Tuesday, 5 November 2013

1st artist review for John Luckey

My first review for Music Submit is a pleasure to do. After several hours of struggling with a computer I was sorting out for my mother, I came to my study to find an artist waiting to be reviewed. The artist in question is Mr John Luckey - although not formally trained, based in China but also lived in Denver, Colorado where his interest in the piano began aged ten.

The two tracks I listened to, both Far Journey and Loftiness, have good mood and character. These are both improvisations, using a keyboard/synthesizer which adds to the magic of the sound. I certainly felt chilled out and relaxed after listening and give Mr Luckey five stars.

You can visit John's web page here http://www.john-luckey.com There are plenty of options to listen to his music.

Good luck John, I wish you every success.

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