Monday, 18 November 2013


Band Name: Christophon
Album Name: A Hundred Roads (No. 1)
Email Address:
Website Address:
Music Style: Indie
Influences: Dashboard Confessional

[When CHRISTOPHON first started writing his own songs, he had no computer and no microphone, only a six-string guitar and some ideas

Wanna guess where the budget for this video shoot comes from? Exactly, there is no budget for it, only very good friends who are as enthusiastic.

"Tyrol, July 2nd - Who says you need to come from a big city to make good music? No one!
CHRISTOPHON is proud to announce the release of his first Extended Player, A Hundred Roads (No.1)."

A Hundred Roads (No.1) will be of particular interest to those who think they haven't got the appropriate means to bring their music to the people.]

 {Like the recording studio.  Good luck with the album sales.  John]

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