Monday, 16 December 2013

Band/Artist Name:- John Ruskan

Band/Artist Name:- John Ruskan
Album Name: Day By Day
Website Address:
Music Style: Electronic Downtempo Singer/Songwriter

[John Ruskan has been around the music scene for years. He originally made a splash in the 80's with his indie New Wave album "I Am A Model" which got huge college airplay. In this album, John played all instruments except drums, becoming one of the first pop artists to multi-track their recordings. One reason the album was considered striking was because of John's unique approach to synthesizers, which was noted by more than one reviewer.]

John Ruskan releases his sixth full-length album, Day By Day. Full of personal angst, this album gives the listener the opportunity to identify with and then rise above typical negative emotional experiences such as love lost, isolation, fear, and frustration that we all face in the modern world.
Contrasted with the realism and grittiness of the lyrics is the music, which relaxes, transports and uplifts the listener to a place where the pain of everyday life is transcended.
To help achieve these goals, the music is intended to induce a deep trance listening experience. There are many musical elements carefully constructed and blended in the arrangements to achieve this goal. To get the most out of the album and to allow it to trigger inner journeys, John encourages the listener to experience it with earphones, lying down with eyes closed.
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