE has also been a huge learning curve for Dave. Except for drums and bass, he played all of the instruments, performed all of the vocals, recorded, mixed and produced everything in his home studio. He even painted the EP's cover.
About the EP, Dave says "This record is essentially me and my life laid bare for all to see. Some of the issues that I've tossed around in the EP are never easy to deal with, but at least now I've put them out there and I can move on".

"This is certainly my best work and I'm very proud of it. All I hope is that someone can take something positive from it to help them with their own inner struggles."
Dave’s new EP, ‘Looking Life In The Eye’ available now from iTunes.

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