Thursday, 21 November 2013

Band Name: Les Fradkin

Band Name: Les Fradkin
Album Name: Suite for Ztar and Orchestra in G Minor Op.1 No.1
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Music Style: Symphonic Rock
Influences: Johann Sebastian Bach

[Les Fradkin is a 21st Century "New Media" Artist and Composer / Innovator on the Starr Labs Ztar and a virtuoso MIDI Guitarist. A brand new playing Technique meets 21st Century electronics in a Symphonic Rock format for One Man Orchestra from the Pioneer of MIDI Guitar and Tapeless Recording.

Les is a successful songwriter/composer from the 1970's, lead guitarist, and one of the original members of the hit Broadway show "Beatlemania". He was a Guitar Synthesizer and Tapeless Recording pioneer of the 1980's, a neoclassical guitar trendsetter in the 1990's and is now a 21st Century innovator as a virtuoso MIDI Guitarist with the Starr Labs Ztar. A classically trained musician as well as being a rock guitarist, he has found success as a recording artist, composer and producer with MGM Sunflower, ESP-Disk, Bell, Arista, RCA, and Laurie Records. Les has written the well known hit "La Chansons Des Souvenirs" ("Song Of A Thousand Voices") for the famous French songstress Mireille Mathieu on the Philips label and this tune has also been recorded in a hit version on RCA Victor (now Sony/BMG) by the Latin Pop icon Roberto Jordan ("Donde"). He was originally discovered and signed by John Hammond Sr. at Columbia back in 1969.

Suite for Ztar and Orchestra in G Minor Op.1 No. 1" takes the Classical and Rock music compositions of Les Fradkin and Interweaves that new music with themes from Johann Sebastian Bach into a 21st Century Symphonic Rock Suite ushering in a new dawn of Symphonic Rock and Classical Compositional Technique. And Les Fradkin trumpets the arrival of a revolutionary brand new Solo Instrument- the Starr Labs Ztar, which he plays with Niccolo Paganini and Yngwie Malmsteen like virtuosity.

The Composer performs every Orchestral part on this breakthrough recording, triggering all sound from the Starr Labs Ztar. ]

[Very enjoyable to listen to this music. All the best. John]

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