Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Band Name: Naked Lunch The Electro Punk Pioneers are Back!!!

Band Name: Naked Lunch
Album Name: Beyond Planets
Website Address:
Music Style: Electronic/Punk/Rock
[Formed in 1979 by vocalist Tony Mayo and guitarist Gary Shepherd as Sons of Perdition, though this name was changed to Naked Lunch after their debut gig, the band underwent a few changes in personnel as well as working out and delivering their sounds live. To condense their story, from a show alongside the likes of DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, Fad Gadget, B Movie, and Clock DVA organised by the band and Stevo, who Tony had DJ’ed with previously, the band undertook the Naked Lunch’s Electronic Indoctrination Tour in 1980 which included a show at Leeds Futurama, which was filmed and eventually broadcast on BBC2. Naked Lunch then set about helping Stevo find artists and recordings to make up the Some Bizarre album, to which the band itself contributed La Femme (a song originally called Le Femme but Phonogram who the Daniel Miller (The Normal) owned Mute released the album through, changed it to grammatically correct French, missing the point of the androgyny of the electronic music scene and that the song was about that). After a parting with Stevo, Naked Lunch became managed by Ramkup with the single Rabies backed by Slipping Again being released, though it suffered from a ban on day time radio play due to the title but did receive good play and support from the likes of John Peel and Nicky Horne on their night time shows. Line-up changes continued t before the band split in 1981 with Mayo retaining the name Naked Lunch, which he registered with Companies House in May 1981. A second version of the band emerged as a live thing until 1985 and though Mayo continued with Naked Lunch projects the band as such was a quiet presence.

2010 saw Mayo link up again with early member Paul Davies and writing new material, with Mick Clark and Cliff Chapman joining in 2011, both in the original line-up. Their first gig for over 30 years came at BAS II with the addition of Mark Irvine coming in early 2012 and Jet Noir linking up in June of 2013.]

The Electro Punk Pioneers are Back!!!

Naked Lunch are Back with Their' New Album 'Beyond Planets' after a 30 Year Break,
Complete with 'Trance Princess' Jet Noir Joining Them on Synths and Backing Vocals.
Naked Lunch Bring You a Gothic Electronic Masterpiece of an Album with Lush Orchestral Soundscapes, Screaming Synthlines, Pounding Beats and Tony Mayo's Signature Haunting Voice.
Recorded at the Wonderful 'Le Jardin Electronique' Recording Studio in Bedfordshire and
World Renowned London Recording Studios on Brick Lane, This Album is a Triumphant Return.

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