Friday, 15 November 2013

Artist:- Huiya Chen

Artist:-   Huiya Chen

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Album Name:  With Loving Gratitude

As a child growing up in China, I heard music in my head all the time. I danced to the melodies that passed through my tiny mind, turning in circles while humming these mysterious sounds. We were very poor at that time and we didn’t have music. The only music I ever heard was in my head and I dreamed of becoming a composer. Of course, music lessons were impossible.

I never took lessons. I can’t read or write music. I hear music in my head and that is what I play. I can play the same piece a hundred times but I can’t write it down so someone suggested that I record it so it isn’t lost. Customers started asking if they could buy my CDs. I felt embarrassed because my recordings don’t sound as good as what I hear in my head but people insisted. I used one of my paintings on the case and started selling them in our restaurant. To make myself feel better about selling it, I said to myself, "I am not selling my music, but I am just selling my painting and it comes with music." Wow, it scared me! I sold about 500 CDs in just two months for $17.95 each. I was so happy because I had enough money to fix up my old piano. Even though I am still not allow to play music at home, I also bought another piano for my house.

*********The Story About This Album************ Music comes to me when I am sad. But ironically, this makes me happy because my sadness is translated into the prettiest music. When the music on this CD came to me, I felt tremendous gratitude. As I sat at the piano letting this music flow through me, I felt thankful for everything that I already have in life. I saw the image of me standing in the center of the world and looking up at the beautiful, vivid clouds racing through the sky and the world was turning and I was turning with it and praising God. I could see tears in my eyes and I fully experienced how blessed I really am.

Music Style: Gospel/Piano/New Age

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