Thursday, 28 November 2013

Band/Artist Name: April Martin

Band/Artist Name: April Martin
Album Name: Pennies in a Jar
Website Address:
Music Style: singer/songwriter
Influences: Carol King

[I’ve called this album “Pennies in a Jar” because that image captures something about who I want to be. To put pennies in a jar is to be optimistic about a future and yet to be rooted in the present. It reflects a faith that our small quotidian actions do in fact amount to something important. It measures achievement in the little, unremarkable ways we live and love. It is a spiritual act of quiet, gentle wisdom, like a daily meditation. Not that these songs are quietly meditative. They are playful, passionate, sad, and even bawdy. But this collection of songs is my pennies in a jar – small offerings which come from my spirit and hopefully, taken together, amount to something.]

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